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WARNING: If You Own Any Properties In Your Own Name Statistics Show You Have A Huge Target On Your Back And A Damaging Lawsuit Is Just Around The Corner If You Don’t Do Something FAST To Prevent This From Happening To You!

Let me share some very important facts that unless you do something FAST could cost you everything you’ve worked hard for. Statistics show…

Fact: Every year at least 7,000,000 (seven million) Slip-and-Fall Civil lawsuits are filed throughout this country costing millions of dollars. That means that at the very least 14,000,000 (fourteen million) people and their families will be party to those lawsuits that 85% to 95% are settled out of court. Most of these are nuisance suits generated just to get money.

I don’t want you to be the next victim? Why would you want to needlessly expose your real estate assets when you don’t need to jeopardize your financial future? Forget about time, stress and anxiety you and your family will experience just because you are named in a lawsuit. Even if you aren’t guilty of doing anything wrong it can ruin your life. When you are sued it costs you time, personal grief and attorney’s fees, and possibly thousands of dollars regardless of the outcome of the case. This doesn’t sound like a good formula for accumulating wealth to me wasting money defending you from those unscrupulous people and their contingency fee lawyers. Read More→


15 Type of Houses to Avoid

Posted on May 1, 2013 by

Over the past 30 plus years I have learned that there are some different types of houses I shouldn’t have bought. Each of these types of houses gave me a financial seminar I didn’t really want to take but because of my inexperience at the time I made mistakes I don’t want you to have to make. Here are some of the different types of houses you should definitely avoid until you have some experience under your belt.

1. Houses located on a Busy Street.

Houses located on a busy street will definitely be hard to rent or sell simply because very few people want to have to listen to the noise of traffic day and night and have to back out into traffic every time they want to go anywhere. Another problem with houses located on a busy street is the danger of their children going into the street and being hit by a fast moving car. Houses on busy streets are not anything I want to invest money into that will definitely be hard to sell and set on the market for weeks or even months before they sell eating up my profits in holding costs.

2. Houses with small front yards.

Houses with small front yards are like houses on busy streets they place the house too close to traffic and noise will be a problem for anyone who lives there. Another problem with houses with small front yards is there isn’t room enough to have landscaping to enhance the looks of the property. Most homebuyers want a front yard to distance themselves from the street and the traffic and have a place to landscape and a place for their children to play. Read More→


I thought this might be a good time to explain why a seller will be better off selling their property they have never personally lived in if they were to give the investor/buyer seller financing terms instead of the seller getting all cash for their property. When you are negotiating with a seller who thinks they want all of their money at closing you know isn’t thinking very clearly and it is your obligation to inform them why your seller financing offer will always be better for them than if they were to get all cash at closing.

Let’s think about why I said the seller will always be better off taking your terms deal rather than getting all cash for their property, especially if they are planning to use the money as part of, or most of their retirement plan. Most people want their retirement income to last as long as possible. The key words in this example are a property they have never lived in they are selling. Let me do a simple example of the difference of a seller getting all cash at closing, and giving seller financing terms to their buyer. For this example I want to use simple math to show you how to negotiate with a seller who is stuck on getting all cash when your seller financing offer will be better for them. Read More→


It amazes me how so many so called real estate investors who have been in the business for less than five years think they know enough about investing in profitable properties to be able to create a fortune. Think about this for a minute, if you have been an investor for 5 years or less the majority of your investing knowledge is based on trying to buy pretty houses, pay cash for them, or get institutional financing to fund your deals and at the same time believe you will eventually become wealthy using the plan you are currently using. If you got into the business when money was easy to get, your perception of what is a good deal is probably is not an accurate assumption.

Another important mistake beginning investors make is using dollars per square foot to determine the value of any property is not a prudent way to give you what any property is worth. Another reason I say investors who have been in the business less than 5 years is, almost everyone I meet who is trying to become a successful real estate investor think the only good deals are short-sale deals. In my opinion, this is failed, but constantly used way to buy property beginning investors use. Why you may be asking is investing in short-sale properties a failed plan? Here is some facts most potential short-sale investors don’t think about. First, if the investor needs fast money, short sales probably won’t be the answer to your needs. Most short-sale deals take months to close. Many take six to nine months to get through the short sale process. Read More→


We are already in the second month of 2013 and I just had a conversation with one of my students who wanted to know how to create wealth in the shortest possible period of time. The following is my idea how wealth for any real estate investor can be created in the shortest period of time.

