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What's Happening at Atlanta REIAThe Profit, Atlanta REIA’s new interactive newsletter, has arrived! The Atlanta REIA Main Meeting is on Monday with Larry Harbolt on Buying and Selling Creative Owner Financing. The Meeting-Before-the-Meeting is on Foreclosures & Short Sales with Bob Massey. There will also be Late Nite Networking at the Meeting-After-the-Meeting at the Tilted Kilt. On Tuesday, there is a Super Smart Technology Webcast and a Mountain REIA Meeting with Jim Hitt of American IRA. Wednesday is the Creative Deal Structuring Group with Steve Brown on Master Lease Options. Thursday is the weekly Haves & Wants meeting. On Saturday, Larry Harbolt is back for a full day workshop on Creative Owner Financing. Read More→

Mon, June 4th @ 5:30 PM – Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites
Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on June 4, 2012
Members are FREE! Guests Can RSVP Online for $15 or $20 at the Door
Never Step Into a Bank Again!
And Buy All the Houses You Will Ever Need to Become Independently Wealthy!
with Special Guest, Larry Harbolt

Are You A New Investor Who Doesn’t Know Where To Start? Or, An Old Salt Who Can’t Find Deals – Or You Can’t Find Cheap Enough Money to Buy Properties?

Larry HarboltThe Truth is many investors only know one way to buy property… with Cash. And now that banks are not lending to just anyone, where do investors turn? The investor today is likely dead in the water unless they know how to Buy with Creative Owner Financing and learn how to Sell with Creative Owner Financing. Larry Harbolt has over 30-plus years of experience doing just that. That is why he has been called the Master at teaching how to buy houses with No Money and No Credit using Creative Owner Financing.

Larry will be with us at our Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting on June 4th and again for a full-day Saturday Training Workshop on June 9th for what could prove to be a career changing and life altering event for you, your family and your business.

How would you like to be able to buy 3 to 6 properties a month without using your own credit or any real money? What would that do for your lifestyle if you could churn out 5, 10 to 25 houses a year making money – helping others get started? All it takes is the proper training and the dedication to get the job done. That is exactly what Larry will do for you. Larry is going to show you how to:

  • Learn How to Wholesale at Lightning Speed = Pay off Debts & Stable Cash Flow!
  • Learn How to Buy Properties Without Banks! = No Credit and No Money
  • Learn How to Become Wealthy Owning Properties That Are Paid Off in 8.3 Years!
  • Learn How to Create Non Recourse Financing and Never Gamble Again!
  • Learn How to Sell at Lightning Speed! Don’t Be a Puppet to a Bankers Whim!
  • Learn How to Become Wealthy and Be Done in 3-5 Years!
This Month’s Mini-Session Topics & Guest Speakers

Karen Bershad“New Member Orientation” is a mini-session hosted by Karen Bershad that is designed to introduce our new members (and guests interested in become a member) to our organization and show them multiple ways they can get involved, get connected and get educated. Come learn more about our website, meetings, networking events, workshops, webcasts, replays and more!

Dustin Griffin“What’s Happening at Atlanta REIA” is a mini-session hosted by Atlanta REIA Executive Director, Dustin Griffin, to update our members and guests on many of the exciting new things that are going on at Atlanta REIA in the upcoming weeks and months such as upcoming workshops, webcasts, special events, member’s benefits and more!

Don DeRosa“There’s an App for That” is a fun new mini-session dedicated to updating you on some of the latest and greatest applications or “apps” for your iPad, iphone or Droid smartphones and tablets for both business and personal use. We want to help you become a high-tech, mobile real estate entrepreneur and this month, Don DeRosa is going to help you do just that!

Joe Thompson“Have’s & Wants Speed Marketing” is 30 minute marketing session hosted by Joe Thompson that is held to help facilitate deals by giving our members the opportunity to quickly market things they HAVE and no longer want and to find things they WANT but don’t yet have. Be sure to get to the meeting early and get on the speed marketing list if you want to participate.

