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Jens BeattyOur next What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast is on Tuesday, May 17th at 7PM ET with website designer and internet marketing expert, Jens Beatty, on his WordPress LeadTheme 2.0. Over the past two or three years, more and more real estate investors and other small businesses have began using WordPress because of it’s flexibility, ease of use and its ability to achieve great search engine rankings without a lot of technical know how.

LeadThemeBecause of this fast growing interest in WordPress, Jens has created a fantastic WordPress theme that focuses on something that most WordPress themes do not… generating leads. His free WordPress theme is called LeadTheme, it is totally free, and it was designed specifically to make it super quick and easy to get your website online and generating leads.

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On the webcast, in addition to giving you a copy of LeadTheme 2.0, Jens is going to show us how to use LeadTheme to… Read More→

Jens Beatty

Posted on May 15, 2011 by

Jens BeattyJens Beatty has been designing and building websites since the dawn of the internet. He has created a multitude of websites for all types of businesses over the years. He specializes in designing sites for high conversion and generating leads online. The majority of his work over the past 7 or more years has been focused on generating real estate leads.

In addition to running his own design and marketing company, Jens Beatty Media Productions, he currently works as a senior designer and front end web developer for a public company that runs a major network of real estate websites. In the past few years he has played a major role in generating millions upon millions of leads and dollars in revenue for his employers and clients. Read More→

Haves & Wants Speed MarketingThis was the Haves and Wants Speed Marketing Session that we recorded live at our May 2, 2011 Atlanta REIA Meeting. This is a new 30 minute session at our Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting that starts at 6:00 PM on the 1st Monday of the month and is hosted by Joe Thompson. The purpose of this marketing session is to help facilitate deals by giving our members the opportunity to quickly market things they HAVE and no longer want and to find things they WANT but don’t yet have. Thanks to all those of you who participated. And special thanks to Joe for hosting the session and to Alan McDonald for recording the session and improving the quality of this video each and every month. Read More→

Our most recent Atlanta REIA membership drive was a big success! Response was been overwhelming. All of us at Atlanta REIA want to personally thank all of you who joined us over the past week. We look forward to working with you to help take your real estate investing business to the next level and beyond over the next year. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming meeting or networking event soon. See some of our events below that are coming up this week and see our events calendar for a more complete list. Thanks again! Read More→

Jeff KallerAt our next Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on June 6th we are excited to feature the original founding father of today’s short sale techniques, Mr. Jeff Kaller. He has promised to share the refined plan he uses to turn over One Billion Dollars in negotiated short sale deals into his collective network. Don’t let the numbers scare you, he plans to lay out a blue print for how you can fill your deal pipeline (he calls it his money funnel) with productive deals that will produce cash. It’s the same techniques that he used to save over one million homeowners from the perils of foreclosure.

The strategies are simple,cost effective, and produce amazing results. Jeff will show you fully automated lead generation campaigns that find hard to locate homeowners who yield big profits. He also uses a virtual team of assistants to mine data and is willing to share scripts, letters and strategies he uses in his brokerage office in St Augustine to drive calls into his office. He was recognized by the local Atlanta media as the country’s most influential person in short sales and you can see an interview done by a local station on the registration page. Read More→


390 Page ManualI will teach you all my TOP SECRET lead generation systems so you can plug into our system that will DO Your Mailings, Take Your Calls, Make Your Offers, EVEN LIST YOUR PROPERTIES….and let you keep 100% of the profits!

390 Page Manual is Your
Step-by-Step Blueprint – and
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Marketing Extravaganza Boot Camp
June 17 & 18th, 2011 @ Doubletree Roswell
1075 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076

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Once in a Generation Opportunity Recently, while having lunch, I bumped into a realtor friend.  She asked how things were going.  Then, leaning forward, asked, “Are you and Kim going to survive this terrible real estate market?”  It’s funny how many times we’ve been asked this question.

Folks, Jack Miller– one of my primary real estate investing teachers (God rest his wise soul) – said it best: “This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity!”  By this, he means that there has never been a better time to buy investment real estate.

