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Wed, July 27th @ 7PM on GoToWebinar
Beginning Investors Group Online
AKA “The Big O!”
6 Secrets Seasoned Investors
Use to Maximize Profits
On Every Deal

with Larry Harbolt on July 27th

Beginning Investors Group Online (The BIG O)The Beginning Investors Group Online (The “Big O” or BIGO) is an new online educational group that currently meets on the 4th Wednesday at 7PM ET for new investors who are just getting started in real estate investing as well as “new again” real estate investors who’ve taken a few years off and are looking to get back in the game.

We will be bringing in local and national real estate experts to teach new investors how to survive and thrive in our ever changing economy and real estate market. The entire purpose of this group is to help new investors get their first deal and help new again investors get their next deal.

Larry HarboltThis month, on July 27th at 7PM, Larry Harbolt will be our special guest speaker on how to maximize profits on each and every deal you do. Larry is the nation’s leading expert on creative seller financing. He is also an author, mentor, teacher, and full time real estate investor.

Have you ever wondered how successful investors are continually finding and doing profitable deal after deal? Did you ever ask yourself what seasoned investors look for and what they think about before they ever make an offer on any property? Have you ever thought about what makes a good deal and what is missing from the deals that you don’t want?

Join us on the webinar and Larry will teach you 6 secrets of how successful investors think through every deal they do and how they structure offers in multiple ways to buy any property. He will also show you why “CASH” isn’t always the best solution for every seller and why they may not want All CASH for their property.

Join us on July 27th at 7PM online at GoToWebinar and learn:

  • The Key Components of Every Successful Real Estate Transaction
  • What Types of Properties Generate the Most Profit
  • What Key Questions You MUST Ask Every Seller
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Talking to Sellers
  • And Much, Much More!


TO ATTEND ONLINE: To attend the Beginning Investors Group Online via your PC, smart phone or tablet, Register Here for the Meeting on and you will be emailed login instructions for the event.

No Charge to Attend for Members or Guests
Who Attend Online via!

Register Now!

Once you get your Webinar Confirmation Email, you can login on about 5-10 minutes prior to the 7PM start time to reserve a spot using your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone. You can download the GoToWebinar App here on iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.

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Mon, July 18th @ 6:30 PM – Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
The Beginning Investors Group
Pull Up Your Bootstraps &
Get Started Finding Deals…
No Bull!
with Leslie Mathis
Atlanta REIA Members Can Attend at No Charge.
Guests Pay $15 Online or $20 at the Door. RSVP Now!

Leslie MathisCome join us at BIG on Monday, July 18th at 6:30PM at Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs, and learn ho to get started finding deal for your real estate investing business with special guest speaker Leslie Mathis.

So you’re new to real estate and want to get started on the right track. What do you need to do to make that happen? My name is Leslie Mathis, aka The Ca$h Cowgirl. When I first started my real estate career, I didn’t know anything else to do but to find a house through a realtor that needed work, put it under contract, go get a bank loan so I could close on it, then rehab it myself to get it ready to go back on the market for sale. That’s exactly what I did, and that first house flip went pretty well. It took about 3 months to complete the process, and we profited around $30,000.


Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on

With that first deal, I caught the real estate bug. I was hooked. I was ready to do another fix and flip. Then I quickly realized that those deals aren’t always readily on the market for me to just go pick another on up when I got ready to flip another house. I had to find another way to get more properties to buy and sell, and I needed more ways to buy and sell them. I became increasingly curious about what successful real estate investors were doing and how they were doing it. So I started surrounding myself with their influence and knowledge. I didn’t realize there was so much more to learn. Back then, I simply didn’t know what I didn’t know!

What I’m going to share with you this month at BIG is what I did, and continue to do to be successful in my real estate investing business. I invite you to join me on Monday, July 18th at 6:30PM as I share vital information you need to know to kick off your real estate investing. I’ll be covering things like:

  • NO and LOW COST ways to market to get leads
  • How to tell if a lead is a good deal or not
  • Where to find the good deals
  • How to talk with sellers
  • What to do to position yourself for success
  • And more!

