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Hidden Profits in Real Estate ResearchEvery month there are over 10,000 Pre-Foreclosure Ads posted in the “Legal Organs” for the 13 Metro Atlanta Counties. The “Shadow Inventory” is estimated to be over two million properties nationwide with Georgia in the top five. Bankruptcies are at record proportions with record breaking filings in the Greater Atlanta region. There are homes in all price ranges sitting vacant. They are not for sale, they are in limbo. The average mortgage delinquency is over 20 months and not expected to get better any time soon. In other words, there are lots of motivated sellers as well as motivated lenders. Learn how to find the hidden jewels that most investors pass by not even knowing that they exist.

At my upcoming Hidden Profits in Real Estate Research Workshop on January 22, 2011, I will teach you the insider secrets of locating property, lenders and other investors, as well as how to research ownership and mortgage information, sale prices, liens and judgments, etc. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Find property owners of vacant properties
  • Locate legal descriptions of properties
  • Find out sales prices before making an offer
  • Find out about Private Lenders
  • See what liens and judgments are outstanding  against
  • Properties before making an offer
  • Find out what else the seller/buyer owns
  • How to find property owners with problems (situations)
  • Pre-foreclosure leads
  • Foreclosures
  • Delinquent property taxes
  • Bankruptcy situations
  • How to find a continuing source of active real estate
  • Investors
  • How to locate a source of cash buyers
  • Learn which lenders have REO’s

Again, the Hidden Profits in Real Estate Research Workshop is on January 22, 2011. Location TBA.

Tuition for the Workshop is:

  • $49 for Atlanta REIA Gold Members
  • $79 for Atlatna REIA Silver Members
  • $99 for Non-Members & Guests

Register Now!

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If You Don’t Play, You Can’t Win

Posted on December 14, 2010 by

If you don't play, you can't winRecently I attended another Real estate Seminar. It was held at an upscale hotel. There  were the usual cast of characters in the room… a cross section of beginners to experienced investors. I saw a number of familiar faces. Folks from the local REIAs were in attendance.  The instructor was upbeat confident and appeared a knowledgeable doer.  He asked the audience 2 telling questions:

  1. How many of you are making 10 offers a week?
  2. How many of you have a buyers list?

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Whether you are an experienced real estate investor or a beginner, there is an available local resource you might want to check out.

Where can you find investor friendly vendors, professionals, funding sources, contractors, other investors, realtors, lenders, as well as affordable education, local information and great networking with people who understand what you are doing and speak a common language?

You can find all of this and more at a well run investor group. They go by various names. They may be called Landlord groups, Investor associations, Investor clubs, etc.

You will find them on the Internet.  Generally the bigger groups will have a Website and may be on Social Networking Sites. You can do a Google search.  Simply put in your city and the name “REIA” (Real Estate Investor Association” or Alliance), you might also look for “Landlord Associations or Groups”.  You may find them by going to other sites, for example National Real Estate Investor Association (National REIA), etc.

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22 Questions to Ask a Realtor When No One is LookingOne of the challenges of working with Realtors is making sure that we are on the same page. Most Realtors are in the business of selling homes to retail end user buyers. This type of Realtor generally is not experienced in working with investors and may have been told by other agents or their broker not to bother with investors as we are to much trouble. Other agents are investor friendly and generate a large percent of their business through investors. These folks can be an asset to our business. Read More→