Here is an example of how you can quickly achieve financial freedom and then wealth investing in real estate.

For instance, the first thing you need to do is buy 10 to 15 well selected income producing properties you are willing to keep long term as your retirement program and the base of your future wealth. I personally love the thought of someone else having to go to work every day to earn money they give me in the form of rent each month that pays for my properties without me having to have a job or have to go to work every day. Then once you have bought your 10 to 15 keeper rental houses in good neighborhoods, with tenants who are paying on time, every month, let’s say, $1,000 each month of which $520 goes for the monthly loan payment, and after monthly expenses of property taxes, property insurance, a maintenance fund and a vacancy fund leaves you from the $1,000 gross rent approximately $150 each month to put into your pocket. Let’s say for each of your keeper rental properties you paid $88,000 with very little money down and were able to get seller financing terms for 30 years. Read More→


This month I want to give you an example of different ways any investor can use notes to buy houses instead of using CASH. Once upon a time I knew an investor who was trying to structure a deal with a seller who wanted the money from the sale of his property to buy a motor-home so he and his wife could travel the country. The investor asked the seller if he was able to find a motor-home of the sellers liking, would the seller use the book value of the motor-home in exchange for the down payment on the property the investor was trying to buy from the seller. This was regardless of what the investor had to pay for the motor home he would be trading to the seller for his property. The seller told the investor exactly what he wanted a motor-home to have, that he would accept. Once the investor knew what the sellers wanted, he then immediately set out to find a motor-home he could use as catalyst to complete the transaction to buy the sellers house. Read More→


“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” ~ Derek Bok

When I started over 30 years ago, like many of you I didn’t have any extra money to pay a mentor or buy an investing course. I decided I would learn the real estate investing business by just doing it. I thought I could shorten my learning curve by going to real estate meetings. I went to a popular real estate meeting in my area for several months. Then I got the bright idea that if going to one meeting was a good idea it would have to be better to go to more meetings. So I decided I would go to four meetings in my area every week. I thought that the real estate meetings I went to were where the seasoned investors with all the knowledge of how the business worked went and if I could meet them I could pick their brains and learn the secrets of investing that would catapult me to success.

After a few months of what seemed to be endless meetings I realized that going to meetings was not giving me what I wanted. I wasn’t getting the details, the investor’s secrets I needed to be able to buy real estate profitably. I saw other investors who were constantly doing profitable deals but none of them would give me their secrets or the details I needed to be able to do the same. At the time I thought I was saving money by trying to learn the business the inexpensive way but I was just fooling myself because after all of the months of attending those meetings I still didn’t have the information to be able to generate the money I needed. I found out it wasn’t the inexpensive way to learn at all; it was the extremely expensive way to learn the business. I continued to learn the real estate investing business without spending any money for training until one day I decided it was time I needed to make a change. I decided I would take a quality training. The key word in that sentence is “Quality” training. Read More→


Thinking Like A Successful Investor

An investor of real estate understands that general knowledge is not what it takes to create wealth. If general knowledge was what it took to create wealth, college professors would be the wealthiest people in this country and we all know that is not the case. Successful real estate investors know that it takes specific knowledge to create wealth. That is why real estate investors buy hard assets, (such as the seller’s house) at a price or with terms conducive to making a profit. If an investor can’t make a profit, they usually have no reason to buy a property unless they plan to live in the house. An investor who is a true capitalist knows they must always offer a seller something the seller likes and values more than what they are giving up or a deal will never happen.

Most sellers are looking for a large sum of cash, a monthly income stream, debt relief or any of a myriad of ways to receive that thing the seller likes more than what they are giving up.

Now that we have established this fact, as an investor it is your job to figure out what you can offer the seller that will be liked enough that the seller is willing to exchange their house for whatever you offered them. If both parties aren’t happy with the deal, it will never happen. Read More→


Never Eat Your Seed Corn

Posted on September 25, 2012 by

When I started investing in real estate 30 some years ago it never dawned on me that there was a strategy to become wealthy.  I thought all you had to do was buy houses, fix them up and resell them, make money then repeat the process. It sounded like a good plan but it was a flawed plan because the money I made from the deals I did went to feed my family first, then what was left went to rehab the next property. I had no plan to accumulate wealth. I had no plan for the future; all I had was a plan to create a job for myself I had to go to work every day to support my family.

