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Atlanta REIA Thanks Lima One Capital!

Posted on April 4, 2014 by

If you’ve been to the monthly Atlanta REIA meetings, you’ve seen the big blue table topper display and the smiling face of Lima’s representative, Cortney Newmans.  Lima One Capital is an active Atlanta REIA Business Member and we thank them for their ongoing participation and support.

As a fully capitalized, direct lender for residential real estate investors and home builders, with offices in Atlanta, GA Greenville, SC, Charlotte, NC, Lima One is revolutionizing the hard money industry with highly competitive and straightforward rates, the length of their loans, and unmatched customer service.  Says Mr. Newmans, “Our loans provide clients with the ability to capitalize on great opportunities in the real estate market… and we hold firm to a policy of no hidden fees and no junk fees; we close quickly and offer our clients the most professional customer service in the industry“.

Lima One Capital offers a 13-month loan, which is perfect for real estate investors who plan to sell the property, refinance it through conventional lenders, or conduct a 1031 exchange.  Lima also offers a longer, 5-year loan for those investors who want to hold onto the property and rent it out in order to generate income. Read More→


Steelworks LLCYou’ve heard it before, vandals and vacant property thieves have gutted the house of copper and on their way out have taken one of the most valuable system components, the AC unit! Help is on the way! Atlanta REIA welcomes Nancy and Remo Loyal with Steelworks LLC, manufacturer and full service installation provisions for outdoor AC security (anti-theft) cages.

You may have seen steel cages surrounding these AC units before. All the custom steel AC cages from Steelworks are hinged to flip forward to give easy access for service calls or new installs.  Their AC protective cage is comprised of four heavy 16 gauge wire mesh panels and  one inch tubing framework. The cage prices include complete site installation and locks.   

Steelworks offers a wide variety of sizes of cages, the most popular being the standard size of  36 x 40 x 48. Custom sizes can be built for any unit or specification. As needed, Steelworks can also perform on site custom fabrication and any custom metal work that may be needed.  

If you need something quick, their standard size cages can be installed the same day if needed.

Steelworks design LLC is a local family owned and operated business serving the expanded Metro Atlanta area and all of Georgia since 2003. Their offices and production facility is centrally located in Gwinnett County.  For an estimate or more information, call Remo or Nancy at 770-570-6343 or email at Read More→


Atlanta Private LendingSays Bruce Silverman, “Atlanta Private Lending has been the premier Hard Money lender of choice for many of Atlanta’s top rehabbers“. Founded in 2007 by James Melton, a top Account Executive for Yale Mortgage, Atlanta Private Lending has always focused on customer service.  As a direct lender, based right here in Atlanta for the past 7 years, APL has the speed, flexibility and knowledge of the marketplace that few can offer. With quick answers to customer loan questions, common sense underwriting and fast closings to meet funding needs, Atlanta Private Lending is known as a “Rehab” Lender but has many other products to offer such as construction loans, commercial “bridge” loans, no doc equity lending, asset based lending and cash out refinance.

APL has two new loan programs that were designed specifically for investors. For wholesalers they now have short term transactional funding. This is something that can be a key ingredient to the success of any wholesaler. Secondly, for experienced rehabbers they now offer an “Equity Sharing” program. This program is designed for the rehabber who may have all their available cash tied up in current projects but has just had a creampuff of a deal fall in their lap. APL will provide 100% of the costs to do the loan, up to 70% ARV and then they will split the profits, or “share equity”. Read More→


Small Business AdvisorYou’ve heard her at the monthly meetings, “I’m Karen Bershad and I am the Small Business Advisor!” Karen’s firm has been a business member with Atlanta REIA since it started and has been helping small businesses and their owners for almost 20 years.  The past eight years however have been tailored to the specialized services for the Real Estate Investment industry.  With 40 years of business experience in the area of ownership, management and a wide variety of other lessons learned, Karen Bershad provides a unique outlook on how businesses need to have their “back office” running smoothly.

Most entrepreneurs don’t give it much thought, but as your business grows, it faces issues unrelated to producing the goods and services it sells. This inevitable trilogy of headaches includes legal, accounting and marketing decisions. Certainly life would be simpler if you could call in your accountant, your lawyer or whoever handles the marketing whenever the need arises.

