Tom Boyer

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Tom Boyer aka Cash Flow TomAffectionately known as “Cash Flow Tom” by investors, Tom Boyer grew up in data communications sales and accidentally fell into real estate when moving to a new house and keeping the old one as a rental in 1989.  He tried his hand at many facets of real estate to find what best suited him: foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, rehab to retail, birddog, options, wholesaling, quick-turn, land lording and finally notes.  By trading in his hammer for a calculator he can now nail a deal without getting dirty, and loves it!  He has studied under both local and national note professionals.  Tom has used seller finance structuring for assemblages, commercial and residential real estate transactions.  He offers a private note structuring service to buyers and sellers. Cash Flow Tom supports investors in their quest to find their niche and conducts the Note Buyers Group for investors to network and improve their professional real estate craft.



  1. Kenneth says:

    I am authorized to sell discounted notes and reo's in our inventory that is nationwide. Right now there is a sixty home tape available and 30 properties as non-performing notes. The deeds are ready to go with verifiable proof of funds and serious buyers.

  2. Billy Beam says:

    Hi Tom I am new to ATL.REIA and I am looking to sell some of my notes and would like to talk to you about them. I look foward to talking to you soon.


  3. Tachara says:

    Hi Tom. I am a member of the Atlanta REIA. I was unable to make the meeting last night. I currently have Remodified Notes from a hedge in Dallas. Over $10 million in notes that span over 20 states. If interested, please contact me by phone 404 435 4889 or email: Thanks for your time, Tachara Lane of Real Estate Investments

  4. Todd says:

    Are non-members welcome at the Note Buyers Group at Olive Garden?

  5. George V Frye says:

    Does this group still meet on the 4th Thursday. So is there a meeting next Thursday 7/25/2013

  6. Laverne Ward says:

    I have some questions on a land note. Can you give me a call, Laverne Ward 678-891-7924.

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