Atlanta REIA Workshops & Boot Camps

Fri, Sat & Sun, Sept 27 – 29 at 9AM – Atlanta, GA
Find ‘Em, Fund ‘Em,
Fix ‘Em & Flip ‘Em

How to Make a Flipping Fortune Rehabbing Houses in a Transitioning Market!
A 3 Day Rehabbing Boot Camp & Bus Tour with Don DeRosa
Fri, Sat & Sun, Sept 27-29, 9AM-6PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Find 'Em, Fix 'Em & Flip 'Em ManualAre you concerned about Rehabbing houses in a transitioning market? Are you ready to take advantage of the red-hot house flipping scene? Are you thinking about flipping but don’t know how? Does the idea of renovating properties by yourself scare you to death? Don’t know where to start?

If the answer is YES to any of these questions, then you absolutely need to attend Don’s all new upcoming 3 Day Fixing and Flipping Event!

Come see Don DeRosa on September 27 – 29, 2018 at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, where he will spend three full days teaching you how simple it actually is to Find ‘Em, Fund ‘Em, Fix ‘Em, and Flip ‘Em! You will spend three full days learning the art and science of flipping houses. Don will show you a Step-by-Step process to evaluate, avoid rookie mistakes and build a highly profitable fix and flip business.

Day One & Two:

    • How to put together a solid flipping strategy
    • Best methods for marketing specifically for rehabs
    • The best methods for securing multiple types of funding
  • How to evaluate properties, work with contractors and manage renovations
  • How to Flip multiple houses at one time
  • How to crunch numbers and evaluate high profit margins
  • How to negotiate like a seasoned pro with Sellers, Lenders, Contractors and Buyers
  • How to handle Legal and Tax Regulations
  • How to choose the best marketing strategy that guarantees sales
  • How to handle difficult inspections and appraisals so you can get the highest price possible
  • Answers to your questions and much more…

Rehab Bus TourDay Three (Field Trip):

  • Field trip to Floor & Décor or Home Depot
  • How to automate your renovation business using SKU based model
  • Compare prices and learn basic costs of materials that will be used in every job
  • What are the low, middle and high end products to use depending on your level of renovation
  • Visit 3-4 actual houses, determine ARV, estimate repairs, discuss potential renovations and more
  • First hand experience looking at real houses, using real numbers, and making real offers

Don will give you his manual, practical tips with real life examples, easy to use systems and killer paperwork so you can tap into this exciting and potentially unlimited source of income. This will be one of the best, most affordable boot camps you’ve ever attended! So don’t miss it!

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PLEASE NOTE: Location and schedule subject to change. Pricing is per person. No refunds 5 days prior to event. Register before early registration expires to save $100 off tuition.

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Sat, October 12th in Atlanta, GA
Introducing Vicky’s Brand New Workshop!
The Wrap Wealth Blueprint Workshop
A Full Day Creative Real Estate Investing Workshop with Vicky Schettini
Saturday, October 12th, 9AM-5PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA*
Register Now & Save $20 During Early Registration Special!

Did you win the lottery yet??? Me neither, but I create my own winnings any time I want! Learn how you can too at my brand new Wrap Wealth Blueprint Workshop on October 12th from 9AM to 5PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA with Atlanta REIA! The system I will teach you at the workshop will work in an up market or a down market, but works even better when the market goes down.

Vicky SchettiniHi, my name is Vicky Schettini. I am a single mom and in 2014 I was suffering empty nest syndrome, living paycheck to paycheck with only $25.00 to spare. I knew I needed the security of passive income. I set out my goals 4 1/2 ago and went after them.

I decided to move across the country from California to Jackson, MS to be closer to my daughter, but the move didn’t go as planned and I ended up homeless with only $500 to my name. I was on a mission to get out of my rut and to succeed in real estate investing. I had to get very creative with my real estate transactions to find a new home and to succeed.

Today, I have 3 companies, over 100 single family homes and 5 multi-family complexes. I have done over 1000 transactions and over 72 million in Real Estate. The system I created not only enabled me to survive, but it helped me thrive faster than I ever imagined was possible!

My system works! What I am doing works! I am living proof of it. I have perfected different ways to earn income in Real Estate, especially when your light on cash, and I WANT TO TEACH YOU! You don’t have to re-invent the wheel, just use my system that actively works day in and day out.

At the Workshop, I’m going to focus on a technique I use called WRAPS. Wraps are a HIDDEN SECRET that most investors don’t know anything about. They are easy to do and they are very lucrative.