Marketing for leads and finding deals in real estate isn’t so much hard as it is different from conventional thinking. Plan on joining us on Monday, July 18th, bring a friend or family members with you, keep an open mind, and be prepared to take lots of notes. This is one evening you don’t want to miss. See you there!

RSVP NOW! Seating is limited!

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Tue, July 19th @ Noon in Atlanta, GA
The Onsite Renovation Group
Hands-On Learning “ Site” at Your Real Renovation Projects
Tuesday, July 19th at NOON
272 S Howard St SE, Atlanta, GA 30317

Please join us on Tuesday, July 19th at NOON for the Atlanta REIA Onsite Renovation Group (ORG) to learn all about finding, funding, fixing, and flipping houses for big profits. This month’s meeting will be held at 272 S Howard St SE, Atlanta, GA 30317. Come join us onsite and learn how we will turn this house from trash into cash!

Lynn OverallThe Atlanta REIA Onsite Renovation Group (ORG), hosted by Lynn Overall, is an educational and networking group that focuses on the acquisition, renovation and retail resale (fix and flip) of single family residential homes. The purpose of the group is to allow both new and experienced rehabbers and investors to meet, network and share knowledge and experience with “hands on” access to real property. The Onsite Renovation Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday each month at NOON at an active renovation site, build site or rental property which will vary from month to month. As always, there is no charge for Atlanta REIA members to attend. Guests pay only $20 at the door.

Atlanta REIA Members Attend for NO CHARGE and Guests for $20 at the door.
Guests can join Atlanta REIA for Only $100/year and Attend for NO CHARGE!

Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests, Please RSVP on

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Mon, Oct. 10th @ 6:30 PM – Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs, GA
Movers, Shakers & Deal Makers
Atlanta REIA’s Newest Networking, Deal Making, Vendor Trade Show & Educational Subgroup!
Starting October 10th, 2016!
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests Who RSVP
Below Can Attend at No Charge!

Movers, Shakers & Deal Makers

Movers, Shakers and Deal Makers (MSDM) is a BRAND NEW Atlanta REIA networking, deal making, vendor trade show and educational subgroup whose purpose is to provide an open forum for real estate investors and industry professionals to network, exchange information and ideas, have direct access to hot, off market real estate opportunities and to make deals happen!

Our first MSDM Meeting will be on Monday, Oct. 10th at 6:30PM at Hudson Grille located at 6317 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs. Atlanta REIA Members and Guests who RSVP on can attend at No Charge! Atlanta REIA Gold Business Members can RSVP for a Vendor Table at No Charge as well.

MSDM is all about networking, transacting, learning something new and doing deals. You will have the opportunity to pitch your properties, products and services; voice your real estate haves & wants; and participate in open discussions of real estate questions, concerns and transactions.

MSDM is really 3 Meetings in one, all happening simultaneously!

  1. Barry BeersVendor Trade Show & Networking – The Vendor Tradeshow, being led by Barry Beers, will be for networking with local real estate professionals and building your dream team. High Top cocktail table and booths are available for vendors who RSVP on a first come, first serve basis. Talk to Barry for details.
  2. Joe ThompsonHaves & Wants – There will be a full length Haves & Wants and Question and Answers session with Joe Thompson and all who attend. Be sure to bring your property lists and your property flyers, so we can put them up on the big screens. Also be sure to bring lots of business cards to circulate and make many new real estate connections.
  3. Don DeRosaDeal Makers Bar – This deal making session, led Don DeRosa and Lynn Overall, along with local, active real estate investors, will be for getting together and transacting with other fellow real estate investors. Unlike Haves & Wants where you simply pitch your deals, this event will be for discussing potential deals in greater detail and making deals happen. Be sure to bring your deals, your questions and your contracts.
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests Must RSVP to Attend at No Charge!

Atlanta REIA Members Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests, Please RSVP on

Atlanta REIA Business Members & Vendor Guests Must RSVP to Attend
Register Now!

