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Roger BlankenshipRoger Blankenship is the “Flipping America Guy.” He’s host of the nationally syndicated real estate show, “Flipping America,” author, educator, motivational and inspirational speaker, and business leader. He is a member of several professional real estate organizations and is part of the Forbes Magazine Real Estate Council.

Roger is a unique and visionary leader with a broad background in corporate and nonprofit leadership and a lifelong history of entrepreneurial ventures. His corporate career gave him a strong background in staff development, cost management, process evaluation and work-flow improvements. His skills in curricular design, strategic planning and vision-casting have allowed him to help many companies develop new approaches and new products. He has a track record for innovation, creativity, flexibility, and continual process improvement in a wide range of situations. 

In 2007 Roger founded Whitestone Investments, Inc., a real estate investment company in Atlanta, Georgia. Whitestone specializes in the purchase and resale of single family residences. Since 2002 Roger and his team have purchased and sold more than 800 properties across the southeastern United States. Whitestone offers a complete solution for both homeowners who need to sell quickly and investors looking for quality properties at wholesale prices. In addition to purchasing, remodeling, and marketing properties, Roger has ,founded the Whitestone Real Estate Investors Institute which teaches the science and art of real estate investing. He has a new book coming soon, “The Ten Day Real Estate Investor.” Roger and his team teach seminars in real estate investing and provide coaching for new investors. Roger is in demand as a speaker and small business consultant. He has led seminars with groups as large as 5000.

In his spare time Roger serves on the board of a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide housing for the homeless worldwide. How does he manage all of this? Some time ago Roger developed his own paper planner, calendar and personal goal tracking system. This year he is making it available to busy and motivated people everywhere. The “GMS Planner” a life planner and calendar, allowing the user to track their Annual Goals, Quarterly Milestones, and Daily Steps to success.



  1. David Lipps says:

    had real estate, a number in ga, atlanta, marietta. lost them all including personal home. now flat broke. help. suggestions, directions, assistance??

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