At the Wraps Workshop, I will teach you…

  1. What is a “Wrap” vs a “Subject To”
  2. How to do a Wrap
  3. How to Do Subject To’s
  4. A blueprint to the system that will also work when the market is down.
  5. Become a lender using OPM (Other People’s Money)
  6. Answers to all your questions and more!

YOU CAN DO THIS!! Wraps are and easy way to start making money right away. Just do it! You can even do it part-time or you can do it full-time. Either way, you will create your own DESTINY and WEALTH!

Sign up now and come join me on Saturday, October 12th from 9AM to 5PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA to learn this exciting, creative way to buy and sell houses! I can’t wait to see you there!

Register Now & Save $20 During Early Registration Special!
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*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition price will increase by $20 per person after Early Registration Expires on September 17, 2019. Register now and save! Time, date and location are subject to change.

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Sat & Sun, August 24th & 25th in Atlanta, GA
Driving For Dollars,
Dialing for Dollars &

Doorknocking for Dollars
A 2 Day Real Estate Investor Immersion Workshop on Talking to Sellers with Don DeRosa
Saturday, August 24th from 9AM-6PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA
Sunday, August 25th from 8AM-5PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Don DeRosaDoes talking to Sellers on the phone make you sweat? When you drive neighborhoods looking for ugly properties, does it stress you out because you don’t know what to look for? Does the thought of talking with Sellers face-to-face make you nervous? Do you avoid knocking on doors because you’re afraid you don’t know what to say?

These are all very common fears that all beginning investors have when seeking out their first few deals. Learning how to deal with these issues can make the difference between your success and failure.

If you would like to overcome challenges such as these, please be sure to join Don DeRosa in a two day, hands-on workshop where he will teach you…

Day ONE in the Classroom

Day One of the Workshop will take place on Saturday, August 24th, 2019 from 9AM to 6PM (registration starts at 8:30AM) at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. Day One will be spent in the class room learning:

Talking with Sellers Over the Phone

  • Basic Phone Scripts for talking to Sellers
  • How to talk with Agents, Investors and Homeowners (there is a difference) when they call you or you call them
  • How to determine the Seller’s motivation
  • What questions are essential to get answered every time
  • How to prescreen leads quickly and determine deal or no deal
  • You will also be making and taking live calls from REAL Sellers!

Driving for Dollars

  • How to market yourself correctly
  • What things you must have with you at all times
  • How to research and find vacant property owners
  • How to put a follow up system in place to ensure sellers will call you

Talking with Sellers Face to Face (Door Knocking)

  • What scripts to use for practicing
  • How to ensure you get invited in the house
  • What marketing material you need to have with you
  • How to handle objections
  • What marketing to leave behind if they’re not home

Day TWO in the Field

Rehab Bus TourDay Two will be spent in the FIELD putting everything you learned in the classroom to immediate use. We will meetup on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 8AM Sharp at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA. You will be paired up with another classmate and literally go into the field and drive for dollars, door knock and talk to live sellers as well as seeking out and finding vacant properties.

If talking with sellers is a challenge for you, then you DO NOT want to miss out on this BRAND-NEW TRAINING EVENT we created just for YOU! There will be lots of hands-on practical applications in this event unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen. We will immerse you in the real estate investor experience so that you will quickly learn the skills you need to give you the confidence to talk with Sellers like a seasoned PRO.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition price will increase and will be per person after Early Registration Expires. Register now and save!  Read More→

Sat, July 27th in Atlanta, GA

Robyn Thompson’s Rehab Workshop Just Got Even Better!


Learn How to Turn Foreclosures, Estate Sales & Unwanted Houses into Fast Cash!
A Full Day Rehab Workshop &
Vacation Rental Bonus Session with
Robyn Thompson the “Rehab Queen”
Saturday, July 27th, 9AM-8PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Robyn ThompsonRobyn Thompson is the nation’s leading expert on buying properties at deep discounts, renovating them at lightning speed and selling them quickly for huge chunks of cash.

Robyn has shared her knowledge with thousands of real estate investors. She is coming to Atlanta, GA for a full day Rehabbing Workshop to teach cutting edge strategies that will produce huge profits in today’s market on Saturday, July 27th from 9AM to 8PM at 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA.

Robyn has rehabbed over 390 properties in her 20+ years of investing and the majority of her profits were made on properties that were in a depressed market.

