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Aaron McGinnis

Posted on April 9, 2012 by

Aaron McGinnisAaron McGinnis is an active local real estate investor, Atlanta native, and Oglethorpe University Alumnus. Since 2007, he has devised and implemented the purchase, renovation, and sale of a number of properties for Craftbuilt and other local private investors. He specializes in the in-town Atlanta neighborhood markets and large-scale, higher-end renovations. Aaron is a licensed Residential Basic General Contractor and a licensed Real Estate Agent. He has extensive experience handling the challenges presented in the purchase, renovation, and sale of pre 1970’s housing typical in the Decatur and Metro Atlanta areas. His crew is made up of experienced, licensed tradesmen, lawyers, agents, and investors skilled at every aspect of safe, efficient, and cost effective renovations and sale of old residential properties.

Onsite Renovation GroupAaron specializes in total renovation/rebuild and sale of aging properties either on the cusp or beyond the brink of being inhabitable. He is EPA Lead Certified and has the skills and resources necessary to oversee the complete buy-rehab-sell life cycle of investment properties. Aaron is also the leader of the Atlanta REIA Onsite Renovation Group (ORG) which is an educational and networking group that focuses on the acquisition, renovation and retail resale (fix and flip) of single family residential homes inside the I-285 perimeter and the in-town neighborhoods.


Peter Fortunato

Posted on March 29, 2012 by

Peter FortunatoPeter Fortunato is from Boston and now lives in Tampa, Florida. He’s been investing in real estate since 1964 and is known for having one of the most creative deal structuring minds in the business. Peter, through his courses and advice, has helped thousands of investors reach their full investing potential.

Peter is a libertarian and a capitalist. He believes that transactions which you can be proud of result from carefully conceived goals and plans followed by purposeful actions and scrupulous documentation.

Upon graduating from high school in 1965, Peter went right into the real estate business. His motivation was his desire to be self-employed.  Pete says “Everyone who knew me believed that I was unemployable. They were right. I still am!” Read More→


John Mangham

Posted on March 27, 2012 by

John ManghamJohn Mangham, aka “1031 Guy”, is a CPA and a real estate broker but most importantly, he’s been an active investor for over 3 decades. During the past 3 years, John and his partners have bought over 120 houses! He is the Southeast Regional Manager of Starker Services, the oldest and largest independent 1031 exchange company. Collectively saving clients over 100 million dollars of capital gains taxes since 1988, they help to keep tax dollars at work in your local real estate! John will help you evaluate what kind of investor you are and provide suggestions to maximize your investing efforts.


Robert Shemin

Posted on March 23, 2012 by

Robert SheminWealth advisor for both CNN, and FOX News, New York times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with 16 titles including his mega success “How Come that Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not?” and  “7 S.E.C.R.E.T.S of the Money Masters”.  Robert Shemin is one of the nation’s most sought after real estate and financial market forecasters today.

Robert became a millionaire by the young age of 32, retiring from investing.  Instead of keeping all of his wealth building strategies to himself, Robert decided to share his secrets and became an Internationally-respected Wealth Creation Expert.

Regularly sharing the podium with such financial luminaries as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Suze Orman and Tony Robbins, Shemin helped create The Learning Annex Wealth Expo and has consistently been voted the “#1 speaker” by crowds of over 50,000 people.

Robert has been interviewed and quoted on all topics of finance ranging from real estate to branding, negotiating, entrepreneurship and investment strategy in over 300 publications including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, USA Today and TIME Magazine.  He is a frequent guest on national, regional, and local television and radio programs such as National Public Radio (NPR) and CNBC’s “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch. Read More→


Kristin Mack

Posted on March 23, 2012 by

Kristin MackKristin Mack has been in Real Estate for over ten years: first as a licensed realtor in California and now as a Real Estate Investor in Savannah, Ga. Her passion in real estate has led her to focus on continually buying and selling properties, while managing existing income-producing units. Upon moving to Savannah, she quickly saw the need for a creative real estate investment group where investors could work together and stay abreast of the current real estate trends and laws, while partnering and growing their business. Kristin is a founding member and volunteer director of the Savannah Real Estate Investors Alliance ( Read More→