But if your small business is like most, you probably cannot afford to call on expensive professionals whenever you would like. You would like to be able to handle many of these issues as possible on your own. You went into business to provide a product or service to your clientele and are good at what you do. It is the paperwork, bookkeeping, proposals, etc. that bog you down. Read More→


Atlanta Carpet Service is a charter business member with Atlanta REIA and a veteran provider of flooring and installation services to the real estate specific market since 1990. Company owner, Jeff Nix is also the volunteer Business Member Director with AREIA. More than your ordinary flooring store, ACS has extensive experience and exposure to the Real Estate industry & rehabbers market dating back to 1985 providing flooring in all price ranges from low end rehab replacements up to residential occupied homes. Read More→


Atlanta REIA Welcomes FirstCall Claims!

Posted on October 5, 2013 by

New to the Atlanta REIA vendor family of services, FirstCall Claims is one of the largest and most experienced public adjusting firms in the Southeast, representing your best interests in the insurance claims process.

Ever approach one of your properties just to be greeted by a pile of ashes, splintered wood, or soggy drywall? Major property damage can often mean major time, money and hassle. Difficulties with the insurance claim, the process, and the possibility that thousands of dollars could be left on the table could leave you feeling like you’ve been sucker punched. FirstCall Claims exists to ensure that every last cent you are entitled to ends up in your pocket. Most people don’t realize that there are three types of insurance adjusters; only one of which has your best interests at heart.

  1. There are Company Adjusters. They are employed, trained and loyal to the insurance company they represent. Their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of the insurance company.
  2. Next, you have Independent Adjusters. They are hired by the insurance company to represent the company’s interests in dealing with your loss and damages.
  3. Finally, there are Public Adjusters. A public adjuster partners with homeowners and business owners to represent the Insured (YOU). Their main responsibility is to protect the interests of the insured with regards to claims against a loss with the insurance company. Read More→

Atlanta REIA Welcomes the Sign Mafia!

Posted on September 2, 2013 by

Sign MafiaIf you’ve been around the real estate investing community for a while, you already know the Sign Mafia. They have been serving our community of interest since 2002. They are best known for their bandit signs and property marketing packages.

What are bandit signs? They are any signage placed in highly visible spots, designed to generate leads for buyers and sellers. They are key in guerilla marketing on the fly. Signs are typically placed in areas that are sometimes illegal, if not in violation of local ordinances, hence the name “bandit signs” and the SIGN MAFIA.

The reason bandit signs are so effective is, when people are in a certain situation or are in need of something and they see a sign for that purpose, they are likely to call. Signs are a great way for you to let people know your business and what services you provide. Without these signs, they may never know you exist. Plus, it is a certainty they are capturing information from other bandit signs, yours should be among the choices of information available. 

Used as informational signs, directional pointers, sign toppers, or for quick info like phone numbers and web sites, bandit signs are a quick, inexpensive and highly visible way to get attention. Whether it’s to get leads to buy or sell properties, signs can be most effective, especially if utilized on a continuous basis. Read More→


A conversation with Elsa Palmer, Owner of VA Staffing, a new business member with Atlanta REIA. 

Hello Elsa and welcome to the Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance. Tell our membership a little about VA Staffing. Virtual Office VA Staffing was designed for today’s business professional in mind. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch results to business owners and employment opportunities for committed individuals who want to work from the comfort of their homes. We are a U.S. based company with trained VA’s located all over the country with a variety of skill sets. Whatever task you need done, we pretty much have you covered!

What exactly is a VA? A Virtual Assistant is a professional that provides virtual, or distance support from their home office, to their clients as an independent contractor instead of an employee. VA’s work from their own home offices, use their own equipment, and provide services to businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, executives, loan officers, realtors, or any other busy person or business. Projects or assignments are usually communicated through e-mail, phone, or fax. Whatever the project, information is transferred easily between the client and their Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs, highly skilled in their profession and able to have a powerful impact on the productivity of those they work with.