Meeting-Before-The-Meeting at Total Wine & More Perimeter
The Foreclosure & Short Sale Group

Bob MasseyThe Short Sale & Foreclosure Group (SSF), hosted by Bob Massey, will have it’s quarterly meeting on Monday, June 4th at 3 PM in a private meeting room at Total Wine & More located at 124 Perimeter Center W (see map). The Short Sale & Foreclosure Group is a educational and networking group that meets once per quarter to discuss how to invest in houses that are behind on payments, in foreclosure, are going to auction soon or have already been foreclosed upon. Atlanta REIA Members and first time guests can attend this meeting at NO Charge. Read more→

Late Night Networking at Tilted Kilt Perimeter

Tilted KiltAfter the conclusion of the Main Meeting, we will be reconvening at the Tilted Kilt Perimeter located at 1155-B Mount Vernon Highway in Atlanta for the “Meeting after the Meeting”. The Tilted Kilt will be offering half price appetizers as well as food and drink specials for our members and guests. Come eat, drink, network and have fun with us as hang out late into the night!

*Meeting Agenda for June 4, 2012
3:00 pm: Foreclosure & Short Sale Subgroup at Total Wines & More
5:00 pm: Vendor & Event Setup for Main Meeting
5:30 pm: Vendor Trade Show & Networking in the Lobby
5:30 pm: New Member Orientation, Updates & There’s an App for That
6:30 pm: Haves & Wants Speed Marketing Session
7:00 pm: Networking Break
7:30 pm: Main Topic with Larry Harbolt
9:30 pm: Late Nite Networking at the Tilted Kilt Perimeter!

*Please Note: Meeting agenda is subject to change.

Participating Vendors & Sponsors

Each and every month, for the duration of our meeting, we have a Vendor Tradeshow in which you can come out and meet many of our participating business members who help sponsor our meeting. It’s not to late to sponsor this meeting. Thanks again sponsors!

Lima One Capital, LLCLima One Capital, LLC – A fully capitalized, direct lender for residential real estate investors and homebuilders. We are fully capitalized and our team prides itself on closing loans quickly for our clients. Read More→

Networth Realty of Atlanta, LLCNetworth Realty of Atlanta, LLC – A licensed, full-service residential wholesale brokerage that specializes in finding quality wholesale properties and making them available to you. Read More→

American IRAAmerican IRA – The American IRA mission is to provide the highest level of customer service in the self-directed retirement industry. Read More→

The Small Business AdvisorThe Small Business Advisor – A full service small business consulting firm specializing in QuickBooks with a wide variety of specialized services, trainings and products for small businesses. Read More→

Solutions Realty NetworkSolutions Realty Network – Providing expert property management and investment services since 2003. You invest and we take care of the rest! We’re the solution to all your real estate needs. Read More→

Atlanta Private LendingAtlanta Private Lending – Atlanta’s premier private real estate lending company. We provide private, hard money loans to professional real estate investors for renovation and investment purposes. Read More→

Halperin Lyman, LLCHalperin Lyman, LLC – A transactional real property law firm devoted to providing the full spectrum of non-litigation related real estate legal and consulting services to its clientele. Read More→

Atlanta Carpet ServicesAtlanta Carpet Services, Inc. – Providing carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile, ACS is dedicated to every aspect of your floor covering needs from initial consultation to the sale and follow-up services. Read More→

Fuller Center for Housing of Greater AtlantaFuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta – A faith-driven, Christ-centered, non-profit organization dedicated to providing adequate shelter for people in need in the Greater Atlanta area. Read More→

Scott Bowen’s Specialized Services

C. Brown Property Management & Investments LLC

Angel Oak Funding

Goldmine Properties, Inc.

Also, special thanks to all of our volunteers that help make our meetings and networking events possible!