One day I was whining to my father that I wasn’t really making any headway putting any significant amount of money into my savings account. It seemed like I was just spinning my wheels and I wasn’t really getting ahead. I was working hard everyday and I had money to feed my family but that was about it. I could have done exactly the same thing working for someone else with a lot less stress in my life. My father who was a brilliant man told me a story about a poor boy that lived during the great depression and for those of you getting started investing in real estate today I think this story is very important to help you understand how to create wealth instead of just make a living. It is called….  Read More→


Today I am seeing all too many investors making mistakes that are costing them thousands of dollars of profit every year simply because they lack focus. Any truly successful investor will tell you that you must focus on what you are doing and become the very best at what you have chosen. Having been an investor for over thirty years, I learned there are five common reasons why many investors fail to make more money, especially in today’s market of properties with mortgage balances higher than what the properties are worth and thousands more properties in the foreclosure process.

Believe it or not, there are many more properties that are not over-leveraged and have a possibility of being bought at a fair price without wondering if a Bank will take your low-ball ALL CASH offer. To be able to better understand what the problems most investors face I want to talk about what I believe are the five most common mistakes most investors make. Read More→


Fact: Getting Bank financing this year or any year in the near future for real estate investors is no longer a reality. If you haven’t noticed the real estate investing business has had a major make-over, and in my opinion not for the better. What this means for the real estate investor is, affordable financing to buy houses just isn’t going to be in the cards for them. Some of you may think you can actually get a loan from a bank or you think it will be easy for you to find a private lender with lots of money who will fund your deals, all I can say is Good Luck. Many of you are still making offers to buy houses contingent on getting some type of financing when this could prove to be impossibility? The worst thing I see everywhere I go are investors believing they will be able to make their deals work and get the money they need to complete their transactions when I know for most it isn’t going to happen. All too many investors are finding it impossible to get affordable financing today. So let me ask you, how do those of you who depend on getting some type of financing plan to pay for the properties if you can’t get the money? Unless you can figure a way to pay for the deals you find you will slowly go broke. This isn’t a pleasant thought is it?

Many of the leading economists I follow are saying that the economy we are currently in won’t completely recover until 2023. If this is truly the case I see a ten year window of opportunity unlike any we have ever seen before if the investor is willing to learn how to make a slight adjustment in the way they are doing their deals. I will be in Atlanta us on August 18, 2012 for a special Atlanta REIA Workshop with my good friend, Robyn Thompson, that we are calling “The Wealth Blue Print to a Millionaire Mind to show everyone some simple strategies that can make a tremendous difference in all of our bottom lines over the next ten years.

Here’s what I see as another major problem for investors today… for the investors who have less than good credit and don’t have access to money having to use Hard-Money loans or some type of a bridge loan to finance their deals. This is a wonderful plan provided each deal can endure the costs of these types of loans and still give the investor the profit they need. For most investors using these types of loans may be unavailable or just too costly. Read More→


Larry HarboltHave you noticed a declining number of people attending real estate meetings lately? Well, maybe not at Atlanta REIA Meetings, but this is true of many other REIAs across the country. I’ve run a weekly real estate meeting myself for over 10 years down in St Petersburg, FL and I’ve seen my own group attendance diminish from an average of 200 people each week to approximately 50 over the past couple of years. I realize many investors are confused, scared and have lost faith in the real estate investing business and who can blame them? You can’t open a newspaper or turn on the television without hearing anything but negative news about the real estate market. All we hear about is the declining sales prices, lower number of sales, almost no building starts and of course the record number of Foreclosures nationwide. Who can blame investors for shying away from buying houses in this market? Many investors are waiting for the market to bottom out before they are going to get back in the business. There is no better time to be buying houses than NOW, yet many investors are finding it impossible to fund their deals while other investors believe doing Short Sales is their only chance to make money today. This is not true! That kind of thinking is simply crazy! Read More→