Why Credit Repair Doesn’t Work and What You Can Do About It

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Dear Real Estate Investor and Respected Client,

Stefan KasianLet’s face facts. Credit repair doesn’t work anymore. I’m sure you have tried or at least heard of Lexington Law Firm. The letter writing paper mill that churns out letter after letter for you. They mail it to the credit bureaus in hopes some minimum wage employee reading it will help remove that late or charge off for you.

That may have worked years ago. But bureaus have tightened up. And wised up. Unfortunately most credit repair programs use that same old outdated technology that doesn’t work. Believe me, I’ve tried them. I have the same clients you do, that need help getting financed, and until they get financed, that’s a $17,000.00 profit check I don’t have in my hands. And it’s usually credit problems holding them back.

So if you have poor credit or know someone who does, this spells bad news for you. It means your situation isn’t about to improve any time soon. Until now.

  1. The missing link where most credit repair programs fall short.
  2. A special “word” that causes the credit bureaus to drop charge offs and lates off your bureaus like a hot potato.
  3. Why its actually easier to delete charge offs on closed accounts than late pays on open accounts.
  4. How medical collections on your report actually are violating your rights, and the law you can use to finally turn the tables on the banks.
  5. Why most credit repair programs lose track and how to keep them accountable once and for all.
  6. How to apply this “discovery” to your own life and change your financial future in as fast as 37 days.
  7. A special system that does all the work for you.
  8. How to get your credit fixed – with absolutely no risk on your part – if you can take action quickly.
  9. Actual examples and proof.

These are techniques so amazing I couldn’t wait to share them with you. I thought I heard it all before about credit until now. Then I was introduced to this guy by a heavy-hitter in real estate who did over 1000 real estate deals. This guy is so good, so precious, he is the “secret weapon” of some of the highest producing real estate brokers, investors, and mortgage brokers in the country.

During this informational call I will interview this special guest and break down, step by step, this missing link, and we will show you how to apply this to your own life.

After listening to this call, you will be able to immediately put this “secret weapon” to use in your own business to get rid of any pesky lingering credit problems you may have. So you can get that big fat credit card or loan approval you want. And you can apply this for your buyers and clients so they can complete their transactions in half the time. This could easily double your income in the next year ahead and earn you an easy $17,000.00 in the next 90 days.

You are invited to join this no-cost webinar on
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 4PM PT/ 5PM MT/ 6PM CT/ 7PM ET

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Your friend and guide to prosperity,

Dr. Stefan Kasian


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