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Rateb Rock ShukoorRateb “Rock” Shukoor has worked as an investor, consultant, mentor and coach in the field of marketing and real estate for more than 10 years. He frequently speaks at investment conferences and has been interviewed and consulted by other real estate investors and promoters. The secretes to his success has been his deep knowledge and understanding of marketing. He has been using and teaching investors and entrepreneurs the secretes of video, mobile and direct response marketing.

More About Rock

Rateb (Rock) Shukoor fled Afghanistan leaving behind a bitter and painful past. Oppressed by the Russians who were ruling at that time they had little to go on or to look forward to, adding to their portrait of pain, Rock Shukoor’s father was imprisoned. The Russians did this due to his father’s employment with the American Embassy. However, there is light after dark they say as his father’s employment with the American Embassy automatically made him a US ally that allowed and paved the way for the whole family to migrate to the United States of America.

It was 1989; Rock Shukoor was on American soil, and as free to dream as every other American was. Rock Shukoor’s dream was big! They were so big that a blind man would be able to see it!

Rock is a very hard worker. He put himself through college by working three jobs juggling his work between McDonald’s, a Flea Market and a printing shop. In 1995, He married his wife, Sahima, and they ‘were blessed’ with two boys, Slaymon and Paymon. The birth of his boys made him work even harder and Rock started to look for opportunities so he could provide a better life for his family. Armed with his dreams for his family, he decided to dabble with Real Estate Investing. The rest was history. Today, you can say that Rock Shukoor is living the American Dream. Real Estate has blessed him so much that he is currently living the American Dream!

For the past thirteen years, Rateb “Rock” Shukoor has bought and sold hundreds upon hundreds of single-family homes in the State of Georgia. His success has drawn people to him, to seek his advice on how to become successful as Real Estate investors. A frequent speaker at investment conferences and seminars, Rateb “Rock” Shukoor is popular among other prominent real estate investors and promoters. His popularity is also the direct result of him helping thousands of investors nationwide in making profitable decisions over the years through his Hassle Free Real Estate Program. You can spend time and money to learn the necessary knowledge required in the process of becoming a property investor or you can just contact Rock Shukoor and take advantage of his Hassle Free Real Estate Partnership program. He is currently offering partnership opportunities to keen entrepreneurs who are looking for venues to make tangible profit margins. When you affiliate yourself in Rock’s real estate Partnership program, he will secure your investments in ten different ways, protect you personally in four ways and offers a double-digit return on your investment.



  1. How can I purchase your CDs or DVDs on RE Marketing techniques? Do you have a website I can review for training or seminars coming up in Atlanta?


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