At the full day workshop, she will instruct you on…

  • Her Buying Machine
  • Where to Find Properties to Rehab for Huge Profit
  • The 9 Types of Houses to Never Buy
  • The Rehab Process
  • Locating and Hiring the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done
  • Prescreening & Controlling The 8 Contractors on A Dream Team
  • The Magic Buying Formula to Ensure Huge Profits
  • The 21 Critical “WOW” Factors to Make the Home Sell
  • 8 Marketing Strategies to Attract “A” Credit Buyers
  • How to Prescreen Buyers in 4 Minutes to Make Sure They Qualify for a Loan
  • Answers to your questions and more!

As you can see this will be a knowledge packed day full of excitement and education. We look forward to seeing you at this great event on Saturday, July 27th. Register Now!

BONUS SESSION on Vacation Rental Business!

Now for the HUGE BONUS for you! Robyn has been doing extremely well with her 7 vacation rentals. We asked her to stay late and do a 2.5 hour training from 5:30PM to 8:00PM about vacation rentals such as VRBO, Homeaway, AirBnB, etc and she agreed! She will be teaching you how she has made $118,753 since the beginning of January 2019 from nightly Vacation Rentals.

She will teach you…

  • Where the best place is to buy them
  • How to furnish them
  • How to get them booked by using your phone
  • The marketing strategies to get them booked more than your competition
  • How to find a great cleaning team so you won’t have to do touch the properties
  • And much more!

The amazing thing with vacation rentals is they make 3 times the cash flow of a monthly rental.

To get signed up below for this all day workshop on Saturday July 27th, 2019 for only $19 to $69 per person depending on your Atlanta REIA Membership status.

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition price will increase and will be per person after Early Registration Expires. Register now and save!

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Fri – Sun, June 21st – 23rd in Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents the BRAND NEW:
Pretty House Boot Camp
Buying Houses “Subject-To”
in Today’s Real Estate Market
A Brand New, 3 Full Training Event
with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
Fri-Sun, June 21th-23rd, 9AM–6PM
1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA

Don DeRosaMy name is Don DeRosa. I am a real estate trainer, mentor and full-time real estate investor actively buying, selling and holding properties each month for huge profits and long-term cash flow.

When I first started almost 22 years ago, I thought I wanted to be a wholesaler and flip contracts because I thought I needed a bunch of cash to buy and hold, or buy and rehab houses. I was like everyone else starting out in this business. I didn’t have lots of money, so I thought wholesaling was the easy way to go.

Boy was I wrong. Fortunately for me I was introduced to a buying technique called “Subject-To” by a friend. This is a technique where the Seller deeds the property over to you (you own it) but leaves the loan in place and you simply continue to make the existing payments (you don’t have to go to the bank and qualify).

Well I must say this technique changed my life. Within the first 30 days of learning the Subject-To technique I bought 4 houses for one dollar each (yes, you read that correctly) and I have been buying them that way ever since.

I no longer have to sell the “Golden Goose” to make lots of money. Today I am working furiously at buying properties “Subject-To” using the existing financing on the seller’s home instead of having to go to a bank or a hard money lender for funding. This allows me to buy multiple properties fast, without coming up with all the purchase funds on the front end.

Subject-To is the perfect strategy to use in today’s market where easy funding is not readily available for investors to buy pretty houses. Buying houses “Subject-To” the existing finances is by far the most powerful technique is real estate today. You can control and own an enormous amount of real estate with very little money. Understanding how to get sellers to finance your deals is the ultimate investment strategy.

If you’re a person who doesn’t have a lot of cash, or doesn’t have good cred or simply doesn’t want to use your cred, then you need to attend this upcoming boot camp where I will be teaching you how to effectively use this technique. Learning this technique may very well be a life changing event for you like it was for me.

Join me at this 3 day event on Friday – Sunday, June 21st – 23rd from 9AM to 6PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Ste D, Buford, GA, and I will share with you, many of the Subject-To tools and techniques I use every day to create winning deals for myself as well as my buyers and sellers.

