How to Submit Your Deals to the Sharks

If you would like to submit your properties to the Sharks, you must arrive at the meeting early and submit your property flyers to our selection committee.

You must bring flyers to promote your properties to out group and to the Sharks. We need at least 4 copies of your flyers… 3 copies for the Sharks and one to put up on the screen. However, we highly you should bring enough copies for our flyer table and for anyone who wants one so you can get your property sold fast.

In order for the Sharks to analyze your deals quickly so they can make a buying decision fast, please put as much the following information on your Property Flyers as possible. *Items marked with an asterisk are required.

  • After Repair Value of the Property*
  • Photos of Property*
  • Recent nearby sales comps*
  • Your Asking Price*
  • Property Details such as Bedrooms, Baths, Square Feet, Year Built, Construction, etc*
  • House Occupied or Vacant? Owner or tenant? How long vacant?*
  • Repairs Needed and Estimated Cost of Repairs to get ARV*
  • Seller Situation and Reason for Selling
  • How Much is Owed on the Property?
  • Amount of Monthly Mortgage Payments on the Property and the Interest Rate
  • Annual Taxes & Insurance
  • If Behind on Payments, How Much?