Atlanta REIA Workshops & Boot Camps

Sat, March 8th, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Atlanta, GA

Real Estate Investors Hands-on QuickBooks Workshop
With Karen Bershad on March 8, 2014

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Karen BershadCreate your: Chart of Accounts, Customer/Job list, Vendor List, Item List, Memorize monthly invoices and recurring transactions, write checks, track income and repairs per property and much more.

Put the pieces together for your business!!

Karen Bershad is a Certified Pro Advisor for QuickBooks®, with almost 40 years of business experience and 17 years of training clients how to use QuickBooks® in their business.

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Gary Johnston & Clyde WilsonIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: We just found out that Jimmy Napier was in a car accident. The good news is that he only has some injured ribs and will be OK. The bad news is that he will not be teaching the “Increasing Your Cash Flow” Workshop this weekend due to his injuries.

However, there is more good news. The Cash Flow Show goes on… Gary Johnston (who was our guest speaker in January) and another living legend, Clyde Wilson, will be filling in and teaching for Jimmy. Clyde is Jimmy’s #1 student and has accumulated over a $30M net worth in his many, many years of real estate investing.

Gary will also be making a special appearance at North Georgia REIA on Thursday, March 13th at 7:00PM at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cartersville, GA. He’ll be talking about how to increase your cash flow each and every month. In addition, he’ll be talking about how to turn an adversity – like what happened to Jimmy – into a positive outcome.

So if you already made plans to attend this event… please do! You will not be disappointed. In fact, Gary and Clyde are so convinced that you will love this training event, that you can attend both days and if you are not completely satisfied, they will gladly refund your money. Also, if you decide not to attend the event, they will still gladly refund your money.

Increasing Your Cash Flow
A 2 Day Workshop with Jimmy Napier
March 15 & 16 in Atlanta, GA


Jimmy NapierLearn from a Legend! Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Jimmy teach! For over thirty years Jimmy has accumulated a series of cash flow and wealth building tools and ideas. Many of these he transferred onto business cards that he could review before entering into a negotiation or transaction.

Jimmy is teaching a full two day seminar based on his ideas on how you can increase your cash flow! Each one of his strategies is capable of saving you money, protecting your wealth, or increasing your negotiation power. There are ways to buy with little or no money and important clauses to include in your contracts, notes and mortgages. Discover ways to finance property and ways to de-finance property.

These are tools and strategies you can use whether you are buying or selling, borrowing or lending. These tools and concepts will work for you whether you’re dealing with notes and mortgages or real estate.

Can’t get insurance? Need to raise cash? Do you have a negative cash flow problem? Would you like to be able to defuse a balloon note? Do foreclosures cost you too much? What clauses are important in a lease option?

The answers to all these questions, and more, are there in Jimmy’s ways to increase cash flow. Any one of them could be worth many times your investment in this seminar.

These tools and ideas have stood the test of time. These are the things that the wealthy and successful teach their kids. Can your kids do without the same information?

Should you attend?

Only if you want to have the tools you need to become financially free — and stay that way. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning investor or a seasoned veteran, you need this information. Real estate professionals owe it to their clients to learn this information.

100% Money Back Guarantee! After attending all two days of the class, you aren’t completely satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back. What do you have to lose? Sign-up today!

Atlanta REIA Members $277/ea. Non-Members $297/ea.
Atlanta REIA Members use coupon code: ATLREIA

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From the desk of Ron LeGrand…

A Day With The Master
To Discuss America’s Perfect
Home-Based Business

This Recession Won’t Last, And When It Goes,
So Will The Best Chance In Your Lifetime For An Average Person To Get Rich In Georgia Real Estate

If you’re not making obscene amounts of money in real estate right now, you’re missing the best opportunity of your lifetime to get rich. This recession has opened doors for both beginning and seasoned investors, the likes of which I haven’t seen in my 30 years, and I hate to think most people will sleep right through it… and it does not require money, credit, experience or a license to get started.

Why Is This Important To You?

It’s simple! If you don’t take action now and get on the bandwagon, the greatest opportunity to create wealth on The Fast Track may pass you by before you even know what happened.

Ron LeGrandMy name is Ron LeGrand and I’ve set aside a full day on Saturday, March 22nd from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to share these secrets with you. You’re invited to attend if you truly want to make this year your best year ever and let this recession make you rich. I call this all-day seminar The Fast Track To Wealth and the title says it all. Click here to Register Now!

But Who Am I, And
Why Should You Listen To Me?

I am the world’s leading expert in quick turning residential real estate and Dustin invited me to spend the day sharing how I make millionaires.

Over the past 30 years, I have bought and sold over 2,500 single-family homes, and still do 6-12 every month now on auto pilot with less than 2 hours a week of my time.

I tell it like it is, and those who follow my system make a lot of money, some become millionaires. I show people the real business of buying and selling real estate with little or no money or credit and how to build a fortune quickly with my time-tested, proven and trademarked techniques.

