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Rhonda Duffy

Posted on December 27, 2014 by

Rhonda DuffyRhonda Duffy is the founder, owner and broker of Duffy Realty of Atlanta and she presently ranks as the #1 Agent in Georgia, 11 years in a row, according to the MLS and FMLS and also the #1 Retail Agent in the entire USA for SOLD properties.Considered as a credible real estate expert and consumer advocate, Rhonda has been interviewed and published in hundreds of articles. She has been in the Wall Street Journal at least 20 times, on CNN, CNBC, on 4 major news channels, on Clark Howard’s Prime Time Real Estate special, quoted on MarketWatch and many, many publications. Read More→


Regina Sitterley

Posted on December 3, 2014 by

Regina SitterleyRegina Sitterley bought her first investment property right out of college in 2002. She has bought and sold real estate in upstate NY as well as the Atlanta area. In the past 2 years she has wholesaled 20+ deals and is involved with other projects as well. She has three lovely daughters: ages 16, 10 and 3, and a day-job as an occupational therapist. Her goal is to continue wholesaling and rehabbing with long term plans to hold. She enjoys teaching other new investors how to be successful with wholesaling.


Roger Salam

Posted on November 24, 2014 by

Roger SalamW. “Roger” Salam is an award winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author of several books on sales & marketing and Real Estate investing courses. He’s been listed in America’s Premiere Experts and the recipient of “Thought Leader of The Year” award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, the largest and most respected invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders and highly successful entrepreneurs.

Roger is also an active Real Estate Investor and presented his own seminars all over the US on the topic of Real Estate investing – “How to buy houses with no money and credit.” He and his partner owned over 500 investment properties in the greater Tampa Bay area.

In 1990, he joined the team of world-renowned author and motivational speaker Anthony Robbins and became the number one speaker & trainer. He has delivered over 4700 professional talks to various corporations, non-profit organizations and educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. Read More→


Alisha Spence

Posted on October 14, 2014 by

Alisha SpenceAlisha Spence is an Associate Broker with Duffy Realty who has been specializing in the valuation, sales, and marketing of investment real estate in the Metro Atlanta suburbs since 2005. Alisha is experienced in many aspects of real estate including residential and commercial property management, managing operations, acquisitions and sales for one of the largest and most productive real estate investment companies in Atlanta – HomeVestors® of America, and traditional client representation for both retail and wholesale transactions. She worked with Private Equity and Commercial Investment Firm – Euram, Inc., and she has an extensive research background which has been extremely beneficial to her clients. She has worked with investors having been a member several Atlanta Real Estate Investor Associations and has taught valuation classes for many groups. She sat on an Ethics committee in 2007 and cares very much about Ethics in Real Estate for her clients.


Jim Greeley

Posted on June 18, 2014 by

Jim GreeleyJim Greeley is a full-time investor who started wholesaling right here in Atlanta in 1998. Since then, Jim has done approximately 300 real estate deals of which about 100 were fix-and-flip houses. Jim’s houses almost always set the new high price record in the neighborhood, and sells them in an average of 1 to 6 days.

Jim has led the largest REIA on the Gulf Coast, recently turning it over to his partner. One of his homes was featured on HGTV’s “Property Virgins” show in September of 2013, and mentored a former Atlanta Braves player on how to invest in real estate. If you want to learn how to get top-dollar for your properties and selling them fast, Jim Greeley is your Go-To guy!



Clyde Wilson

Posted on March 11, 2014 by

Clyde WilsonClyde Wilson dropped out of high school in 1950 when he was 16 years old. Clyde has mastered the ability to spot incredible opportunities and structure profitable transactions. You’ll never find Clyde without his financial calculator which he uses to investigate various “what if” scenarios to improve cash flow, yields, and/or profits. Clyde has an easy, down-to-earth way of explaining how to build wealth and cash flow.

In 1954 Clyde bought his first investment property but lost money on it. Not one to give up easily, in 1959 Clyde bought a house for $199 down and $88 a month ( piti) plus another commercial property for $1500 down. Since then, Clyde has purchased single family homes, commercial properties, mobile home parks, mobile homes, industrial properties, subdivisions and more throughout the United States. In addition, he has parlayed his monies into building two 100-unit senior citizen facilities and eleven town home projects plus he has bought several International House of Pancakes and Jiffy Lube Centers.

Clyde states he has a simple philosophy for his success in real estate investing, “When you purchase a property, you want ‘income’ property not ‘out go’ property, so the property needs to have either break even or a positive cash flow from day one. If it cannot do either, walk away from the deal.”


Jimmy Napier

Posted on February 24, 2014 by

Jimmy NapierA former farm boy from Chipley, Florida who has amassed personal wealth and Knowledge by practicing creative real estate investing. Jimmy is the author of the best selling book Invest in Debt, a monthly newsletter entitled The Money Maker Report and numerous courses on investing in paper and single family homes.

He has been named twice by his peers as the Outstanding Educator at the Creative Real Estate Expo. He has been selected as Exchangor of the Year for the State of Florida and has also been inducted into the Exchangors’ Hall of Fame.

