Robyn Thompson’s Wealth Building Summit with Ron LeGrand & Alan Cowgill

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Read Below How to Get FREE Tickets to This 3 Day Wealth Building Event

PLEASE READ: We gave away the bulk of the FREE Tickets on the Live Webcast with Robyn last night. We only have a few more left. If you plan on attending this 3 day event, RSVP Now before all the tickets are gone. Please DO NOT RSVP for this event if you are NOT able to attend. Please allow those who can attend to use these few remaining tickets.

Robyn ThompsonHey everyone, I have a VERY BIG announcement for you. Not only is Robyn Thompson, “The Queen of Rehab,” speaking at our Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on February the 13th and coming back to do a full day workshop with us on February 18th, but she just informed me that she will also be here in Atlanta on February 3rd-5th for a 3 Day Wealth Summit with Ron LeGrand, Alan Cowgill and Ryan Bush.

This news gets EVEN BETTER… even though tickets to this Wealth Summit are $199 per person, because of our close relationship with Robyn, she is giving us some FREE TICKETS to share with YOU and your +1 guest but you must act fast! We only have a limited number of tickets and they will go VERY FAST! When they are gone, they are gone so RSVP Now!

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Robyn Thompson

Ron LeGrandIf you didn’t know, Robyn went from a broke waitress to a millionaire by renovating and selling over 300 homes ranging from $8,000 to $4,000,000. At her Wealth Summit, she is bringing her first real estate mentor here to Atlanta, the man who started it all for her and thousands of others, Ron LeGrand, to share his recession-proof strategies with you!

Here is just a taste of what Ron will be covering with you…

  • Making Big Money With No Money Or Credit
  • How To Make $5k Per House On Over Leveraged Houses And Do 4 A Month!
  • Getting Rich In Your IRA Tax Free
  • Where To Find The Best Deals Even With Hot Competition
  • Where To Get The Money To Fund Your Deals
  • Handling A Personal Financial Crisis

And that’s not all! Robyn will be showing you…

  • How to build wealth through real estate
  • How to build a business budget
  • When to hold‘em and when to flip‘em and
  • How to build and execute a market plan for pennies!
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Remember, this is 3 FULL, action and information packed days and Robyn’s experts will be showing you crucial strategies to maximize in today’s market as they share their secrets with you. RSVP Now! These complimentary tickets will not last long.

Alan CowgillAlan Cowgill, “The Money Man” & Office Streamlining Expert will teach you…

  • How to automate your real estate investing business & make money while you sleep!
  • How to streamline property acquisitions, contractor meetings and property management
  • All you need to about running an effective and time-efficient office with the RIGHT people!

Ryan Bush, Internet & Social Networking Expert will be sharing…

  • The most crucial keys to success online and why you’re destined to fail without them
  • Ways to generate more leads than you thought possible online without spending dime!
  • How to capitalize on the power of social media, video, and viral marketing.
  • How to run your online operations even if you know ZILCH, NADA, ZIP about technology or the Internet!

What: Robyn Thompson’s Wealth Building Summit

When: February 3-5th 2012

Where: Westin Atlanta, GA Airport Hotel (must register & confirm to attend)

Robyn has only given a limited number of complimentary tickets for our members – you snooze you lose – so RSVP Now!


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