I will demonstrate how to apply these strategies, tools and techniques, and show you exactly how to evaluate the lead, determine your exit strategy, structure the deal, negotiate with the seller and get the paperwork done almost instantly and without any of the hard work you normally do to get your deals done.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll know how to buy houses…

  • Without using your own cred
  • Without having to sign personally on a note
  • Without having to qualify for a mortgage
  • Without having much money


  • How to recognize a “Subject To” opportunity and buy with little or no money!
  • How to evaluate any lead and decide whether this is a winner for you and how much money you’ll make before you make your offer
  • How to combine buying strategies and exit strategies – that work right now, in 2019
  • How to structure a deal in less than 10 minutes, so that you make a minimum of $20,000 on it, choosing from multiple purchase and exist strategies
  • How to determine the seller’s hot buttons so you can craft a deal the seller can’t refuse
  • How to use my proprietary tools to negotiate for you, so you never let your emotions talk you into making a bad deal!
  • And how to find all the money you need to do these deals, so you have zero money out of your pocket.

Click Here to Download Don’s Lead Sheet

Be sure to Download Don’s Property Lead Sheet, call as many sellers as you can and bring as many completed Lead Sheets to class as you can, and Don will analyze your deals in class and help you figure out how to structure them!

Join me as I really drive these points home and give you all the Subject-To details you need to succeed in real estate investing. Once you are armed with my training and the tools, you will be able to do deals you never thought possible! RSVP NOW & DON’T MISS IT!

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE: The 2-for-1 Early Registration Special is for Atlanta REIA Members Only and expires on June 10th at Midnight. The 2-for-1 Special is for Atlanta REIA Member’s spouses, parents or adult children only who are also Atlanta REIA Members. If you are not already of member to Atlanta REIA, you can join at

REGISTER NOW WHILE SEATS ARE AVAILABLE for the boot camp and join us at the event! Be sure to bring a light jacket, pen and paper for taking notes, and your computer and/or mobile device.

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Sat, June 15th in Atlanta, GA
Deal Structuring Workshop
Learn How to Make More Profit on Every Single Deal You Do!
A Full Day Workshop with Larry Harbolt
Saturday, June 15th, 9AM-5PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA

Larry HarboltOn Saturday, June 15th from 9AM to 5PM at the 3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, our good friend Larry Harbolt will be sharing with us a full day of new and exciting ideas that will dramatically increase your profits on every deal simply by tweaking the way you structure your offers to sellers. Register Now!

Larry will show us how he uses the “4 Key Parts” every offer must contain. He will show us how using a combination of Time, Payment, Interest and Price can be manipulated to give a seller what they want and also get what you want for a win-win transaction. You will be amazed how easy it is to make profitable offers that others can’t match because they don’t know these advanced techniques.

Larry will also explain why paying interest always steals profits and monthly cash flow on every financed deal. Paying more interest than necessary is not a profitable strategy as everyone knows, and is why you end up paying thousands of dollars more for each property you buy. After you hear what Larry will be showing us on Saturday, you will forget thinking that the price is the most important part of getting your offers accepted! There really is a better way!

Here is a few words from Larry Harbolt with more specifics about what he will be teaching at this exciting all day event…

“Mark your calendar to be sure you will be able to join me Saturday, June 15th when I will be showing you why, whatever the current market is in your area will never be a factor in the way you buy real estate. You don’t want to miss this!

At the workshop, I will show you the secrets used by seasoned and successful real estate investors everyday to create great deals most other investors can’t do simply because they know a few basic ideas and strategies others don’t know, regardless of the economy or the availability of properties in the Multiple Listing Service.

After Saturday, you will no longer be handicapped by Bank qualifications or Hard Money Lenders requirements whether you get the money you need to do your deals or not.

Without knowing these secrets, you will be at a distinct disadvantage. I will explain in detail…

  • Why Your Market Conditions and Economic Conditions Will No Longer Be a Factor In the Way You Do Your Real Estate Business?
  • What the Experienced and Seasoned Investors Know That You Don’t Know.
  • How the Way You Structure Your Offers Will Have a Monumental Impact On Your Success Rate.
  • How Seasoned Investors Find Properties to Buy You Have No Idea Are Available.
  • The Secret of How to Structure Offers That Give the Sellers What They Want, Nobody But Me Is Teaching Today.
  • No More Worries About Why Your Competition Is Doing More Deals Than You Are.
  • Nobody In Your Marketplace Will Have a Clue What You Are Doing, or How You Are Doing Your Deals.
  • How to Do Deals Without Money or Credit Will Never Be a Problem Again.
  • How to Perfect Your Wholesale Business and Maximize Your Profits.
  • Details of How You Can Make Huge Profits Without Having Property Ownership.
  • I’ll Also Answer Any Questions You Have About These Techniques.

