Real Estate Investing is One of the Greatest Opportunities Available to Everyone!

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“Real Estate Investing, In My Opinion, Is One of the Greatest Business Opportunities Available to Everyone, Regardless of the Investors Credit Score and Cash Reserves.”

Larry HarboltWhen I started over 30 years ago I had neither good credit nor money to buy real estate. All I had was a burning desire to create money to care for my family and live a lifestyle I could only dream of at the time. At that time in my life it took all the money I could earn just to feed and clothe my 6 children. I’m sure many of you today, like myself back then, are unable to get a loan even if you try, but why let that stop you from participating in one of the greatest and most profitable businesses known to mankind. Did you know that more millionaires have been created from real estate than any other business?

Because I started with no money and not-so-good credit, I had to be creative structuring every deal I did, or I wouldn’t be able to buy any properties. As I look back, for me it was a blessing because it quickly taught me how to use what I had, which wasn’t much, to get what I wanted. Now, today as investors are finding it nearly impossible to find financing for the deals they do, it is essential for you to know that if any property you look at is not a foreclosure or Bank owned, every other property you look at will always fall into one of three categories. I will thoroughly explain on June 4th, 2012 when I speak at your Atlanta REIA Main Monthly Meeting. Once I learned about the 4 Pillars of real estate investing, it truly changed the way I did business from that day forward.

It Seems That Every Time We Turn on the Television or Open Up a Newspaper, We Are Constantly Reminded About All of the Properties Being Lost to Foreclosure Nationwide, and that’s a fact! But just as interesting is the fact that we seldom hear that between 30% and 40% of all properties in this country are FREE & CLEAR, while last time I heard, only 12% of all houses nationwide were in foreclosure. I find those who are dealing only with foreclosure properties, which are new to the real estate investing business, are trying to become short sale experts – with little money in most cases. Most of these newer investors don’t have the experience to know what to do with all of the properties they come across that are not in foreclosure.

This is why understanding the 4 Pillars of real estate investing are so important in today’s real estate market. Years ago when I figured out this theory for myself I started teaching how it worked to my students. This idea alone will change the way real estate investors buy houses from that day forward. Ladies and Gentlemen… this fact is truly where the rubber meets the road in today’s real estate climate. This is the missing information you have all been looking for.  So why, if this is such important information, don’t more investors know about it?

Why is it many investors are resistant to change? Why do so many refuse to learn the simplest and easiest, cutting edge, buying and selling techniques that will surely work in a market like the one we are currently experiencing? Why do so many investors continue to make offers to buy property, using the same strategies that have been used over and over during the past decade, that no longer work today? I don’t have a clue!

I continue to talk to investors whose only focus is to make offers to buy property contingent on getting institutional financing, hoping they can find an end buyer who can qualify and get a loan to actually fund the purchase. If the investor is forced to actually close on the property before they can find an end buyer, the investor will be forced to get what is known as a bridge loan (transactional funding) for a period of a few hours to a few days before the money must be paid back. This will give the investor seasoning they need so the new buyer will be able to get a new loan to fund the deal. If investors don’t have all of this availability to get funding in place, they then decide to become short sale experts. This, in today’s real estate climate, as I have been talking about, will be very difficult for the investor to do so that they can eventually get the property sold and get their profit check.

Over the Past Year I Have Been Telling Investors All Across This Country how they can find more opportunities, using less cash and not be forced to try to get institutional financing that is nearly impossible to get. If you don’t believe us, just try to think of anyone you know who can walk into a Bank today and get a loan to buy an investment property. Being able to buy real estate that doesn’t require Bank financing is something you need to know if you want to survive as a real estate investor. Actually, buying real estate in this manner has been used by seasoned investors for many, many years. Before Banks were invented, when a seller sold something and the buyer only made an income in the fall of the year when their crops were harvested, the seller allowed the buyer to pay a portion of what was owed to them each fall until the debt was completely paid off. This type of financing has been used since before biblical days, and it is still being used successfully today.

Knowing this is very important because Banks aren’t making loans to investors today. In most cases the only loans Banks are making today are either for first time home buyers or FHA buyers. Real estate investors usually don’t fall into either category. It is important to know this, because using the same methods that were used when money was easy to get, no longer works. Therefore, if you don’t learn different ways to get your deals financed, you will be forced out of the investing business or starve to death from lack of doing profitable deals. You will quickly become a statistic rather than a success story and I’m sure you don’t want that!

The techniques I am talking about have been continually used even in times when money was easy to get. I am going to let you in on a little secret most of you might not know, even Donald Trump is a huge proponent of creative seller involved financing on every deal he does. I will show you when I see you at Atlanta REIA.

Creative seller financing is not at all difficult to learn when you know what to look for and how to quickly recognize the good deals from the bad deals. When you know the right questions to ask the seller, as well as the right answers to give the seller, regardless of any objections they may have. I will show you what to say and what to do to make it all happen. By knowing how the system works you will not only know what to look for, you will also know what the sellers are thinking as soon as you meet them. Once you learn how to get sellers to eat out of your hand, knowing how to write killer offers that generate what the seller really wants or possibly even more and still be a great deal for you, will be easy for you to structure.

On, June 4th, 2012, I will show you how easy it really is to learn what has worked for centuries and still works today. What I have for you is truly timeless, cutting edge information.  As a matter of fact, today couldn’t be a more perfect time to implement these time tested strategies sellers don’t know about and your competition doesn’t either. Ladies and Gentlemen… what I have for you is very powerful and will also be very profitable. But to learn what I have to share with you, you will need to be at the Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on June 4th, 2012.

I will be giving away several of my products with a total value at over $1,900

See you there!

Larry Harbolt


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