MSDM is intended to be a “Who’s Who” for local real estate investors and professionals. Will you be there? If so, RSVP Now and be sure to bring plenty of business cards, flyers and contracts.

 PLEASE NOTE: All attendees are expected to order food and beverages and to tip the wait staff generously.

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The Profit Newsletter - July 2016The July 2016 Edition of The Profit Newsletter, the official newsletter of the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance, is now available for download. There are 50 pages this month full of upcoming meetings, workshops, webcasts, educational articles and other valuable information for your real estate investing pleasure and success. Download it and check it out!

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Long ago, Kim and I learned that options are an incredibly powerful deal-structuring tool that allows you to control lots of real estate for little or no money…and with very little risk!  And here’s the best part: Because so few know anything about options, you have almost no competition!

Simply put, if you are not using options as one of your primary real estate investing tools, then you’re leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table.

When most folks hear the word “option,” they automatically think lease-options.  While lease-options are fairly popular, they are just the tip of the option iceberg.

Options allow you to control a property without the risks associated with ownership.  You can control one (or all) of the benefits that come with ownership: income, profit, amortization, growth, use, management and tax benefits.

One of the best things about options is that you can control hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of real estate for less than $100 – and control it for decades.  No other document in real estate is this powerful! Read More→

Are You Afraid To Buy A Property Because You Can’t Qualify For A Loan Or You Have Less Than Good Credit?

Today I had an interesting conversation with one of my Advanced Life-Line students who confessed that he continues to have great anxiety and fears making an offer to buy a property even if it would be a good deal for him. He always hesitates pulling the trigger and submitting his offers because of his fears. He is really missing out on creating an income stream he really needs as well as being able to create wealth over time.

Being a new Life-Line student he has fears of buying any property where he will have to get some type of financing to pay for the properties he is making offers on. After talking to him about doing the numbers before making an offer to buy any property he felt much better but he still had fears of having to deal with the responsibilities associated with ownership he had never had to deal with. Seeing I wasn’t getting very far explaining how to buy real estate with the least amount of risk I finally decided to talk to him about a powerful way to profit from real estate without having to deal with the responsibilities of ownership, that I still use today. Read More→

Some people avoid investing in properties due to the amount of time and energy it takes. REIA comps is a great resource to assist you in researching and deciding on a property.  After your purchase of a potential property you need to actively care for your investment either by becoming a landlord or managing the property. Real estate investment can be time consuming yet rewarding, and the question is asked, how many properties can one person manage at one time? This is why investors who are looking at diversifying with real estate participate in passive real estate investing.

Passive real estate investing removes headaches for those who don’t want to deal with the day to day issues of property management. There are several different ways you can do this, each with their own set of pros and cons.

One could form a partnership, general or limited, and have the partner take the responsibility of managing the property(s) your partnership purchases. To move through the loophole of having financial backing, I suggest considering working with only one to two people you know and trust.  Pooling resources in a partnership allows participants to purchase more expensive properties with less outside funding. However, as suggested you need to trust your partner to take care of the properties and your best interests, and if neither of you are experienced in real estate investing, working with the Support System via REIAComps provides the knowledge you need. Read More→

Still Crushing Short Sales!

Posted on July 11, 2016 by

Many Investors don’t think that they can short sale an FHA loan and still make a profit,   due to the guideline that FHA accepts a minimum 88% of the appraised value.  I am here to tell you about an FHA deal that will bring a Pretty Profit!!  This house is a 3 Bed/1.5 Bath/1.5 car garage, approximately 1200 sq ft in Casselberry.  From the beginning, it was challenging since we had non-paying tenants in the home that were not as cooperative as a Seller would be for access to the property.  The best part of a typical short sale is that a lender will obtain a value that is good for 90 days and if you are in a Seller’s market, you end up with a higher profit, since the values are increasing based on the sales.

