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A Solemn Ride to Spalding County

Posted on May 9, 2011 by

Spaulding County TornadoIt was a quite, solemn ride to Spalding County just a couple days after the storms to help with the tornado recovery, but it just looked like another ordinary Saturday ride in the country. Having stopped and got my biscuit and coffee, I noticed the boats behind the trucks presumably headed to the lake, the bicycles on the carrier off for a spin, folks setting up their yard sales and others getting ready @ the local flea market. Everybody seemed busy going somewhere, doing something. Everything seemed perfectly normal.

Spaulding County TornadoI remember thinking if all these folks even REALLY knew what kind of damage there was just down the road from where they were. I mean we see the snippets and hear the sound-bites on TV and we’re wowed or whatever but did these folks REALLY understand? Did they REALLY know what needs there were just down the road? I even thought did they even care? Certainly if they knew they would do something. Right? Read More→


Atlanta Fuller Center Legacy Build 2010 - Millard Fuller(Atlanta, GA) On September 11th, 2010, we not only commemorated our losses from the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, but we also celebrated the Fuller Center 2010 Legacy Build and dedicated 100 houses that were recently built or renovated by volunteers nationwide, 6 of which were in Atlanta. We’ve been working every other weekend all summer to finish up these homes and look forward to starting on more homes next weekend.

Yesterday was a wonderful celebration of what volunteers, local citizens, neighbors, friends, families, church groups, non-profits and businesses can accomplish by working together to achieve the common goal of eradicating poverty and substandard housing right here at home for all Americans one home at a time. It was a very rewarding experience to all those who participated  in Project Lakewood on site and off. The ultimate reward was an experience and sense of satisfaction of a job well done that no amount of money can buy. We thank everyone who participated from the bottom of our hearts. Your contribution made a difference and forever changed the lives of others.

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The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta

Dedicating 6 Homes in the Lakewood Heights Community

Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 10:30 AM (EST)

Meet at 10 Gould Street, Atlanta, GA 30315

Atlanta Fuller Center Legacy Build 2010 - Millard Fuller(Atlanta, GA) September 11th 2010 will be remembered as a Day of Celebration in Atlanta’s Lakewood Community when six families walk into homes that were once abandoned or in dire need of major renovation. This work is part of The Atlanta Fuller Center for Housing’s five year commitment to revitalization and stabilization of Lakewood.

In a time where our state and nation has seen record number of foreclosures, The Atlanta Fuller Center for Housing, with the help of volunteers, and funds from ACORA a Community Renewal grant from the City of Atlanta, shows us that there is still hope and a need to continue to address the housing needs of low-income families. The group purchased an abandoned house and did a complete makeover using Green building materials and technology for the “new” home of Trina Kinson and her daughters who worked side by side with volunteers. This home was done using EarthCraft House standards and is the first known GREEN Certified Renovation completed by volunteers.  The other five houses also received major renovation and will allow the families to enjoy more comfortable living conditions. Kimberly Lacey of HGTV stepped in as a volunteer and donated her expertise to design and landscaping for the six homes. Read More→


The Fuller Center of Atlanta’s President, Mark Galey, and Jeff Nix provides a video tour of the Vacant Property Security (VPS) system that was donated to the Fuller Center’s renovation project at 10 Gould Street in Lakewood Heights. Thanks Mark and Jeff for the demo and thanks Vacant Property Security, Inc. for the use of the system on the project. Read More→


The Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance (Atlanta REIA) and the Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta are looking for volunteers who can help us build, renovate and repair more homes for needy families in the metro Atlanta area. Volunteers can assist us in a variety of ways: Read More→

Jeff Frank paints a home for the Fuller Center

Jeff Frank paints a home with the Fuller Center & Atlanta REIA

We want to thank volunteer Jeff Frank who donated some new and used painting supplies to the Fuller Center this weekend (July 24, 2010) during Project Lakewood. Despite the 100 degree heat, Jeff came out to 10 Gould St with a car trunk load of new and used painting supplies that can be used on housing renovation projects in Lakewood or sold at the LifeCycle Building Center for proceeds which can be used to fund other Lakewood projects. Again we want to thank Jeff Frank for his contribution and encourage others to donate new and used tools, building materials and supplies that can be used on projects or sold at the LifeCycle store. Read More→