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Vacant Foreclosed HomeLast week’s column titled, Will the Number of Foreclosures Increase in 2012, brought in a number of calls and emails.  Several folks in the real estate field accused me of being negative and trying to drive down real estate values.

I asked one caller, “Do you really think my weekly real estate investing column influences real estate values?  Seriously?”

The truth is, Kim and I are along for the ride just like everyone else.  But in case my column CAN influence values, let me try an experiment: The value of fifteen-year-old, two-bedroom, one-bath mobile homes in Cartersville, Georgia just shot up one million percent!!!!  And I just happen to have one I’ll sell you for only $800,000Call me! Read More→


Don DeRosaHey everyone! I just wanted to personally thank Don DeRosa, Noreen Snellman and everyone who joined us at Don’s “Mobile Real Estate Rockstar” Workshop on Saturday, January 28th from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites. This was a full day training workshop where Don showed to find, evaluate, buy and make thousands of dollars on houses right in our own backyard. It was a great event on real estate investing meets mobile technology. If you missed this event, be sure to check out our Workshops Page and Event Calendar for more events this year with Don and others. Thanks again Don!


Prescreening ContactorsMany real estate investors shy away from the ugly house business because they fear hiring contractors. We have all heard the horror stories of rehabbers who lose their shirt because a contractor took them to the cleaners.

I am here to tell you that contractors can be your worst enemy or your best friend, depending if you hire a good one or a bad one. So how can the beginning novice real estate investor make the correct choice- the hard working team player that gets the job done on time, on budget and at a high standard of quality?   The answer is by following all eight of the critical prescreening steps below. Read More→

Read Below How to Get FREE Tickets to This 3 Day Wealth Building Event

PLEASE READ: We gave away the bulk of the FREE Tickets on the Live Webcast with Robyn last night. We only have a few more left. If you plan on attending this 3 day event, RSVP Now before all the tickets are gone. Please DO NOT RSVP for this event if you are NOT able to attend. Please allow those who can attend to use these few remaining tickets.

Robyn ThompsonHey everyone, I have a VERY BIG announcement for you. Not only is Robyn Thompson, “The Queen of Rehab,” speaking at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on February the 13th and coming back to do a full day workshop with us on February 18th, but she just informed me that she will also be here in Atlanta on February 3rd-5th for a 3 Day Wealth Summit with Ron LeGrand, Alan Cowgill and Ryan Bush.

This news gets EVEN BETTER… even though tickets to this Wealth Summit are $199 per person, because of our close relationship with Robyn, she is giving us some FREE TICKETS to share with YOU and your +1 guest but you must act fast! We only have a limited number of tickets and they will go VERY FAST! When they are gone, they are gone so RSVP Now!

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Robyn Thompson

Ron LeGrandIf you didn’t know, Robyn went from a broke waitress to a millionaire by renovating and selling over 300 homes ranging from $8,000 to $4,000,000. At her Wealth Summit, she is bringing her first real estate mentor here to Atlanta, the man who started it all for her and thousands of others, Ron LeGrand, to share his recession-proof strategies with you!

Here is just a taste of what Ron will be covering with you…

  • Making Big Money With No Money Or Credit
  • How To Make $5k Per House On Over Leveraged Houses And Do 4 A Month!
  • Getting Rich In Your IRA Tax Free
  • Where To Find The Best Deals Even With Hot Competition
  • Where To Get The Money To Fund Your Deals
  • Handling A Personal Financial Crisis

And that’s not all! Robyn will be showing you…

  • How to build wealth through real estate
  • How to build a business budget
  • When to hold‘em and when to flip‘em and
  • How to build and execute a market plan for pennies!
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Remember, this is 3 FULL, action and information packed days and Robyn’s experts will be showing you crucial strategies to maximize in today’s market as they share their secrets with you. RSVP Now! These complimentary tickets will not last long.

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Robyn ThompsonOn January 26, 2012, Robyn Thompson, “The Queen of Rehab”, did a special Evening with a Real Estate Expert Webcast with us! On this webcast, Robyn shared her story on how she got started investing in real estate over 13 years ago and has since bought, fixed and sold 300+ homes with price ranges as low as $8,000 to as high as $4,000,000. Robyn shared many of her secrets on how she buys, renovates, sells or holds houses for huge profits.

Robyn also told us about her upcoming visit to the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on February 13th, her full day Rehabbing Workshop on February 18th and all the bonuses will be sharing with attendees. She told us about her Wealth Building Summit on February 3rd-5th with Ron LeGrand, Alan Cowgill and Ryan Bush. Don’t miss this exciting, educational webcast and learn how to score tickets to the Wealth Summit! Read More→


Will the Number of Foreclosures Increase In 2012?A couple of months ago, a real estate investor who works the same market we do, told me he wished I’d never write or teach about foreclosures again.  He said all I was doing was creating more competition for him at the monthly foreclosure auction.

Over the years, folks have wondered why Kim and I host a monthly real estate investors meeting.  After all, by teaching folks how to be successful investors and landlords, we are creating competition for ourselves, right? Read More→


Internet Marketing Online Boot CampOn January 24, 2012, Dustin Griffin taught the 10th installment of the Atlanta REIA Internet Marketing Online Boot Camp, a series of live, online webcast workshops that are designed to teach you how to establish a strong Internet presence, get your websites, pages and profiles to the top of the major search engines quickly and to generate all the leads you can handle using the power of the Internet. In Workshop #10 on Email Marketing, Dustin taught attendees how to setup a free Email Marketing Provider account where they can send up to 12,000 emails per month at no charge. He taught attendees how to customize their account, create email signup forms, embed those forms on your website, WordPress blog and Facebook, create email templates, send newsletters and more! Read More→


What's Happening at Atlanta REIAWe’ve got a busy week at Atlanta REIA. Monday is the Atlanta REIA West Meeting with Jim Hitt on real estate investing with an IRA. Tuesday is the Note Buying Group and the IMBC Workshop on Email Marketing. Wednesday is the Beginning Investors Group on New Media Marketing for Newbies with Rock Shukoor. Thursday is the Haves & Wants Meeting as well as the Evening with a Real Estate Expert Webcast with Robyn Thompson. And Saturday is a full day workhop with Don DeRosa on how to combine the latest and greatest real estate investing techniques with the latest technology to become a “Mobile Real Estate Rockstar”! Read More→


Don DeRosaAtlanta is one of the BEST markets to invest in real estate. Why? Because we have a huge supply of low-priced homes to buy and either fix and flip or hold for cash flow and long term appreciation.

