Reginald “Reggie” Jackson

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Reginald JacksonReginald “Reggie” Jackson has been a licensed real estate broker and investor in the state of Georgia for the past 30 years. He has invested in single-family and multifamily properties throughout metro Atlanta in areas where he has worked endlessly  to revitalize low income communities. Reginald believes in buying low and building high, where both property and community members grow together to raise property standards, ownership pride and unity.

Reggie is also the new leader of the Atlanta REIA South Group.



  1. Tori Martin says:

    Give me a call 404-456-2395

  2. Ron says:

    Reggie, I live in Clayton Co Pleaae give me a call at 678 289 3342 or email at

  3. Star Williams says:

    Hi Reggie,
    Could you give me a call also at 407.431.1989. Resident of Clayton Co. from Orlando FL,Realtor 13 years and new to investing. I would like to get connected with a REO company near me and marketing my Property Preservation company as well.

  4. Michael Goolsby says:

    How are you doing Reggie this is Michael ”Mike” Goolsby tring to contact you about real estate investing in the metro Atlanta area
    Please give me a call 404-597-2343 when you get a chance or email me at

  5. lena says:

    Hello Reggie, Could you give a call at 336-684-1152 , Lena . Our co has some single family home for sale . call me

  6. David H Slavin says:

    I own two properties in East Point that I want to sell

    1880 Phillips Av 3 bed 2 bath tenant for last 3 months
    1885 Dunlap 2 bed 1 bath tenants occupying for past 3 years

    the rehab costs are too much for me as an individual owner
    would appreciate any advice on how to unload the properties

    Would it be helpful if I come and present the properties to the members of the Southside group at the 3707 Main St meeting on Weds?

    thank you
    David H Slavin 404 299 5566

  7. Paul Martin says:

    Do you have any recommendation for investor friendly title companies to close with and real estate agents to funnel all of my deals to?

  8. RJ Hodges says:

    I see most of the comments on this post are 5 years old or better. Is this group still active? Is the information about meeting in College Part still accurate?


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