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Gordon Catts, Founding Board Member of the National Real Estate Investors AssociationGordon Catts has a widely diversified real estate background. He has been involved in building, appraisal, title work, and brokerage, as well as training, mentoring and consulting. Gordon has trained thousands of real estate investors nationally, as well as locally in the Greater Atlanta area. He actively participates in the Creative Real Estate Movement and is a Past President of Georgia Real Estate Investors Association (GaREIA) as well as being a Founding Board Member of the National Real Estate Investors Association (NaREIA). As an instructor he has also taught Real Estate License Law and Post License Continuing Education for agents. He was one of the contributing review editors for the Real Estate Post License Courses and was a Founding Member of the Georgia Association of Real Estate Educators. He is a published author with articles in the Financial Freedom Report, The Creative Investor’s Advisor, Creative Real Estate Magazine, The Offer (GaREIA’s monthly newsletter) and other periodicals.

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  1. Gil Hoover says:

    Mr. Catts I would like a replay and if possible a copy of hand outs if they were given of the tax deed meeting. I was not able to come due to a prior commitment. I have gone to several tax deed auctions and have researched several properties listed in the auctions. I have been out bid every time. I need new strategies or contacts with willing honest partners. I have been wanting to go to several of your meetings, but from the description of the meetings it seemed I was not advanced enough to attend.

  2. Star Williams says:

    Hi Gordon,
    After reading your profile, I would love to have you as my mentor. Please call me at 407.431.1989.

  3. David H Slavin says:

    I own two properties in East Point that I want to sell

    1880 Phillips Av 3 bed 2 bath tenant for last 3 months
    1885 Dunlap 2 bed 1 bath tenants occupying for past 3 years

    the rehab costs are too much for me as an individual owner
    would appreciate any advice on how to unload the properties

    Would it be helpful if I come and present the properties to the members of the Southside group at the 3707 Main St meeting on Weds?

    thank you
    David H Slavin 404 299 5566

  4. Chris Moring says:

    Mr Catts,

    I was trying to get a copy of the presentation from Barbara Harris regarding the Atlanta Market. She had promised everyone who attended she’d email them a copy of the presentation. I won’t be able to attend the May 3rd event in Cumming as I was already there in College Park last month. Do you have a contact number for Barbara Harris?

    Chris Moring

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