Aislee Jackson

Posted on March 23, 2012 by

Aislee JacksonAislee Jackson was one of six children born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. He graduated from HV Jenkins High School and attended Georgia Tech. Aislee joined the Georgia Air National Guard in 1995 where he served as an Computer and Telephone Maintenance technician until 2001. Aislee continued his formal education majoring in Business and is scheduled to graduate in fall of 2012 with a BS in Business with a concentration in Small business & Entrepreneurship from the University of Phoenix. Read More→


Craig Halperin, Real Estate Attorney

Posted on February 24, 2012 by

Craig HalperinCraig M. Halperin was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from North Springs High School, he conducted his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a B.A. in Business Economics. Craig went on to study at the University of Georgia, Hirsch School of Law on scholarship, where he enrolled in a J.D./M.Ed. joint degree program. After graduation from law school, Craig practiced corporate law until making the switch to the practice of real property law in early 2006. Craig has acted as the Managing Partner and CFO of Halperin Lyman, LLC since its inception. Halperin Lyman has successfully conducted thousands of closings for hundreds of different clients, working hand in hand with real estate investors, agents and brokers, both conventional and private money lenders, as well as a team of vendors specializing in real estate investments, to see each transaction through from cradle to grave. Read More→


Jonathan Lyman, Real Estate Attorney

Posted on February 24, 2012 by

Jonathan LymanJonathan Lyman was born in Atlanta, Georgia and was raised in Gwinnett County. After graduating from Shiloh High School, he attended The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Law and Legal Studies. He went on to study law at the University of Georgia, Hirsch School of Law where he focused his studies on real property law and received a J.D. in May of 2004. He was admitted to the State Bar of Georgia in December of 2004 and has been employed in the transactional real property field since. Read More→


Robyn Thompson

Posted on January 19, 2012 by

Robyn ThompsonRobyn Thompson is the nation’s leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes for huge chunks of cash and is known throughout the United States and Canada as “The Queen of Rehab”.

After spending 9 years working a dead end corporate job, Robyn realized that her hard work and dedication for IBM was not going to provided financial independence.  She walked away from her secure paycheck and never looked back.

Over the past 13 years since Robyn left IBM, she has bought, fixed and sold 300+ homes with price ranges as low as $8,000 to as high as $4,000,000.  She has spent as much as $2,100,000 in labor and materials in one year to renovate properties with more than 22 contractors working full time to take the ugly homes she bought and turn them into little castles at lightening speed. Read More→


Sophie Ting

Posted on January 6, 2012 by

Sophie TingSophie Ting is an immigrant from Taiwan. She came to US at 21 and started her first job as a house keeper in Holiday Inn. Later, she got a job in the bank as a teller. One and half year later she was promoted to be the head teller.

After another year of working for the bank, she attended college. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineer with cum laude in 3 and half years.  She completed her Master’s degree in Electrical engineering while concentrating on computer engineering. Sophie’s name was mentioned in “Complex Variable with Applications” which is the text book for the senior year of Electrical Engineering due to her contribution to the book. She worked for Digital Equipment Corp  and Compaq as a network engineer. Read More→


Rateb Rock Shukoor

Posted on November 13, 2011 by

Rateb Rock ShukoorRateb “Rock” Shukoor has worked as an investor, consultant, mentor and coach in the field of marketing and real estate for more than 10 years. He frequently speaks at investment conferences and has been interviewed and consulted by other real estate investors and promoters. The secretes to his success has been his deep knowledge and understanding of marketing. He has been using and teaching investors and entrepreneurs the secretes of video, mobile and direct response marketing. Read More→


Jon Steingraber

Posted on October 24, 2011 by

Jon SteingraberJonathan Steingraber bought his first property at 22 years old and by the time he was 25, he was flipping multiple properties each month in his real estate business. Jon also owns and operates a very successful Real Estate brokerage that lists over a 100+ properties a year. He also started the New Jersey Real Estate Social Network which is currently one of New Jersey’s largest Real Estate Investor Associations with over 700 members.

Jon is currently partnered with Than Merrill the star of A&E’s “Flip This House” and has been featured in a few of the episodes. Jon and Than are currently buying between 8 and 10 properties every single month. In the past eight years they have collectively bought and sold a total of over 550+ properties nationwide. Read More→

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