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Locklin CapitalLocklin Capital was founded in 2018 as a home buying investment company. After building a portfolio and learning the fix-and-flip business as a borrower and principal investor, the pain points involved in building a network of private lenders to fund and close many deals at once became apparent. Lenders often did, and still do, take too long to close, don’t set expectations properly, fail to prioritize the interest of the borrower, or even change terms around right before closing. There was a lack of true, service-based lending readily available.

Today new and seasoned investors alike turn to Locklin Capital for a simple and efficient process so they can focus on the executing the project at hand. We offer real solutions in the form of faster and more efficient closings, same-day loan qualifications, ongoing account management, and valuable risk analysis on your potential projects. We do everything in our power to ensure you complete a successful project and stick around to do many more.

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