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Tom Krol

Posted on December 31, 2018 by

Tom KrolFounder of Wholesaling Inc and PSL Homebuyers, Tom is considered to be one of the most successful Real Estate Wholesalers in the country. Through his unique approach to Real Estate investing, Tom has bought and sold numerous properties across the country and has taught aspiring Real Estate investors how to do the same. His no-nonsense, “step by step” coaching methods along with his passion to help others succeed has created a loyal “Tribe” of Wholesaling Rhinos!


Malhar Bhagat

Posted on August 29, 2018 by

Malhar BhagatMalhar Bhagat has been running a successful real estate company for over 10 years and has completed over 250 deals in that time. Living in NY, investing locally and out of state, Malhar has integrated various systems learned over the years to develop properties in multiple US markets.

Success in real estate has allowed him to accomplish many life goals, both professionally and personally. He has learned that as in life, real estate presents daily challenges; how one moves through them is what the game’s all about: mindset.

Following his business and passion, Malhar and his wife/partner moved to Atlanta to continue to rapidly expand their operation, M2REST. Currently, Malhar and his team simultaneously run multiple renovations and new construction projects as well as buy rentals for long term passive income. Most recently, they have started wholesaling properties to continue to diversify their income strategies in the real estate market.


Scott Sekulow

Posted on August 5, 2018 by

Scott SekulowI grew up in retail and by the age of 12 was a partner in my first business.  If you are a long term resident of Atlanta, you might remember the pretzel booth at the Atlanta Flea Market. Well that was me. At age 18, I was a licensed real estate agent, but gave it up years later to do other work. I have a BA in Management from Mercer University. I have owned several businesses over the years. 

After receiving Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah, I went back to school and received a BS in Biblical Education graduating Summa Cum Laude. As a hobby, I got into flipping houses after rehabbing a rental property for my mother-in-law. I oversee and manage her rental properties. 3 years ago, I started buying and fixing houses.  I have bought and sold over 50 houses (worth over $6,000,000). I specialize in cosmetic fix and flips. I also wholesale deals to private investors. I am an all cash investor which gives me an edge over the hard money investor. 

Many know me as Rabbi Scott Sekulow and others as “The Flipping Rabbi”. I believe I have been so successful so quickly because I follow a biblical approach to all the work that I do and I give a  10% tithe of the profits to God’s work first.


Garland E. Harris

Posted on July 31, 2018 by

Garland E. HarrisCEO, Founder of Troptions Corp.

Mr. Harris’ experience lies in building several companies from the ground up, as well as managing their growth and success. Mr. Harris served as President of Garland Property Maintenance, Inc. of St. Louis, where he owned and managed in excess of $3,000,000 in real estate from 1983-87. Mr. Harris also served as Regional Vice-President for National Safety Associates, Inc. from 1987-89, where he grew from an independent representative to managing a national organization of over 1000 sales people.

Mr. Harris has been a visionary in many aspects of Internet marketing and advertising and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the technical aspects of the business, having spent 7 years in the ISP field. Mr. Harris attended Stanford University studying Architecture in 1976 and when the University phased out the Architecture program, he pursued and earned a degree from The Way College of Biblical Research in Indiana and has spent the last 27 years teaching practical Christian principles. Read More→


Bryan Stone

Posted on July 31, 2018 by

Bryan StonePresident Of Troptions Corp

Mr. Stone, founder of The Real Estate Connections, has been building companies for over 38 years, starting with his first at the age of 19. Mr. Stone built the first indoor skate park in the basement of a mall and was responsible for marketing and promotions. Four years later as the national sales director for a national Distributor, he led the way by introducing sailboards, snowboards, and roller blades, increasing first year sales to over 3 million dollars. He has bought and sold trucking, limousine, and distributing companies, and has been responsible for sales, marketing, and leadership.

He is the co-founder of Road Track, one of the first GPS tracking companies in the country. He also founded Courtland Property Management in 1998, a management company that buys and sells over 120 properties per year as well as managing their portfolio of over 150 properties.

As a public speaker, he holds seminars in real estate as well as other business topics. Mr. Stone was the 2001-2003 Chairperson for the Georgia Republican Advisory Committee to President Bush, and he sits on the Board of six corporations. Read More→


Tangie Cousins

Posted on July 30, 2018 by

Tangie CousinsTangie Cousins has been working with Investors, Realtors and Attorney’s for almost 15 years now. She is an Independent Contractor and attends multiple Investor meetings on a regular basis and has for years.

