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Rick Harper of Summit Credit GroupAfter honorably serving several years in the military, Rick Harper became very successful in the art of selling and financing within the automobile industry. He became a corporate financing instructor for a major automobile manufacturer. He was known across the country for his integrity, product knowledge, and willingness to go the extra mile.

While continuing his career in the auto industry, Rick began to transition into the mortgage business. With continued success, and the love and support of his family, he decided to leave the car business for good. As Rick had proven before, by choosing to do business the right way he climbed the corporate latter once again to become the Branch Manager of multiple offices spanning across the country.

In 2008 the credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion began a new scoring technique that affected consumer’s credit scores on the average of about 82 points. The lenders such as, mortgage banks and auto lenders all began the slow and steady increase of their requirements. So in effect they were changing the way they had been doing business. Well, so did Mr. Harper. He began to assist his customers who had now become “noncredit worthy”.  After trial and error, and a tremendous amount of insider knowledge he was able to use existing Federal laws to help those who needed it most. With so many needing help and word beginning   to spread, credit repair became too time consuming. It allowed very little time to actually process mortgages once they were approved.  So in November 2008, Summit Credit Group was born.

By using his reputation from the automobile industry and mortgage business, he began to build a national network of referring businesses, to refer their customers in need of credit repair. Summit Credit Group has become a leader in the industry using this method and by getting results. At the same time, by helping their customers with credit repair it increases their selling and closing numbers when the customer returns to them with a better score.

Today, Summit Credit Group is maintaining a business referring relationship with over 400 companies nationwide. Companies such as auto dealers, mortgage brokers, manufactured housing dealers, motorcycle dealers, real estate brokers, etc.

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