Here’s A List Of The Sessions Covered
At My All-Day Fast Track To Wealth Seminar

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Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop

Posted on February 18, 2014 by
Sat, Feb 22nd @ 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA

Atlanta REIA Presents…
The All New Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop
How to Use Mobile Technology for Fun & Profit!
With Don DeRosa on Feb 22, 2014 from 9AM – 5PM

Don DeRosaOn Saturday, February 22, 2014 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (check in starts at 8:30 am) at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia Hotel located at 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Road in Atlanta, GA, Don DeRosa will teach you how to fully leverage your real estate investing business using mobile devices at the Mobile Real Estate Rockstars Workshop which was formerly known as the iPad Workshop/Bootcamp.

Do you have a an iPad, tablet or smart phone that you’re using to make calls, surf the internet, send email and play games, but not much else? Would you like to learn how to use your mobile devices to revolutionize the way you run your Real Estate Investment business?

If so, Don would like to show you how to take your business with you where ever you go and have all your comp’s, photos and paperwork right in your palm!!!

Come join us at the workshop and let Don show you how to leverage all of your mobile devices to make you the most effective, competitive, profitable real estate investor you can be.

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Sat, Feb 8th, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Atlanta, GA

Wholesaling 101 Workshop
With Russ Hiner on Feb 8, 2014 from 9AM – 5PM at
*Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE,
Suite 100, Sandy Springs, GA

Russ HinerDo you want to play the real estate investing game but don’t know where to start? Do you have little or no cash or credit? Want to avoid risk, repairs, tenants and toilets? Want to buy houses with no money?

Wholesaling is a great strategy for making quick cash, low risk, without the use of your credit, income, or money. Wholesaling real estate is among the most popular investment strategies because anyone can do it — you don’t need a real estate license or a lot of money to start. And once you start, with a little effort, it’s nearly impossible to keep the money from pouring into your bank account.

If you want to learn how to wholesale houses and get paid within 30 days after you put a house under contract, you should consider attending our Wholesaling 101 Workshop with Russ Hiner on Saturday, February 8th from 9AM to 5PM at the Keller Williams Office* located at 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, Suite 100 in Sandy Springs, GA. This class is limited to 30 people has sold out very quickly in the past since we only usually hold it once a year, so be sure to reserve your seat before they are all gone!

At the workshop, Russ will teach you the wholesale strategies you need to succeed and take you step-by-step through the entire process of how to wholesale real estate. All applicable forms and agreements with filled out examples are included.

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Sat & Sun, Dec 7th & 8th – Atlanta, GA
David Lindahl & Atlanta REIA Presents…
FREE 2 Day Wealth Building
Event in Atlanta This Weekend!

Attend at No Charge & Get 2 Awesome Bonuses!
Yes, You Can Bring a Friend or Share This Link With Them!

David LindahlThis weekend, one of our country’s most renowned real estate investors and trainers is hosting a 2 Day Wealth Building Event in Atlanta where he is going to release and share one of his MOST SUCCESSFUL real estate formulas ever used… and it’s specifically designed for our current recovering real estate market!

Any you an attend this event at NO CHARGE if you Register Now!

By using this formula he calls the Chunker Cubed Freedom System (or C3FS for short) you WILL find your answer to immediate cash & continuous monthly cash flow. Dave’s been using it and he’s definitely found his answer—he’s making a killing. Now you can too. Check it out here!

Dave’s formula works perfectly in today’s recovering market. Dave is using it making a fortune. Now you can too—come to this FREE 2-Day Wealth Building event to discover everything you need to know and you’ll be well on your way…

This event will be full of practical, easy-to-follow information that WORKS in today’s real estate market.

I urge you to Sign up for the event and mark your calendar!

You are welcome to share this link ( with your friends and have them register too!

This is a big opportunity—the time to invest is right now. This formula released at this event will give you everything you need to make your own killing in real estate! Sign up now! Read More→

Saturday, November 23rd at 9:00AM in Buford, GA

Atlanta REIA Presents:
How to Buy Houses Fast with as
Little as $275 Using Tax Sales

A Full Day Workshop with Tom DiAgostino
On November 23rd from 9AM – 4PM

1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA
Sold Out. Sold Out. Sold Out.

Tom DiAgostinoElite Tax Sale Training: How to Create Generational Wealth with Tax Liens and Deeds and get Out of the Rat Race Forever

  • How to CONSISTENTLY buy properties at 10-30% of Repaired Value so you make more money EACH Deal
  • Where to get great liens at the maximum rate allowed by the state and double your money in half the time
  • How to get Valuable properties for FREE with simple mail done for you
  • How to use your IRA to keep 100% of the profits, compounding your wealth building
  • What kind of diligence is necessary for the property and for title work to avoid mistakes
  • Strategies for wholesaling, retailing, rehabbing, and landlording for maximum profit
  • How to get the same savings on material as Tom’s 20yr relationships – for more money in your pocket!

Tom says… I’ve been around the block for 21 years and done it all. This is not the flavor of the week. This training will change your financial life, and your generations to come. Stop trying to ride the next wave, only to find you’re on the back end, left at sea. We’re not just trainers, we’re your investment partners. Trust us and come spend Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 with us, where I’ll explain why this is the best deal source on the planet for every type of investor & show you how to do it.

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