As Jimmy said in a recent newsletter “I want to teach classes that I feel are necessary for a person to reach financial security and be able to maintain that position in life. Time value of money with present value and future value concepts is the most valuable lesson I ever learned.”


Gary Johnston

Posted on December 23, 2013 by

Gary JohnstonGary Johnston has been an active investor in real estate and notes for over 20 years. He grew up without a lot of money in a small logging and ranching community in eastern Oregon.  His dad always said, “There’s a big difference between being broke and being poor.”  He taught Gary that one is a temporary money state and the other is a debilitating mental process.  Gary was fortunate to have mentors like his parents and a neighboring rancher named Norbert Volny, who taught him, “You’ll never get rich on a W-2.”  Volny encouraged Gary from an early age to build assets that generate cash flow. 

After high school Gary attended Oregon Institute of Technology, where he received a bachelor of science in software engineering. Over the next sixteen years he worked for Hewlett-Packard and earned a master of science in management from Purdue. During that time he applied what he learned from my parents, Volny and other mentors he met along the way which as to buy real estate and built assets that generate cash flow.  He was fortunate enough to be able to leave HP and the rat race at the age of thirty-eight.

Gary now teaches people how to build a solid financial foundation and obtain financial freedom through assets that generate cash flow.  He can’t teach you how to make a million dollars in 30 days, but he can teach you how to build a solid financial foundation and how to make your money make money for you.


Tom DiAgostino

Posted on October 30, 2013 by

Tom DiAgostinoTom DiAgostino grew up the hard way in the Monroe Housing Projects in the South Bronx of New York City. He seized opportunity and started his college career at CUNY and then Pace University, joined the Army ROTC and commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, eventually retiring from the Army. At Pace he did an internship at Reynolds Securities, a financial firm where he achieved a tremendous education in the markets, and has been heavily involved in the trading markets ever since.

His business career started in 1988 as a project manager for Orenstein Construction. It was then he purchased his first batch of Tax Liens through the tax sale process. In 1992, he struck out on his own and formed the company T-GRAM, Inc. an acronym for his bride of 24 years and 4 children, Thomas, Grace, Rick, Ann, & Maegan (he says he is the hyphen). He started as a site builder, then to a developer of small subdivisions, then to a Superior Wall franchise that set over 4,000 homes. Tom has kept current through education and seminars adding new tools to his business practice to stay on top of the ever-changing market place. Tom has been a rehabber, builder, and Tax Sale investor for the last decade. His experiences entail every facet of real estate, and throughout his career he has utilized tax sale properties for rehab projects, wholesales and rentals. Growing wealth by acquiring real estate for pennies on the dollar via Tax Sales is the foundation of Tom’s real estate business in Fortris LLC.

Tom is the Co-Author of Dare to Succeed with The New York Times Best-Selling Author Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul). Available now on


Wahid Shakur

Posted on October 23, 2013 by

Wahid Shakur aka Mr. TycoonInternationally-renowned Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Coach, Investment Real Estate Guru, and Entrepreneur of Success, Wahid Shakur, aka “Mr. Tycoon”, is legendary for his “tough but fair” deal-making and negotiation skills. His bestselling book, “Success Is Not A Secret, It’s A System,” extracts the lessons he learned on the road to building his successful real estate investment company and personal fortune, and is the “must-have” guidebook to achieving financial and personal success.

Initially begun his life journey in Real Estate, Mr. Tycoon continue to oversee the management of a multi-million dollar real estate investment empire which includes both commercial and residential real estate holdings, educational tools and seminars, private consultation as well as personal coaching. Having mentored by famous Ron LeGrand, Tony Robbins, Marshall Sylver and Stephen Pierce, Mr. Tycoon is a true product of mentorship and success. Having developed his own brand and prowess in motivating, educating as well as inspiring people to achieving their financial freedom as well as their life goals and recognizing the need for personal development as well providing guidance and inspiration to people from all walks of life, Mr. Tycoon is heeding the call and has developed his own personal development strategy along with his Life Coach, Wife and Life Partner, Coach Janese.  Read More→


Reggie Brooks

Posted on October 8, 2013 by

Reggie BrooksReggie Brooks has achieved what many people consider to be impossible. He went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business. Starting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking several real estate investment courses he began investing in rental properties in Los Angeles. By educating himself about hidden opportunities in real estate and making well placed investments, he has become a multi-millionaire.

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Linda Dana

Posted on August 7, 2013 by

Linda DanaLinda Dana began her investing career over 10 years ago. Linda is a single mom who has become a highly successful Investor and has proven to all those naysayers out there… that you can be an Investor and Invest in Real Estate without having a  A++ credit rating and without having a lot of money.  Linda is a “Transaction Engineer” who has developed her niche by “Buying on Terms and Selling on Terms”. 

As a result of Linda’s talents, she was invited to become a member of the USA Mentor team for “Rich Dad University” and spent just about 7 years traveling the Unites States teaching others how to build “Long Term Wealth” using real estate. 

Linda is founder and currently president of the Charlotte Real Estate Investors Alliance (Charlotte REIA) and in her spare time hosts a local TV Show in Charlotte, NC on building wealth and exposing her viewers to various ways of creating multiple streams of Income.