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Sat, October 17th at 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Anatomy of 12 Creative Financing Deal Structures
Learning How to Creatively Finance a Real Estate Deal
A Full Day Workshop with Russ Hiner
Saturday, October 17th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
At the Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, #100, Atlanta, GA

Russ HinerOn Saturday, October 17th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM (Registration starts at 8:30AM) at the Keller Williams, 200 Glenridge Point Pkwy NE, #100, Atlanta, GA , Russ Hiner will be teaching a special full day workshop with Atlanta REIA on learning how to creatively finance real estate deals. This class is all about different ways to buy and sell real estate without having to use cash.

You are finding motivated sellers with a real estate problem that “Traditional” techniques can’t resolve.

  • Can you identify financial and non-financial issues???
  • Can you assess the sellers situation and motivations???
  • Are you great at problem solving???
  • Do you want a system to do this using flow charts???

Learn creative gap filling techniques! Are you tired of knowing just a few ways to creatively finance and buy real estate?

Do you only know these six methods?

  1. CA$H
  2. Traditional Financing
  3. Seller Carry Back
  4. Subject-To
  5. Seller Second
  6. Lease Option

At this workshop you will learn 12 ways to get the financing done!!!!

This class is for broke people, buyers and sellers who want to make GOOD decisions while structuring a deal! Do you have properties you are looking to maximize the profit and lower the risk while getting rid of the tenant mentally?

  • Learn the pitfalls of each technique so you understand when to stand your ground!
  • Learn how to determine if NO deal structuring will make the deal work!
  • Learn where you can be flexible without breaking your bank account!
  • Learn how to decrease your risk while increasing your profit!

Professional investors realize that with the correct skills, tools and techniques, you can easily and effectively reach your goals for 2015 and beyond! Reducing your risk and increasing your real estate knowledge are critical to your daily life. These skills are absolutely essential if you invest in real estate and other financial instruments.

Your success will be greatly impacted by the knowledge that will be given at this training!

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Sat, October 24th at 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Nothing But Apps Workshop
A Full Day Real Estate Technology Workshop with Don DeRosa
Saturday, October 24th from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
At the Keller Williams Metro Atlanta
315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100, Decatur, GA
Bring Your Tablet, Smart Phone or Notebook!

It’s a GREAT time to be a real estate investor. But if you want to be the most effective, competitive, profitable investor, you need to Let Technology Do the Work for You!

Don DeRosaJoin us on Saturday, October 24th at 9AM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta located at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA where you will learn to do just that. Don will be showing you how he runs his entire business completely paperless, using nothing but mobile devices. Don will teach you how to fully leverage your investments in any mobile device that you own, such as tablets and smart phones. He will teach you how to take your business with you wherever you go; have all your comp’s, photos and forms right in the palm of your hands!

Here are a few examples of what’s waiting for you…

  • How to use your devices as your central communication hub.
  • How to use the cloud to store all of your data so you never waste time looking for STUFF again.
  • Run your entire office using apps such as Scanner Pro, Excel, Word and PDF Expert and a whole lot more.
  • Take notes, inspections and write contracts multiple ways so you never have to print anything ever again.
  • How to access Adobe Flash with your iPad (yes, you can).
  • How to perform ALL of your due diligence such as comps, evaluations, computations, research and demographics all while still in the driveway of the home.
  • Productivity apps to access files, data and info from anywhere.
  • Improve your rehabs with apps that assist in design, measurements and color choices.
  • Property management apps that assist with collecting rent payments, move-in / move-outs and tracking leases.
  • Track expenses and get rid of all those paper receipts and never manually log miles ever again.
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So if you want to take your business to the next level this is the MUST attend event of the year. Never again look at paper the same way. Please join Don DeRosa on October 24th from 9AM to 6PM at Keller Williams Metro Atlanta at 315 W. Ponce De Leon Ave, Suite 100 in Decatur, GA.

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Sat & Sun, Sept 19th & 20th @ 8:30AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents…
The Wealthy Code
A FREE*, 2-Day Member Appreciation
Workshop for
Real Estate Investors

Learn To Structure Deals For Passive Income Like the Top 1% of Investors…
Avoid Key Mistakes & Lower Your Risk!
September 19th & 20th from 8:30AM to 7:00PM
Registration starts at 8AM. Class at 8:30AM
At the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA
Seats are Filling Fast! Almost Sold Out!

Join us on September 19th & 20th for a Special 2-Day Hands-On Member Appreciation Workshop Where You’ll Learn:

  • A proven way to generate cash flow from any investment method.
  • How to structure your real estate investments to minimize risk and maximize upside.
  • How to quantify risk and return, and how to adjust both metrics to make deals work for you.
  • What key mistakes to avoid in order to earn a consistent and dependable monthly income.
  • How to live a dream lifestyle with less work, less stress, more money and more freedom!
Special Offer,
Register Today!

