Property Protégé Group – Summer 2016

The Property Protege Group (PPG) is a very affordable coaching program that meets twice a month over a 6 month period. PPG Members can attend the meetings online or in person. We record the meetings and make them available below for PPG Members who missed a meeting or who want to watch a replay of any of our meetings 24/7.

PPG Introductory Meeting – May 4, 2016

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PPG Meeting Replays

The PPG Meeting Replays below are for PPG Members Only. If you are a PPG Member, please Login to and return to this page to watch the replays. If you are not a PPG Member, click here for more info on the Property Protege Group Program.

Watch PPG Meeting Replays Below...
Sorry, access to this replay is restricted to Atlanta REIA Property Protege Group Members who have paid to be a part of this program.