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Andrew CordleAndrew Cordle, the founder of Financial Momentum began in Real Estate just over ten years ago. His first rehab was the spark that ignited Andrew’s passion for flipping. The transaction took 90 days from start to finish, then he received a check for just under $32,000. Andrew was hooked. One house became two, two projects became three, three rehabs became four, and before he knew it, Andrew was buying, rehabbing and selling close to five beautiful homes each month. His average profit was around $55,000 per home, and his record profit was just over $272,000 on ONE house!! During this time, Andrew was offered a Nationwide Reality TV show in 2006. His multi-million dollar company had grown to over 30 full time employees.

In 2007, Andrew was hit hard by the Real Estate Crash. As many of you know, Atlanta was one of the hardest hit cities in the United States. Banks stopped lending, so homes stopped selling. Because of this Bank meltdown, his business began to collapse. Andrew’s company faced bankruptcy. His successful Real Estate Flipping business, collapsed faster than it grew. He ended up with no home, no car, and living back at home in his parent’s basement.

After this colossal market failure, Andrew restructured his investment philosophy. Andrew learned through the collapse, that CAPITAL GAINS investing, is only part of the formula, however, by itself will not work. He realized that there was another part of the formula, and had he utilized this in his former business, it would have prevented it from failing. After restructuring his business formula, Andrew continued to buy, rehab, and sell properties for capital, BUT, this time he used that capital to purchase CASHFLOW producing properties. Andrew recognized that he had created momentum in his finances and was now gaining speed to live the life that he wanted.

After Andrew reached his desired monthly income through CASHFLOW producing properties, his family and close friends started asking him for his help. As he taught those dearest to him how to change their lives, Andrew recognized the need of financial education in people’s lives. People wanted to create Financial Momentum in their lives, they just did not know where to begin. That need, was the reason Financial Momentum was born.

Andrew’s company, Financial Momentum is a Real Estate educational company that teaches:

  • The Cashflow formula- Building Wealth through proven real estate investment strategies.
  • Running your Real Estate investing like a real business.
  • Cashflow is the foundation of any successful business.
  • Learning the downfalls of Capital Gain ONLY investing.
  • The essential elements for developing, analyzing, and managing your cashflow.

Financial Momentum is a Real Estate Educational company unlike any other. Learn from Andrew as he teaches his proven Real Estate formula of Create Change, Create Capital, and Create Cashflow. Gain Financial Momentum in your life and start to enjoy the journey of financial freedom.


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