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I was like any other investor, I did the best with what I knew and when I knew better, I did better. I used to find my properties by searching for them on the internet or hiring a Realtor to scout the local market for good deals. I remember the very first creative financing property I bought was so dirty we had to set up a tent in the master bedroom just to save us from the bugs. The deals I got were normal deals. Somebody would find me a deal, I would fix it, and I would wait for somebody else would sell it. My marketing efforts were not bold by any means, but worked fairly well for some time.

Then I heard about motivated sellers. Apparently, there were loads of people who needed help. These were folks who couldn’t deal with their obligations anymore and would give me their properties for free Or even pay me to take them. He told me that these sellers didn’t care about money anymore. All that all they wanted was for someone to solve their problems. All I needed was television commercials, large scale print advertising, and other expensive forms of marketing to find them.

It sounded too good to be true. Besides, My marketing budget was $0. I certainly couldn’t afford to pay for commercials or billboard advertising. I heard of franchise companies that investors had to pay dearly and spend copious amounts of time buying property. I thought of my quality of life. I knew there had to be a better way. If only I could figure out how…

Then one day, I met with a Mentor. We had a good long discussion about motivated sellers and the ways that I find them using creative marketing strategies. The benefits of saving money accompanied with no closing dates, no middle men, no banks, and no down payments and no closing costs absolutely blew my mind. Suddenly, I had found my calling.

I immediately began testing marketing strategies. I partnered up with my mentor and began advertising with a combined monthly marketing budget of $12,000 per month. We used bandit signs, tv commercials, print advertising, mailers, and more. The river of motivated sellers began flowing and I was glad to baptize myself into all the profit they had to offer.

I Faced My First Test. I quickly learnt that my partner, whom I thought was an ally, was an enemy in disguise. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The combined marketing effort that we had launched together was being controlled by this so-called mentor and partner and he was cherry picking the leads before they got to me. He essentially filtered the good leads from the bad ones and sent me travelling, aka; “Wasted Windshield Time.” I thought; “This was very clever of him.” I was immediately upset that this turd would take advantage of my good nature, and that I had been systematically cheated. I surgically removed this personality from my business & personal life the moment I recognized the negative manifestations that he produced. Looking back, I’m disappointed I let him swindle me, but proud of the swift & prompt way in which I deleted his existence from my life. I was now better-off and the world was now full of amazing possibilities.

“It’s ok to swim with sharks; so long as you don’t mistake them for goldfish.”

I had to find a New Approach to Marketing. My previous partner had all the marketing savvy. He had owned and operated several marketing businesses before partnering with me. Besides what I had learnt from him about marketing, I was now on my own. I spent tens-of-thousands of dollars of my profits on testing new marketing strategies. I created and produced my very own TV commercials, used expensive print advertising in newspapers and mailers. I immediately tested all the most expensive forms of marketing sacrificing massive profits for maximum experience.

Testing New Marketing Strategies is a Very Expensive Process. I began spending all my profits on learning whether a new marketing strategy would work or not. This was a very expensive way to obtain my education. Spending copious amounts of capital on testing marketing strategies simply was not a good way to pay my bills. Although, I paid lots of other people’s bills, but had little left over for my own. I had to once again; find a better way.

The Reward Finally Arrives. After investing more money than most people make a year into advertising, I quickly began learn more cost effective approaches to marketing. Now, I could find the best deals from motivated sellers, in any market, at any time, for mere pennies-on-the-dollar.

I Returned to the Ordinary World of Investing. Now, I am that experienced investor in the room full of investors whom I used to wonder; “How does he find such great deals?” I’ve since noticed and realized the importance that my specialized information offers to investors, both new and experienced. I realized quickly that if others learn from my experiences, it will save them from much of the hardship I experienced while learning marketing. If investors new of my hardships, they may be able to progress and develop even faster than I did.

My Last Test. I realized that I needed to create advertising and marketing material to help other investors. I also needed to study with the best mentors in the industry, develop my public speaking skills, and immediately begin to use everything I’ve learned to create material that contained more practical content than any other speaker on the national circuit.

The Sacrifice Was Immense. Within 6 months, I had my first book; “How to Find Killer Deals”, which has now developed into “Killer Deals.” Killer Deals is a Marketing and Advertising Handbook for Real Estate Investors. Using just 1 chapter of this material, I created a 1 day LIVE truly transformative marketing event called; “51 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers” At this event, I am able to teach both new and experienced investors the most powerful forms of marketing that provide the most profitable results. I’m able to speed-up the growth and development of all real estate investors by sharing my specialized knowledge in marketing. It is my pleasure in doing so.

In Massive Profits,

Robert J. Woodruff

My book; Killer Deals & Live Event; 51 Ways …became my magical elixir for real estate investors. I now use this magical elixir to help investors who still reside in the “Ordinary World.” If you still reside in the Ordinary world of Investing; Get your very own magical elixir today; The Killer Deals Handbook & RSVP for the LIVE Event; 51 Ways! You will be thankful you did.

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