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Networth Realty of Atlanta, LLCNetworth Realty of Atlanta, LLC is a licensed, full-service residential wholesale brokerage. We are experts in our field. Our associates are all fully licensed real estate agents that have perfected the skill of finding quality wholesale properties and making them available to you, the investor.

In addition to finding the best properties that our cities have to offer, we also provide support for anything that may come up along the way – 24/7 with your very own associate. We offer assistance in financing, insuring, inspecting, remodeling, renovating, pricing, renting, and/or selling. We specialize in helping as much or as little as needed. Whether you are new to investing or just getting started there’s a place for you. Here at Networth Realty the relationship does not end when you purchase from us, but rather just gets started. Many of our investors grow into full-timers and for that we are very proud.

NetWorth Realty is an established wholesale firm with resources all over Texas and Metro Atlanta. We work hard to find the right property, in the right neighborhood, to fit any and all of your needs.

Networth Realty of Atlanta is the premier real estate investment organization that caters to YOU, the real estate investor! We help investors Find, Fund, Fix, and perform Future exit strategies on single family properties all over Metro Atlanta. Our associates are trained to make real estate investing easy. Here we believe in the strength of building a team around you and we are not shy about sharing our resources with you. We believe that if we do right by you, the investor, good things will come for both of us.

Finding properties can be a strenuous task, so why put that on yourself? Our associates are all licensed real estate agents and can take out the stress of finding properties. Many times it can be quite frustrating going through a realtor, going out to the property, running numbers, and then submitting offers only to find out the property has been bid up. That process is completely eliminated with Networth Realty as our deals are fully pre-qualified by our trained acquisitions team. We not only identify the deals for you at the best prices, but have after-repaired values and rehab estimates all lined up for you. We make real estate investing easy – if you like it, you buy it.

Funding properties is another arena many investors know little about and we can help straighten it all out. Not only can we help you line up funding, but we can help you identify the best plan of action based on your investing strategy. We will teach you the pros and cons of various funding methods and place you with the proper contacts to help fund your transactions. Whether it’s hard money, private equity, asset-based lending, or lines of credit we can help you make sense of what works best for you!

Fixing an investment property is one of the most crucial elements of real estate investing and we can provide you some of the most investor friendly contractors. Our contractors are again pre-qualified, trustworthy individuals and companies. They can get the job done at great prices, get them done quickly, and do the job right the first time. Whether you need a general contractor or a sub – Networth Realty of Atlanta has you covered. Don’t make the mistake of using a random contractor – we’ve taken our time to assure your success by prequalifying them for you.

Future is where your profits can come to life and Networth Realty of Atlanta provides various resources to help put money in your pockets. We provide investors exit strategies by analyzing the best pricing on flips or rentals. We can also provide various tools, such as signs, or flat-fee listings starting as low as $295. Don’t pay full price commissions to list your deals when we can do it much cheaper!

Networth Realty of Atlanta is here to ensure your success. In our eyes, your success is our success. We help educate you through the whole process and provide 24/7 support, so that you can become a fully rounded, self-sustained real estate investor. Again, here at Networth Realty of Atlanta we make real estate investing simple.

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