What can a virtual assistant do? Almost any task a regular assistant can do and more! For Real Estate Investors, we can do FSBO research and calls to obtain leads, yellow letter mailing and handling of yellow letter calls to obtain leads, post ads, handle buyer calls, and any administrative task you might have. We also offer advertising/marketing (traditional & online), web development, social media, newsletters, articles, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, book keeping, data entry, follow up calls, appointment setting, travel preparations, reputation management, answering service, and more for any business! Read More→


Have you recently bought a property and need to ready it for tenants? Can’t sell your property because it’s not ‘market’ ready? Having trouble finding reliable contractors? Sparkle Property Cleaning can help you save time and money as your “One-Stop Property Cleanup Shop!”

Sparkle Property Cleaning, LLC specializes in the clearing out and cleaning up of rental, for sale, and foreclosure real estate properties in Metro Atlanta.  Sparkle is fully licensed and insured for your protection.  Working with investors, realtors, landlords, mortgage companies, and REO divisions of banks, Sparkle assists in getting properties back in shape and ready for a faster sale or rental.  Sparkle offers interior and exterior services that include; debris removal, minor repairs, painting, boarding windows & doors, locks changed, white-glove cleaning, lawn maintenance, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and documentation (digital & still photos).  On time, every time, Sparkle Property Cleaning can be on your job in 24-48 hours – Guaranteed! Read More→


Managed by Alexandra Spollen and based in Acworth Georgia, Georgia Home Deals is a full service investment property wholesaler, retailer, property management and lease purchase company.  Alexandra has 20 years experience as a loan officer and is well suited to assist with full service property acquisition related transactions. They are well connected to the investment community and can arrange hard money loans as needed.  Their real-time updated website is It is a simply formatted listing page highlighting their available properties.  Georgia Home Deals served 83 purchase clients in 2012 and is proud to offer their services to the Atlanta REIA community. 

Georgia Home Deals:  Wholesale property provider,  contact Alexandra Spollen at 404-660-1865, via email at or visit them on the web at Read More→


Anyone who has been to one of the Atlanta REIA monthly general  meetings has probably seen the Craftbuilt booth – they ‘re the company with the projector showing a picture montage of houses in various states of repair and disrepair. So who is Craftbuilt? They’re an Atlanta based Design-Build construction firm that serves the entire Metro  Atlanta area.  They have a full complement of crews, support, and logistical staff working full time on anywhere from eight to fifteen plus renovation and build projects at a time.  Craftbuilt handles simple  paint and carpet jobs for rental houses that would be lucky to sell for 40K all the way up to multimillion dollar houses.  being  Lead RRP certified, Craftbuilt specializes in old houses – the kind we see a lot of in the Atlanta real estate market. Their experienced in-house crews have tackled just about every problem you’re likely to find in the Residential market.  Their in-house design team has successfully developed upscale projects that have sold after just a few short days on the market. Whether you’re tackling a simple flip or a one of a kind historic renovation, Craftbuilt is there to make sure that the house is maximizing its potential.

 With heavy emphasis on logistics and scheduling, Craftbuilt runs a coordination back end system called BuilderTREND;  an online collaborative program that handles the client scheduling, communications, change orders, material selections, and more . This means that if you’re running one project or ten projects with Craftbuilt, your paperwork is kept to a minimum and keeping tabs on job flow and progress is easy as logging in to the client system. Read More→


Roof Rescue is an Atlanta-based roofing company specializing in residential and commercial roofing systems. Gutters too! With offices located in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, Roof Rescue is one of the most trusted and knowledgeable roofing contractors in the Southeast. As a State licensed general contractor, they have the resources and the expertise to address every type roofing and construction need. With membership in the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, Angie’s List, the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), and the American Society of Civil Engineers, Roof rescue is a trusted resource. Associates with Roof Rescue are licensed storm insurance adjusters with HAAG certified roofing inspectors that are qualified to provide on-site damage assessments. Why is this important? It means that you have one of the best roofing contractors in the Southeast acting on your behalf as your advocate if you have leaks or storm related issues with your roof!  

Roof Rescue will provide you with a free, no obligation roofing inspection. A bulk of their work comes from insurance damage related issues. With an in-house specialist, Roof rescue deals with the insurance adjusters on your behalf as your advocate get the right roof repairs/replacements needed and/or replacements. Read More→