Ben RaoIf you missed Ben Rao, President of the Community Buying Group, at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting for May, he joined us on a What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast where he updated us on all of the hot new Member Benefits available to Atlanta REIA Members through our new relationship with the Community Buying Group. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up new ideas on doing business better and how to save money on products and services you may already be using from suppliers such as Lowe’s, Sun Belt Tool Rentals, Sherwin Williams, Sears Commercial, Sprint /Nextel, Rent Fast, Build a Sign and many others. There are no programs to buy since these benefits are already included in your paid Atlanta REIA Membership. Watch this webcast replay and Ben will show you how to get started so you can save BIG! Read More→


What's Happening at Atlanta REIAHappy Memorial Day Weekend! Savannah REIA is meeting on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th at 6 PM at Barnes Restaurant in Savannah. Haves & Wants with Joe Thompson will be meeting on Thursday, May 31st at 1:30 PM at 5 Seasons Brewing in Sandy Springs. And don’t forget, the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting is coming up on Monday, June 4th with Larry Harbolt on Buying and Selling Creative Owner Financing! Read More→


The #1 Killer of Success

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

The Greatest Secret in the World by Og MandinoThese days, with so much negative information out there pummeling us every day, it’s critical that we counterbalance all the doom and gloom news with twice as much positive information and stories.

For example, Kim and I spent this past week in Florida. One morning we went yard selling. This particular day, we came across a guy who was selling almost everything he owned. Turned out he was losing his home to foreclosure and had to be moved out in a couple of days.

The guy was so negative we had to stand a few extra steps back to ensure we didn’t catch his negative funk. He blamed his situation on the government, the banks, rich folks, the economy, BP Oil, Presidents Obama and Bush, etc. Never once did he take any responsibility for getting himself into his financial mess. Read More→


HandshakeYou’ve done great! You bought an investment property, did an outstanding rehab and listed it with your realtor. Then it happens: You get a written offer from a potential buyer. Now what?

Let’s first look at what’s normally done, then look at another way that may work better.

Your realtor emails you the offer that is usually lower – sometimes a lot lower – than your asking price. Also, the seller is regularly asked to pay a portion of the buyer’s closing costs. Lastly, you’re given two days to respond to the buyer’s offer. Read More→


“Real Estate Investing, In My Opinion, Is One of the Greatest Business Opportunities Available to Everyone, Regardless of the Investors Credit Score and Cash Reserves.”

Larry HarboltWhen I started over 30 years ago I had neither good credit nor money to buy real estate. All I had was a burning desire to create money to care for my family and live a lifestyle I could only dream of at the time. At that time in my life it took all the money I could earn just to feed and clothe my 6 children. I’m sure many of you today, like myself back then, are unable to get a loan even if you try, but why let that stop you from participating in one of the greatest and most profitable businesses known to mankind. Did you know that more millionaires have been created from real estate than any other business?

Because I started with no money and not-so-good credit, I had to be creative structuring every deal I did, or I wouldn’t be able to buy any properties. As I look back, for me it was a blessing because it quickly taught me how to use what I had, which wasn’t much, to get what I wanted. Now, today as investors are finding it nearly impossible to find financing for the deals they do, it is essential for you to know that if any property you look at is not a foreclosure or Bank owned, every other property you look at will always fall into one of three categories. I will thoroughly explain on June 4th, 2012 when I speak at your Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting. Once I learned about the 4 Pillars of real estate investing, it truly changed the way I did business from that day forward. Read More→


Larry Harbolt

Posted on May 25, 2012 by

Larry HarboltLarry Harbolt is the nation’s leading creative Seller Financing expert as well as a popular national real estate speaker and teacher whose time-tested strategies and nuts and bolts teaching style has helped thousands of aspiring real estate entrepreneurs realize their financial dreams with little or no money and without the need for credit. Larry has been successful creatively buying and selling real estate for over 30 years and has written numerous popular articles and real estate courses. Read More→


Beginning Investors Group (BIG)How can you sell a house before you’ve ever purchased it? Well technically you can’t since you don’t own or control it yet, but the point is the property can be as “good as sold” before you ever buy it by having a ready, willing and able buyer already lined up and ready to go. Perhaps you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about “reverse wholesaling” lately. It is really nothing new… it just means finding the buyer first and then finding the buyer a house rather than finding a house first, putting it under contract and then finding a buyer. Basically your buyer(s) tell you what the type of property they are looking for and you go find it for them. This makes sense right?

