Scott Sekulow

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Scott SekulowI grew up in retail and by the age of 12 was a partner in my first business.  If you are a long term resident of Atlanta, you might remember the pretzel booth at the Atlanta Flea Market. Well that was me. At age 18, I was a licensed real estate agent, but gave it up years later to do other work. I have a BA in Management from Mercer University. I have owned several businesses over the years. 

After receiving Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah, I went back to school and received a BS in Biblical Education graduating Summa Cum Laude. As a hobby, I got into flipping houses after rehabbing a rental property for my mother-in-law. I oversee and manage her rental properties. 3 years ago, I started buying and fixing houses.  I have bought and sold over 50 houses (worth over $6,000,000). I specialize in cosmetic fix and flips. I also wholesale deals to private investors. I am an all cash investor which gives me an edge over the hard money investor. 

Many know me as Rabbi Scott Sekulow and others as “The Flipping Rabbi”. I believe I have been so successful so quickly because I follow a biblical approach to all the work that I do and I give a  10% tithe of the profits to God’s work first.


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