15 Minutes In The Morning Will Save You Two Hours During The Day!

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In business, goal setting encourages business owners to put in substantial effort. Also, because every one has defined expectations for their role, little room is left for inadequate effort to go unnoticed. Goals are therefore an important tool for business owners, since goals have the ability to function as a self-regulatory mechanism that everyone involved put forth a certain level of activity. Shalley, Locke and Latham have distilled four mechanisms through which goal setting can affect individual performance:

  1. Goals focus attention towards goal-relevant activities and away from goal-irrelevant activities.
  2. Goals serve as an energizer; higher goals induce greater effort while low goals induce lesser effort.
  3. Goals affect persistence; constraints with regard to resources affect work pace.
  4. Goals activate cognitive knowledge and strategies that help employees cope with the situation at hand.

On Monday, January 9th at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting & New Year’s Celebration, I will be talking about how we can all set some realistic, easily achievable goals to make 2012 our most successful and profitable year ever. I hope to see you there!

Joe ThompsonJoe Thompson is an experienced business and financial consultant with over 28 years experience. Joe is also a sub group leader for the Atlanta REIA weekly Haves and Wants Meeting, Atlanta’s premier networking meeting for Real Estate Investors having facilitated over $120,000,000 in transactions over its 5 year history.


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