Atlanta REIA 2010 Webcast Replays

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Ron LeGrandWhat’s Hot in Real Estate Investing with Ron LeGrand
with Dustin Griffin and Ron LeGrand on Dec 21, 2010
Dustin interviewed his friend and mentor, the “Guru of all Real Estate Gurus,” Ron LeGrand. Ron went over the 4 basic areas of real estate investing and talked about how to be profitable in all 4. Ron also gave attendees some educational downloads and talked about his January visit to Atlanta REIA as well as his upcoming workshop in Atlanta. Watch Replay→

David LindahlEvening with a Real Estate Expert: David Lindahl
with Dustin Griffin and David Lindahl on Dec 1, 2010
Dustin was able to catch up with David while he was in Huntsville, Alabama servicing some of his apartment buildings located there. Dave talked about how he got started, how he amassed his 7400 apartment units and what he is up to today. He also talked about visiting Atlanta REIA in December. Watch Replay→

Scott BowenWhat’s Hot in Real Estate Investing with Scott Bowen
with Jeff Nix and Scott Bowen on Nov 16, 2010
Jeff Nix talked with his good friend, local businessman and real estate investor Scott Bowen on some money saving rehab & repair tips and techniques. They discussed mold, surface restoration, roof restoration and tips on all those items. Watch Replay→

Dyches BoddifordAn Evening with a Real Estate Expert: Dyches Boddiford
with Jeff Nix and Dyches Boddiford on Oct 28, 2010
Dyches talked about his real world, creative real estate investing and financing strategies and answered many frequently asked questions about creative investing and deal funding from Jeff and our live audience. If don’t know Dyches, this webcast replay is an excellent way for you to get to know him. Watch Replay→

Rick Harper of Summit Credit GroupRepairing Your Credit and Your Life
with Dustin Griffin and Rick Harper on Oct 21, 2010
Credit repair expert Rick Harper of Summit Credit Group spoke to our members and guests how to repair your credit and your life by removing negative items such as inquiries, late payments, tax liens and even bankruptcy and foreclosure. Watch Replay→

Dustin GriffinWhat’s Hot in Real Estate Investing: Atlanta REIA is Hot!
with Dustin Griffin on Oct 19, 2010
Dustin talked about why Atlanta REIA is such a HOT new organization and why you should be a member. He talked about Atlanta REIA’s mission, monthly meetings, educational programs, networking events, monthly webcast series, community outreach programs and more. Watch Replay→

John Maurer, Attorney at LawEvening with a Real Estate Expert: Attorney John Maurer
with Dustin Griffin and John Maurer on Sep 22, 2010
John talked about the Safe Act (the Georgia Residential Mortgage Act) and how it affects real estate investors wanting to negotiate short sales as well as offering owner financing to their buyers. He talked about the good news and the bad news you need to know. Watch Replay→

Dustin GriffinHow to Totally Dominate Your Local Competition Online
with Dustin Griffin on Sept 16, 2010
Dustin showed us how to totally dominate the first few pages of Google and other major search engines quicker than we ever thought possible using simple, easy-to-implement Guerrilla Internet Marketing techniques. Watch Replay→