Ron Dimmock

Posted on January 10, 2017 by

Ron DimmockComing from humble beginnings, working his way up, Ron Dimmock swept the streets for free in a new construction project back in 2002, Atlanta native, Ron Dimmock understands hard work. He believes that one should never let where they are in life define who they are, or who they can become. Ron is currently serving new and seasoned investors by assisting them in creating long term wealth through Real Estate Investing. His Real Estate experience includes over 40 million dollars in real estate projects. In addition, he’s partnered with some of the largest builders in the city, and has had the opportunity to work with large investors in joint ventures that have been very successful.

Outside of Real Estate Ron enjoys spending time participating in various community involvement projects. Mentoring young men, teaching entrepreneurship and public speaking engagements are all part of his vision.


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