Business Opportunity Webcast Replay: How to Totally Dominate Your Local Competition Online

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Extreme Makeover - SEO/SEM EditionOn our 1st Atlanta REIA Business Opportunity Webcast (Register for Monthly Webcast) on September 16th, 2010, Dustin Griffin explained why only the top 5% of all real estate investors out there get 90% of all the leads generated online while the other 95% of investors compete over the remaining 10% of those leads. Dustin also showed viewers how to post an article or advertisement online and have it appear #1 on Google in a matter of seconds or minutes at most. He also showed us how to totally dominate the first page of Google and other major search engines locally quicker than we ever thought possible using simple, easy-to-implement Guerrilla Internet Marketing techniques!

Dustin also talked about his upcoming 800 Lb Guerrilla Internet Marketing Workshop starting on Sept 20th, 2010 in which he and many other real estate investors and entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Orlando and scattered throughout the USA will be embarking on a 90 Day Extreme Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Makeover in efforts to get their web sites, pages and profiles dominating the first page of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing by December 20th, 2010, just in time for the New Year!

This program is called an Extreme SEO/SEM Makeover not because it is difficult, complicated or overly time consuming, but because the results you can achieve in a very short time based on your individual efforts can be very extreme. On the webcast, we saw how Dustin got his ads and articles to the top of Google in seconds and how his home buying business is able to dominate local search results for popular search phrases. Starting on Sept 20th, Dustin is going to show us step-by-step how to do this over the next 90 days.

Watch the webcast below or click here for more information about Dustin’s upcoming 90 Day Extreme Internet Marketing Makeover – SEO/SEM Edition starting on Sept 20th, 2010.

Watch Webcast Below…
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