Regular Price: $797
Atlanta REIA Members: FREE*
    Register before Sept 15th: $297
    After Sept 14th: $497

Register Now Before All Seats Are Gone!

This is a special opportunity for 100 Atlanta REIA Members Only. Seating is very limited and will fill up fast. Non-Members who join Atlanta REIA before all the seats are gone can attend for FREE as well.

Learn The Closely Guarded Strategies Of The Top 1% Of Passive Income Investors!

Yes, there is a secret way to wealth. At this event you’ll discover what most will never know about creating passive income.

This is your opportunity to gain the strategies, skills, resources, and tools for building passive monthly cash flow into your business. Follow this formula to create a fortress around your family’s financial future today… and for years to come!

Seating is VERY Limited! Almost Sold Out! Register Today!

The Wealthy CodeThe Wealthy Code Book ($15 value)
You will receive a complimentary copy of “The Wealthy Code”, a book which is a story of how a very wealthy man shared with the author the practical secrets to becoming wealthy. The story reveals the code the wealthy use and unveils the details of the code. It allows readers to understand wealth, to build wealth, and ultimately, to become wealthy. This simple, easy-to-understand book walks the reader through advanced and powerful concepts that can help you become wealthy.

George AntoneThis training is developed by George Antone, author of the best-selling books The Wealthy Code and The Banker’s Code, is a financier, investor, and an entrepreneur. He is also the cofounder of the largest network of private money lenders in the world. He created MPactWealth to provide practical and proven wealth-building education for anyone anywhere.

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*PLEASE NOTE: This event is FREE is limited to 100 members and will fill up quickly. However, there is a $25 reservation fee to hold your seat that is 100% refundable if you attend both days and stays to the very end. There will be absolutely no refunds for no shows or those who arrive late or leave early. No exceptions. Please show up on time. Date, Time & Location are subject to change.

What Others Are Saying About The Wealthy Code

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Sat, September 26th at 9:00 AM – Atlanta, GA
Atlanta REIA Presents:
Making a Fortune Buying Houses with No Money and No Credit
The Ultimate “How To” Workshop on Buying Houses “Subject To”
A Full Day Workshop with Don DeRosa
Saturday, September 26th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
At the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA
Bring Your iPad, Tablet or Smart Phone

Don DeRosaOn Saturday, September 26th from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Registration starts at 8:30 AM) at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia located at 4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA, Don DeRosa will be conducting a special full day workshop with Atlanta REIA on “How To Do The New Subject To”. This class is all about how to buy and own real estate (especially Pretty Houses) and make lots of money with little or no money down.

Learn how to buy houses…

  • Without using your own credit
  • Without having to sign personally on a note
  • Without having to qualify for a mortgage
  • Without having much money

Beginner or experienced real estate investors can find immediate success using Don’s simple formula. There are six easy steps to follow when buying “Subject To.”

  1. Locating Sellers
  2. Prescreening Sellers
  3. Constructing Offers
  4. Presenting Offers
  5. Finding the Money
  6. Selling Houses

Once you learn to follow these steps you can do this over and over again for an average profit of over $20,000 per property.

There are many ways to make money in real estate and there will be something for everyone at the event. Don will be teaching you his trade secrets, including little-known buying techniques that have made him a very successful investor.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to gain the cutting edge you need to succeed and bypass your competition, register now for the workshop and bring your iPad, tablet or smart phone and join us at the event!

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This event will show you from start to finish how to buy “subject to” properties… from raising capital, to finding leads, to meeting with the seller and closing the deal.

This workshop is jam packed with very important topics that Don will cover such as:

  • How to focus on what matters most in the beginning
  • Creating a business plan that fits your budget
  • Setting meaningful goals and prioritize your time and how to track your progress
  • Learn the five ways to profit in real estate
  • How to buy houses with little or no money up front
  • Finding the easiest ways to attract motivated sellers
  • Top five advertising techniques that work every time
  • How to evaluate any lead and decide whether this is a winner for you.
  • Twenty questions you should always ask a potential seller
  • Know how much money you’ll make before you make an offer
  • How to structure a deal in less than 10 minutes, so that you make a minimum of $20,000, choosing from multiple strategies!
  • How to use Don’s Green means ‘GO’, Red means ‘NO’ tools to negotiate for you, so you never let your emotions talk you into making a bad deal
  • Determine comps and rents from anywhere!
  • How to meet with the seller and make them feel comfortable with your offer, and how to avoid getting shut out of a deal
  • How to become a “mindreader,” to find exactly what the seller’s hot buttons are so you
    can craft a deal the seller is dying to take
  • How to prepare paperwork as if you were an attorney
  • How to walk away with a signed offer the same day and put it in your lawyers hands while you’re with the seller.
  • Learn the top five negotiating tactics to get sellers to say “yes”!
  • Find all the private money you need without putting loans in your name
  • Convince private investors to lend you the money you need to do your deals
  • How to combine buying strategies and exit strategies – that work right now, in 2014 – to effortlessly make a deal work you
  • Exit strategies that will not only make you lots of money today, but make you wealthy long term
  • The Secret to creating passive income deals of $350 + per month without any of your own money and with NO management on your part.
  • And much, much more including your questions!
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Advanced Wholesaling & Marketing Workshop with Vena Jones-Cox

Vena Jones-CoxOur Monday night speaker, Vena Jones-Cox, made an important point about all the misinformation out there about wholesaling houses.