The Seller just wanted out of this house debt and didn’t know what to do with non-paying Tenants!!  The lead came in from my office signage.  The property was listed and an offer was submitted.  It took the short sale lender about 90 days before they ordered the value on the property.   We were very concerned about having access to the home when the appraiser came out from the short sale lender.  On an FHA deal, the short sale lender requires an appraisal on the home which is good for 4 to 6 months, versus the standard 90 days for a BPO value. Read More→

Last month, we started by talking about a couple of basics that are an easy way to start setting yourself up for success with Buyers.  Step 1 was Confidence and Step 2 was having an Online Presence.  Both of these steps are key because people make first impressions as fast as you blink your eye these days.  How you present yourself as an individual first is paramount.  People do business with people they know, like and trust.  The first two steps address this directly.  Let’s continue with the next steps:

Step 3: Have a Real Deal

It may sound counterintuitive but if you have been in this business for a while, you know there are people that literally sit at home or work, get an e-mail from another investor, do zero due diligence if they even read the e-mail and then just click the forward button to their Buyers.

This is a fantastic way to kill your credibility in one shot using the miracle of technology.  What makes it worse is there are times where the deal is not even under contract with the person sending the wholesaler the email.  Then as a ‘trust everyone is doing the right thing’ investor, you forward that to your Buyers.  I lost track long ago of Buyers that ‘do not like or see value in wholesalers’ because of this very thing.   Read More→

“I like to talk to people. I’ve got one assistant, one Blackberry. That’s my overhead. I don’t text that much or email. I like to sit down face-to-face and have a conversation with you. I’m old-fashioned.” ~ Mark Wahlberg

As the owner and operator of my own business, I’ve become very self-reliant. I know that if I don’t take care of important tasks myself I will stress over them. It is hard to delegate work to others that you haven’t really had the time or know how to run background checks on. Even when you have carefully planned projects, sometimes it is difficult to find people with the qualifications you would prefer.

For the past few years now I have been discovering amazing talent online. I know it seems like a big risk, putting jobs online and hoping someone responsible answers your ad. Avoid the anxiety over in person interviews and researching qualifications, it’s time-consuming and I would rather focus my efforts elsewhere. It doesn’t mean I take hiring practices lightly, but I know where my strengths are.

There are many online freelance worker/client websites, but none other than Upwork. has been a great tool for my growing business. As I said, for many years I’ve been a one-man show. We all need a little help from time to time, and Upwork makes it simple and stress-free. Whether you need someone short term or long term, if there are short tasks you need to get done that you have no time for or if you want to build a working relationship with an independent contractor for the long haul, Upwork has this covered. For at least five years, the website has had some changes. It was once called oDesk, but the changes have been great improvements. Things have been simplified and there are safeguards in place for both contractors and clients. Plus you don’t need to be a large company to use this service. Businesses like Unilever, Pinterest, and NBC are just a few that use Upwork for hiring out virtual assistance specialists.
Read More→

I have made a ton of mistakes over the last 10 years of doing master lease options (MLO) deals. Would you like to avoid those mistakes? Well then read on!

  1. A MLO Deal Is Not About You- One of the first and biggest mistakes I have made using MLOs is to think about what I want and not to give enough consideration to what the seller wants and what the property needs. Your first step in making a MLO offer is to decide if it is a fit for the seller and property. You need to find out if the seller even knows what a master lease options is. If not then you will need to spend a little time explaining it and how it will solve their immediate problems. If your offer does not solve a problem for the seller then it is likely just an offer that solves your problems. This is not likely to get accepted.  Can you fix up the property using a MLO? Sometimes the answer is NO. Decide on the condition and area before you make a MLO offer. Some areas and some repairs cannot be dealt with no matter what type of offer the seller is willing to accept. You want to get good deals and solve problems not inherit someone else’s headache that can’t be fixed. Here is an acronym I use to remind myself of this process- S.P.Y. This stands for Seller, Property, You. This is the order in which you need to solve problems. Most people start a MLO offer with the reverse idea (Y.P.S.) and this doesn’t typically work. Read More→