Thank You Larry Harbolt for the Great Class on Creative Deal Structuring!

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Hello everyone,

Larry HarboltWhat did you think about the fantastic job Larry Harbolt did for us on Saturday teaching how to structure deals creatively without going to the bank? Were the creative strategies he taught us great or what?!? After the day was over, I read the reviews given by those who attended and they said that what he showed us was not only GREAT information, but that it was NEW information many had never heard of before! He gave us information you can’t get anywhere else no matter what you have to pay for it. The strategies he taught are how the true “masters” of real estate investing do it.

Today, after some thought, I can see, even with the notes we were able to take in our short time together and for those who didn’t get his system, it is going to be nearly impossible to be able to remember all of the important details to put together some of the truly creative transactions he taught us without having Larry walk you through every step of the process.

I know from experience, if we don’t have the important details that are so essential to do profitable deals, you won’t be able to make the kind of money we all know is possible. Because Larry only had enough time to give us a snap-short of how to structure creative real estate deals, he didn’t have enough time to show us all of the details of everything we need. That’s why he teaches those much needed details in his home study courses and 4 day boot camps.

I think it is important to say, if you liked what you got on Saturday and want to learn more about how to do creative deals, I believe you should give us a call and take advantage of Larry’s generous offer to get his system only or his system and 4 day boot camp at a discounted price for our Gold and Silver members just for the next few days as he agreed to in class. You have no idea what I had to go through to get Larry to give us that 10% discount for his system. He’s one heck of a negotiator. He even agreed to let those who need some time to pay to do it in 3 payments.  

I want to send you this message to remind each of you that you only have a few days to take advantage of Larry’s offer and I don’t want any of you to miss out getting this fantastic system that I believe is one of the best investing courses money can buy. If you want to be a more successful investor and be able to learn the secrets at a very reasonable price, give us a call at (678) 701-7160 and order Larry’s system while his offer to our members is still in effect.

With much appreciation,

Dustin Griffin

P.S. I’m convinced you will never get this much quality information for the price of $897 for Gold and Silver members and $997 for non-members. Time is running out. Don’t miss this great opportunity, give us a call and order your courses NOW!

P.P.S. Larry will be back with us on a webcast soon to talk about creative ways to use Land Trusts to do more deals safely and securely.


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