On Saturday, January 28th from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites located at 111 Perimeter Center West (map) in Atlanta, local Atlanta Real Estate expert, Atlanta REIA Business Member and national speaker, Don DeRosa, for a full day training workshop where he will show you how to find, evaluate, buy and make thousands on houses right in your own backyard. At this workshop, Don is going to teach you everything you need to know to become a “Mobile Real Estate Rockstar” whether you’re a new or seasoned real estate investor, agent or broker!

As an “Early Registration Special”, Atlanta REIA Gold Members can attend for $15, Silver Members for $25 and Guests for $35. These prices are good for two people! Register Now and Don’t Miss Out!

 You keep hearing it, but there’s no better time to buy than right now. NONE! So don’t let 2012 get going without YOU knowing EXACTLY “What, Where, and How to Buy”. So when next December rolls around, you’ll look back on 2012 and be thrilled that you’ve SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS!

Don DeRosa Video

 Don is going to show you how to how and where to buy houses for under $20K with $500 a month cash flows so you and make more money than you thought possible this year… all without using a dime of your money!

 Here’s a little of what Don will teach you at this one day training workshop…

  • The best places to buy in the Atlanta area right now
  • The types of investment homes you should be seeking
  • How to get your phone to ring off the hook for less than $10
  • New, free or affordable, techniques to get good leads fast
  • How to quickly and accurately evaluate your leads
  • How to turn your “trash leads” into “cash deeds”
  • Where to find private lenders so you have all cash you need
  • What to say and NOT say to my potential private lenders to inspire confidence
  • How determine a “Buy and Hold” deal from a “Fix and Flip” deal
  • How to work with banks to buy REOs 
  • And much, much more!

 When you leave, you’ll know exactly where to buy, what to say and how to evaluate your leads so you can start to build your portfolio and set yourself up for life.

 Sign up now. Space is very limited. This is your year. Your time is now!

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Where to Get the Money to Do Your Deals Right NOW… Don’t let the “Perfect Storm” Pass You By!

Many years ago when I was just getting started in real estate, I went to a Ron LeGrand seminar.  I heard Mr. Ron say that you can open a Roth IRA and buy and sell real estate from it TAX FREE!  I came back from that seminar so excited I could not sleep!  I went over to talk with my older cousin, who is a long-time and well-respected Certified Financial Planner in this area.  I thought, “Surely he will be as excited as I am, because now he can earn his clients much higher returns than they can get in the stock market, and I can use their funds to buy and sell real estate!”  I saw it as a win-win-win for all three parties involved.  I was going to finally earn the respect of my older, wiser, and wealthier cousin. 

That’s not what happened.  My cousin promptly told me that you can’t do that–you can’t buy and sell real estate inside a Roth IRA, and that it sounded like a scam and illegal to him.  That was a huge disappointment for me, and I went home with my tail between my legs.  I began to doubt both what Mr. Ron had taught me, and myself for listening and believing such pie-in-the-sky nonsense.  When you are new to real estate, and even as time goes on and you gain experience, sometimes you just don’t know what is fact and what is fiction. 

My experience with my cousin set me back a bit, but those of you that know me, know that NOTHING stops me from moving forward in the real estate game.  I turned my setback into a comeback, by doing research myself and getting the FACTS, not just someone’s opinion.  I since have moved on to know what you can and can’t do with Roth IRA’s, and my business has prospered as a result of not listening to the “they’s” in this world. Read More→


PLEASE NOTE: This event has SOLD OUT. We are attempting to see if we can add a few more seats to the room or get a bigger room at the same hotel.

Robyn ThompsonAtlanta REIA is excited to announce an all-day real estate rehabbing seminar with “The Queen of Rehab”, Robyn Thompson where she will teach you how to turn foreclosures, estate sales and ugly houses into fast cash and huge profits. This event will take place on Saturday, February 18th from 9:00 AM to 5 PM, at Atlanta Perimeter Hotel & Suites located at 111 Perimeter Center W in Atlanta, GA. The registration price for this event is $10 for Atlanta REIA Gold Members, $20 for Silver Members and $30 for Guests. These prices are good for 2 people, so please feel free to bring a spouse, partner or friend! Register Now!

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Super Smart High Tech Home Buying & Selling WorkshopOn January 3rd, 2012, Dustin Griffin hosted the 6th installment of the Super Smart High Tech Home Buying & Selling Workshop Series for 2012 which is being held online and recorded for 24/7 playback for Atlanta REIA Members. In Part 6 of this workshop, Dustin gave attendees a general overview of the Super Smart Sell Site Back Office and Lead Management System and covered many of the basic and advanced features, benefits and available upgrades. Dustin will go into much greater detail on building and managing a tenant/buyer list and wholesale buyer list, posting properties, photos and videos to the websites, and many more of these Back Office features in future workshop sessions. Anyone can attend this live workshop series for FREE by registering here and Atlanta REIA Members can login here and watch the Workshop Replay below. Read More→