My Dinner with Robyn Thompson Could Be Worth Millions to You

Posted on October 24, 2012 by

Robyn ThompsonI like to sit down to dinner with my close friends whenever I get a chance and when I was down in Tampa the weekend before last, I got to catch up with one of my close friends and mentors, Robyn Thompson.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Robyn, she is an amazing woman!

In our real estate circles she is called “The Queen of Rehab”.

In the past 14 years she has bought, fixed and sold 320+ homes with price ranges as low as $8,000 to as high as $3,500,000. She has spent as much as $2,100,000 in labor and materials in one year to renovate properties with more than 22 contractors working full time to take the ugly homes she bought and turn them into little castles at lightning speed. She went from a waitress getting by day to day to a Multi-Millionaire in a very short time.

The bottom line, she is a great inspirational case study and someone you should definitely get to know.

So, during dinner she told me that she built a new audio program called “The Wealth Blueprint To A Millionaire Mindset” and offered it to her students for only $2!

I asked her what the program was all about, and this is what she told me (I took notes!):

“Even a person with no savings can become wealthy. It’s simple when you have a wealth blueprint. I created this brand new step-by-step Wealth Blueprint to a Millionaire Mind for those folks who are barely getting by. So I laid out a plan covering:

  1. The three critical steps to becoming wealthy no matter what your current financial state
  2. The 14 critical wealth beliefs to wealth accumulation
  3. The easy steps to becoming a great leader
  4. How to build a wealth blueprint for a millionaire mindset
  5. The seven critical steps to conquering failure so you can see opportunity
  6. How to be a massive achiever over night
  7. The 12 lessons to becoming a champion at Wealth Building
  8. A step-by-step Wealth Blueprint to follow assuming you have had no financial training on building wealth in the past.”

I was blown away!

As desert was servered I had to ask: “Robyn, I know this would benefit our members and followers tremendously. Is there anyway I can give our members and friends access to this?”

And… She said YES!!!

So I am writing you to let you know that for the next 72 hours, you can take advantage of the exact same offer Robyn offered her students!

Just Click Here to learn all about it!

This is only open for the next 72 hours so move quickly so you don’t miss this offer!

BTW, after looking at the site, I saw that she is also giving away some awesome bonuses for the same $2!

Check It Out!

Also, be sure to register for the Webcast with Robyn Tonight at 7, 9 and 11 PM ETon “How to Run Your Real Estate Investing Business Like a Business and Not a Hobby”.

I will be seeing Robyn again down in Tampa this week at the Millionaire Mastermind Convention and I can’t wait to tell you what the dinner cruise with Robyn might bring!


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