The truth is, it’s a 5 step process. You can’t skip any steps, and there’s no need to add any. And if you’ll just do them over and over again, those 5 steps will end with a check for $5,000-$10,000 check in your pocket, over and over again.

If you missed Vena’s presentation or just want a refresher, this video will fill you in on what you need to do to make deal and make money…

And she’s back with even more this Saturday… In her all-day workshop, she’ll take you to the next level, and show you:

  • How to do MORE deals by getting motivated sellers calling YOU
  • How to wholesale bank owned and other “non-assignable” contracts
  • How to hire cheap help to do the rote, boring, or time-consuming tasks in your business
  • How to build a business that does deals every week, does them in other areas, and more

The 2-for-1 Early Registration Special for her Advanced Wholesaling & Marketing Workshop Expires TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT. So Register Now and Save! Gold Members only pay $24.95 and Silver Members $39.95. We are almost sold out so Register Now and Save! I’ll see you on Saturday!

Sat, August 8th at 9AM @ Doubletree Hotel, Tucker, GA
Advanced Wholesaling & Marketing Concepts to Make You More Money
A Full Day Workshop with Vena Jones-Cox
Sat, August 8th, 9AM-5PM
DoubleTree Hotel Atlanta – Northlake
4156 Lavista Rd, Tucker, GA
Advanced Wholesaling: How to Sell a Deal a Week and Build Passive Wholesale Income

Vena Jones-CoxTo truly get out of “the rat race,” you need a plan that goes beyond learning the strategies, and takes you to the point where your real estate business, more or less, runs without you.

For wholesalers, this means two things: using advanced strategies to do more deals and create passive income, and systematizing your business so that others can easily do deals FOR you.

In the morning workshop you’ll discover:

  • How to wholesale all those “non-assignable” bank-owned properties on the market today, WITHOUT coming up with the cash to close, and double the number of deals you do
  • How to use creative finance concepts to wholesale properties and add passive income to your business
  • How to systematize everything your wholesale business does, and easily delegate it to others
  • How to hire help when you can’t afford help
Advanced Marketing: How to Find More Motivated Sellers, Buyers, Renters and Lenders

Once you learn the basics of any real estate strategy, every problem you have is a marketing problem.

Not enough deals? That’s because not enough motivated sellers know that you buy properties. Properties staying vacant too long? That’s because not enough qualified renters or buyers know about your great deal.

Great marketing gives you incredible leverage, making your phone ring off the hook with customers who want to give you money or give you properties. But do you REALLY know how to make your marketing as effective as possible for as little money as possible?

In this afternoon workshop you’ll find out:

  • How to create messages that your prospects can’t resist, and get 5-20% response rates to your very first mailing, and make lots of money without spending lots of money
  • How to get lists of motivated sellers, buyers, lenders, and more
  • How to make absolutely sure your mail gets opened and read
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PLEASE NOTE: Atlanta REIA Gold & Silver Members can bring a spouse, adult child or parent at no extra charge. Non-Members who join Atlanta REIA between July 27th and August 3rd can attend this full day workshop for FREE and bring a qualified guest such as a spouse, adult child or parent. Atlanta REIA Members who renew their membership between July 27th and August 3rd for 1 additional year can attend for FREE as well. When joining or renewing your membership, please let us know that you want to attend this event at no additional charge. You can join Atlanta REIA at

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Tuesday, August 4th at 9:45AM, Lawrenceville, GA
FREE Lunch & Learn
Auction Tuesday, August 4th at 9:45 AM at the
Gwinnett County Courthouse, 75 Langley Drive,
Lawrenceville, GA

Atlanta REIA Membes Please RSVP on
Atlanta REIA Members & Guests Please RSVP on

Kimberly DooleyWho says there is no such thing as a “FREE Lunch”? You are invited to a “FREE Lunch & Learn” at the Gwinnett County Courthouse located at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 on “Auction Tuesday” August 4th at 9:45AM with Kimberly Dooley and the staff of

Auction.comAt the event, staff will teach you how the auction works, the auction flow, allow you to observe live auctions and much more. will also provide FREE Lunch to all those who RSVP Now in the courthouse cafeteria along with Q&A with auction experts.

RSVP Now to Get Your Lunch & Learn Experience with!

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