Rock ShukoorA big part of having the house “sold” before you buy is having an active buyers list of ready, willing and able buyers such as wholesalers, rehabbers, landlords, tenant/buyers, first time home buyers, etc. This month at the Beginning Investors Group (BIG), Rock Shukoor, leader of the I Love Marketing Group is going to share the online and offline tips and tricks that he uses to build his various buyers lists and keep them current.

Rock will teach you…

  • How To build a buyers list using social media such as Facebook
  • Why social media is important to an investor
  • How to set up an automated system for your social media marketing
  • The ins and outs of mobile media marketing

Register Now for the Beginning Investors Group

Social media is something 2 out of 3 people use today. Register to attend BIG on Wednesday May 23, to know how to put this powerful media to work for you. People with tickets will receive Rock’s E-book “Go Mobile Now or Die”. This is definitely a BIG meeting you don’t want to miss!

I look forward to seeing you at BIG on Wednesday May 23, 6:30pm at Chef Rob’s Caribbean Cafe at 5920 Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs.


What's Happening at Atlanta REIAWe have another great week of special interest group meetings and webcasts for our Atlanta REIA Members and Guests. Monday is Movers & Shakers with LaGaylia Appleby and Atlanta REIA West in Marietta with Russ Hiner. Tuesday is the Note Buyers Group with Tom Boyer. Wednesday is the Beginning Investors Group with Rock Shukoor. The Cash Cows Commercial Group is on Thursday with Steve Brown on investing in Mobile Home Parks followed by Haves & Wants with Joe Thompson. Thursday night is an Atlanta REIA Webcast with Ben Rao of the Community Buying Group on brand new Atlanta REIA Member benefits. Read More→


Russ HinerOprah Winfrey knows about a $40 Billion Dollar niche, and Russ Hiner has the Insider’s Secrets on how you can get your piece of the pie! Ever wondered what happens to the all of the money at a foreclosure sale when there’s a bid over the amount of the mortgage? What about when there’s an over bid at the tax sale-where do those funds go? Russ will show us where there’s money that’s FREE for the customer, and abundant for you.

Russ is speaking at Atlanta REIA West on coming Monday, April 21st. Here’s what you’ll learn at this very special evening:

  • Where to find this $40 Billion Dollar niche that the Government is not entitled to.
  • These funds are called “surplus funds”, “overages”, “excess funds”, even “unclaimed tax sale funds”.
  • Why the Government calls it “escheating” when they take this money into their accounts!
  • Gain an understanding of how this simple process works
  • Where to find your share of this specialty niche
  • Where and how to find who this money rightfully belongs to.
  • How to talk to the prospects who are entitled to receive funds—so you can convert them into your customers
  • Learn how to counsel your customers to give them their money, so you can get paid
  • Learn how to build credibility for yourself… quickly
  • Where to find the resources to get this done for you, so you can cash checks over and over again!

There are 12 only competitors in the USA. It is not just here in Georgia — It’s in ALL 50 states! If you could use some money flowing in on a consistent basis, you don’t want to miss this. Mark your calendars NOW to join us on Monday, May 21st at The Cherokee Cattle Company in Marietta. Dinner and networking, at 6:30 PM, program starts at 7 PM. See you there!


Mountain REIAMountain REIA is a new REIA being formed by Gordon Catts and Richard Benthal that will be meeting on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at the Golden Corral located at 2025 Market Place Blvd in Cumming, Georgia. This group is an educational and networking group that brings in local, active investors and to provide information and education in a low or no-sales environment. This group is open to everyone.  

Jim HittThe speaker for the first Mountain REIA Meeting on June 5th will be Jim Hitt, President of American IRA, LLC. Self Directed IRA’s allow an individual to manage their own retirement accounts and receive favorable treatment under the US Tax Code. Self Directed IRA’s allow individuals to fund certain real estate endeavors and make Private Mortgage Loans. Come join local real estate investors to network, share information, and interact with local and regional experts. Please be prepared to patron the restaurant, enjoy the networking, and the outstanding information!