Getting Real Estate Agents to Work with You Instead of Against You

Posted on September 8, 2011 by
Real Estate Agents… Can’t live with them, can’t live without them, can’t get them to work with you?

Real Estate Investors Working with Real Estate AgentsEver had the problem of coming across a great short sale deal but it’s listed with an agent who refuses to work with you because your an “investor”? How about the agent who says he/she does their own short sales? Ever had an agent tell you that flipping short sales is illegal? Would you like to know what to say to those agents to get them to work with you and not against you?

Bob MasseyBob Massey, our guest speaker at this month’s Atlanta REIA Main Meeting on September 12th, is the foremost educator in the country when it comes to teaching both real estate agents and real estate investors to work together for their mutual benefit and profit and has been doing so for years. There are simple ways to overcome the issues that often separate agents and investors. You just need to know what to say, have the right paperwork and have the right process in place. Bob will address all of the common issues we must face when working with agents. Bob is one of the best educators in real estate investing. Come prepared to take lots of notes and “drink from the firehose”! Read More…


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