These are such an important subjects for you to master. The information I will be presenting on Saturday is really simple to understand and easy to use. The best part is, much of this information isn’t taught anywhere on any level. Because of this fact, if you are with us on Saturday, you will have a major advantage over all of your competition. Be sure to mark your calendar and join me on Saturday, June 15th. You will love the information you get and can put it to use on your very next deal!

So Register Now to learn ALL this money-making information for just $19 for Atlanta REIA Gold Members, $39 for Atlanta REIA Silver Members and $69 for Non-Members. Atlanta REIA Members can even bring a spouse, parent, child or partner who is also an Atlanta REIA Member at no additional charge! Register Now for this 2-For-1 Early Registration Member Special!

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE The 2-for-1 Early Registration Special is for Atlanta REIA Members only whose spouse, parent or child is also an Atlanta REIA Member. Tuition price will increase and will be per person after Early Registration Expires. Register now and save! Date, time and location are subject to change. You can join Atlanta REIA at

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Sat & Sun, April 27th & 29th in Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents the BRAND NEW:
Making Multiple Offers Boot Camp
For Real Estate Investors Wanting More Than One Way to Buy Houses Fast!
A Brand New, Full 2 Day Boot Camp with Don DeRosa
Sat & Sun, April 27th & 29th, 9AM–6PM
3125 Presidential Pkwy, Atlanta, GA
Tuition Includes Previously Recorded Creative Deal Structuring Workshop + Don’s “Easy Offer Maker” Deal Analysis Software. Register Now!

Don DeRosaWhen you come across a lead, do you know how to look at the information, analyze it and determine what to do with it from there? There is nothing worse than losing a deal because you didn’t know multiple ways to structure the deal and how to present multiple offers to the seller.

Would you like to learn multiple ways of how to structure each deal you are considering buying? This is exactly what Don DeRosa will teach you how to do at his upcoming 2 Day Making Multiple Offers Boot Camp.


On Day One you will learn all of the different purchase and exit strategies that go into making you kick butt creative deal structurer and transaction engineer.

  • The 11 different ways to buy any house
  • The 7 ways to sell a house
  • How to combine multiple buying techniques and multiple selling techniques to give you multiple ways enter and exit each property
  • How to do subject to transaction
  • How to do a wrap around mortgage
  • How to do Owner Financing with the Seller
  • How an Options work, as well as many other types of transactions
  • You will learn how to become a transaction engineer
  • How to be a problem solver to create win-win deals for everyone
  • How to install and use Don’s Easy Offer Maker software on your Mac, PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Answers to your questions and much, much more!


Day Two is all about YOUR DEALS. Bring YOUR deals and have Don show you how to structure it and make multiple offers. We will be going over deal after deal showing you how to structure each deal so that it make money even if it appears to be a dead deal. You will see the paperwork associated with each type of deal and learn how to fill it out.

Print off this form and bring your deals so we can show you how to be super creative and make money on any deal.

Click Here to Download Don’s Lead Sheet

Be sure to Download Don’s Property Lead Sheet, call as many sellers as you can and bring as many completed Lead Sheets to class as you can, and Don will analyze your deals in class and help you figure out how to structure them!


In addition to all this great information, Don will also be giving all attendees additional bonuses valued at over $1000 you will not want to miss!

  • Don’s Creative Deal Structuring Course (Normally Sells for $697)
  • Don’s Patented Easy Offer Maker Software (Normally Sells for $397)
  • Red Light, Green Light eBook – Use in conjunction with Easy Offer Maker software

I will also show you how to use my “Easy Offer Maker Software” to make profitable offers every time, using multiple strategies like owner financing, subject to, options and lease-options. If you want to learn how to make money on every lead you get your hands on, then REGISTER NOW and come join us to learn how to structure deals creatively and become a transaction engineer.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn about Making Multiple Offers from an expert real estate investor who invests right here in your backyard! You will get back more than double your cost of tuition! Don’t let this one-time offer pass you by! REGISTER NOW!

Register Now!

*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition will increase after Early Registration Special expires. Register Now & Save! If you are not already of member to Atlanta REIA, you can join at and SAVE EVEN MORE on this and all of our other Atlanta REIA Events. Schedule and location subject to change.

REGISTER NOW WHILE SEATS ARE AVAILABLE for the boot camp and join us at the event! Be sure to bring a light jacket, pen and paper for taking notes, and your computer and/or mobile device.

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