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I have been using a Facebook app for several years called “Networked Blogs” to sync my blog posts with both Facebook and Twitter. Recently, Network Blogs converted their services over to a new product they call “Symphony Tools” or “Symphony” for short. Whereas Networked Blogs was a free service that is being discontinued over time, Symphony is a brand new paid service that is more powerful and user friendly than Networked blogs ever was.

I use Symphony Tools to sync 4 of my blogs,, & with their corresponding Facebook and Twitter Pages.

For example, every time a post a new blog post to, within 5 minutes, my blog post is automatically posted to both Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Symphony automatically checks my blog RSS feed for new posts every 5 minutes, 24/7/365 and posts any new posts or updates to my blog. This means all I have to do is keep my blog updated and Symphony will keep my Facebook and Twitter pages updated for me so that is one thing less I have to worry about doing.

I’ve been using Symphony for the past several months and it has worked flawlessly. Initially, due to the migration from Networked Blogs to Symphony I had a few problems and lots of questions. However, on the bottom of the Symphony app, there is a “Chat with Us” link where you can actually chat with a live person during normal business hours. Their support staff was very helpful and answered my questions and addressed my problems quickly.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with the new Symphony tools and I think you will be too if you are an active blogger and user of Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. In fact, if you are interested in social media, here is a special link you can use to Try Symphony Tools for 3 Months for FREE!

Getting started with Symphony is easy. Once installed the App, all you have do is add your blog feed(s) and then login and connect your social profiles which is really fast and easy. Currently Symphony supports blogs with RSS Feeds and posting to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They are not currently supporting Google+, but may do so in the future.

Once Symphony is all setup, there is not much more for you to do since Symphony automatically does all your posting for you. It really is that easy! Try Symphony Tools for 3 Months for FREE and see for yourself!

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