Think about it.  When was the last time you saw (1) So many homes sitting unsold on the market; (2) So few buyers looking for homes; (3) Home prices this low; (4) Interest rates this low; (5) Sellers this motivated; (6) Banks with so many properties in inventory; (7) This many foreclosures each month, and (8) Lenders so eager to agree to a Short Sale?  The simple answer is – NEVER!!! Read More→

WordPressOn Saturday and Sunday, June 4th & 5th starting at 10 AM, we are doing our first WordPress Website and Blogging Workshop. Dustin Griffin, along with special guest, website designer and internet marketing expert, Jens Beatty, will help you setup a WordPress Website and Blog in class from start to finish. You will also learn how to use your new WordPress Website and Blog to help manage and automate your Internet Marketing Strategy from any virtually any web-ready device such as a PC, notebook, netbook, iPad, Droid, Smart Phone, etc.

Whether you run a real estate investing business or any type of other business, a WordPress Website and Blog will definitely help improve your credibility, marketing efforts, online presence and lead generation. The best news is, you don’t have to be a techie to use WordPress, but it doesn’t hurt either. We are teaching our Atlanta REIA members and guests how they too can be “High Tech Home Buyers & Sellers” and utilize modern technology to run their businesses more effectively online and offline.

WordPress Website & Blogging Workshop
June 4th & 5th at 10AM – Attend Live or Online!
Held at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA (map) or

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Come join us and let Dustin and Jens show you how other successful investors and businesses are using WordPress to dominate the search engines, automate their Internet Marketing and generate all the leads they can handle online. Here is some of what we will be covering and doing in class. Read More→

A Solemn Ride to Spalding County

Posted on May 9, 2011 by

Spaulding County TornadoIt was a quite, solemn ride to Spalding County just a couple days after the storms to help with the tornado recovery, but it just looked like another ordinary Saturday ride in the country. Having stopped and got my biscuit and coffee, I noticed the boats behind the trucks presumably headed to the lake, the bicycles on the carrier off for a spin, folks setting up their yard sales and others getting ready @ the local flea market. Everybody seemed busy going somewhere, doing something. Everything seemed perfectly normal.

Spaulding County TornadoI remember thinking if all these folks even REALLY knew what kind of damage there was just down the road from where they were. I mean we see the snippets and hear the sound-bites on TV and we’re wowed or whatever but did these folks REALLY understand? Did they REALLY know what needs there were just down the road? I even thought did they even care? Certainly if they knew they would do something. Right? Read More→

Response to our current $50 Atlanta REIA Silver Membership Special has been overwhelming. If you haven’t joined Atlanta REIA yet, now is your last chance to Join for ONLY $50 for the entire first year! You can even add a spouse for ONLY $25 more! Thanks to our members, volunteers and local speakers and real estate experts, the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance has quickly become the hottest real estate investor association in Georgia. If you are still not convinced, feel free to attend any of our monthly meetings and see for yourself. Below is a list of what’s happening at Atlanta REIA this week alone. For more upcoming events, be sure to check out our Events Calendar. We hope to see you at a meeting, networking event, workshop or webcast very soon! Read More→

Jeff Kaller

Posted on May 3, 2011 by

Jeff KallerA graduate of Appalachian State University, Jeff Kaller has been self-employed as a real estate investor, promoter and real estate trainer for many years. For 17 years he has successfully taught over 100,000 students his proprietary method of short sales. During his career, he has purchased and sold over 400 single family properties, and he and his affiliates have negotiated in excess of One Billion Dollars in short sale debt.

How Do I Fix This Mess?

Posted on May 3, 2011 by

Upside Down HouseSince 2005, we’ve warned investors about the dangers of going to banks to get short-term financing on their real estate investing deals.  (By “short-term financing,” I mean any financing with an adjustable interest rate and/or a term of less than 30 years.)

For the past six years, Kim and I have financed our deals through owner financing or using private money lenders – except for two idiotic, short-term bank loans we foolishly did in 2008.

I’m a real estate professional who is supposed to know what he’s talking about.  So in 2008, when I claimed real estate values had bottomed out and that it was time to buy, I believed me. Read More→