Tangie works with a Company called Foreclosures Daily. Foreclosures Daily ( is a nationwide lead provider that has been in business since 2004. They are the Internet’s number one destination for the most detailed, timely and accurate information.  Read More→


Dwan Twyford

Posted on May 24, 2018 by

Dwan TwyfordThroughout my adult life, I have worked an endless string of dead-end jobs ranging anywhere from waiting tables at Denny’s, to selling vitamins on the phone, to owning a chain of tanning salons. I didn’t see myself become a real estate investor at the time. Most of the jobs in my past paid okay, but they were unrewarding and required me to work overtime. I went from job to job searching for something that I could really sink my teeth into without much success. I thought I had found it with the tanning salons. As it turned out, I was tied to the salon seven days a week. Every weekend when one of my girls called in sick, guess who had the privilege of working? Right… me! I got to the point where I hated the business because of the insane hours.

At the age 29, I was married, had a baby on the way, and life was looking good. Nevertheless, things happened, and a year later, I found myself single-handedly raising an eight-month old daughter and going through a divorce. Life as a single mom had definitely not been in my game plan! I needed to go back to work, but the idea of leaving my daughter in day-care, working for someone else all day, and then paying my hard-earned money to the day-care center, was unacceptable. This just wasn’t the sacrifice I was willing to make! I needed an NEW game plan and quickly.  Read More→


Bill Twyford

Posted on May 24, 2018 by

Bill TwyfordMy history is typically, “All American.” Having grown up in a small town in Iowa, my brother and I worked with our Dad, who owned a successful commercial painting contract business. By the age of 24, I started my own business in Houston, Texas, painting water towers, silos, and radio towers. You name it – I painted it!

In the midst of preparing a bid on a huge job, I was required to take a respirator test. This test requires you to breathe into a test tube to see what your lung capacity is. I failed the test miserably. My doctor warned me that if I wanted to live to be forty, I needed to quit painting immediately and move to a higher altitude to clean out my lungs. Therefore, I packed-up my family and moved to Colorado.  Read More→


Manesh Hardeo

Posted on April 10, 2018 by

Manesh HardeoManesh Hardeo has been working with NetWorth Realty since he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Economics in 2003. During his time in Houston he successfully completed hundreds transactions including wholesale deals, rentals, owner finance, and retail flips. In addition, he originated several hundred hard money loans and had much experience dealing in private equity during his tenure in Houston. 

In March 2011, he opened the doors to NetWorth Realty of Atlanta to continue our growth of Networth Realty USA and was the first associate to start the expansion process on a nationwide basis outside of the 3 original Texas offices.  Networth Realty USA now consists of 16 offices nationwide and is seeing continued success.  


Tolla Cherwenka

Posted on December 1, 2017 by

Tolla CherwenkaTolla Cherwenka is an internationally renowned Business Operation Transformation Executive, thought leader, startup advisor and keynote speaker. Tolla started working, writing algorithms, for the federal government at the at the age of 15 in Seoul, Korea. Her teenage job morphed into a lifelong passion for creating the intersection between business and technology. She is currently the Chief Technology Officer at Goldmine Properties, Inc. and with her husband Mike, heads up Cherwenka Realty Team, a boutique realtor specializing in luxury real estate.


Amy Ransdell

Posted on November 29, 2017 by

Amy RansdellAmy Ransdell is an active real estate investor, real estate investment coach, investment strategist, real estate broker, designer, speaker, writer, and mother of three rockin’ children. Actively running an investment team and brokerage sales team in Marietta, Georgia, Amy has been buying, renovating, and wholesaling homes for over 15 years. She is heavily experienced in short sales, turn-key investments, and extensive renovations.

Amy RansdellHer team works actively to support fellow investors throughout Atlanta to locate opportunities, list and sell their renovated property for maximum profit, and provide consultation to investors to develop their scope of work and project management skills. While working as a real estate investment coach for an Inc 500 top program for 9 years she realized her passion is to empower people to build their investment skills, grow their entrepreneurial fortitude, and help them find the moxie to live fiercely everyday.


Lorraine Beato

Posted on November 29, 2017 by

Lorraine BeatoLorraine Beato is a passionate, constantly evolving real estate professional that specializes Residential Single-Family Homes, Investment Acquisitions, and Renovated Investment Sales. Lorraine has garnered an excellent reputation and counts some of Atlanta’s top business people and private lenders as clients as well as investors from across the country. She hails from the financial services industry having worked on the Mortgaged Backed Securities trading floor for Merrill Lynch in Manhattan as well as several years working as a real estate appraiser.

In order to deliver the greatest value to the clients—whether they are buyers, sellers, developers or investors – she focuses on one thing above all others: the client.

“I have an incredibly high work ethic for myself as well as for everyone who works with me. The client always comes first, and we keep our clients happy—and coming back to us—through hard work, doing what is right for the client at that particular time, advocacy, and innovative thinking.”  Read More→

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