What’s Happening at Atlanta REIA – Week of October 17, 2011

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What's Happening at Atlanta REIAThis week we have another jam packed week of meetings, networking events and training for Atlanta REIA Members and guests. Monday, Bob Massey will be speaking at the Movers & Shakers Lunch Meeting on investing in short sales with an agents help. Tuesday, Jens Beatty will be doing a special webcast on LeadTheme 2.5 for WordPress as a bonus session for the Internet Marketing Boot Camp. Wednesday, Jim Hit will be at Atlanta REIA North teaching us how to invest in real estate using IRAs. Thursday is the Haves & Wants Meeting at 5 Seasons Brewing. Thursday evening, Don DeRosa will be doing a special Training Opportunity Webcast on evaluating and structuring deals with the iPad. Saturday, Bob Massey is doing a FREE half day workshop for Atlanta REIA Members! This is a great week to get involved with Atlanta REIA!

Monday, October 17th @ 11:30 AM
Movers & Shakers Lunch Meeting
with Bob Massey on Short Sales

Bob MasseyOn Monday, October 17th, Bob Massey, an expert on short sales and working with agents, will be our guest at the Movers and Shakers Lunch Meeting at 11:30 AM at the 5 Seasons Brewery on Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta. With a drop in house prices approximately 1/3 to 1/ 2 of 2006 levels, a lot of sellers owe more than then their house is worth. It is for this reason that a large percent of the market is made up of REO’s and short sales. Short sales comprise a great opportunity for the savvy investor to “create equity”. There certainly are a large number of “motivated sellers” in the market. This month 8845 Properties were advertised for foreclosure sale in the Atlanta market. The opportunities are great in the short sale arena, but there is a steep learning curve in order to participate in this arena. We are fortunate to have Bob Massey as our guest this coming Monday October 17th at our Movers & Shakers Lunch meeting. Bob will be discussing the opportunities and pitfalls of this fascinating process. Bob is an expert in this arena having personally been involved in well over 100 short sales as well as providing short sale training for both investors and real estate agents alike.

Movers & Shakers Monthly Lunch MeetingMovers and Shakers is an educational and networking group led by Gordon Catts that is designed to meet the interests of intermediate and advanced investors rather than new investors. The group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5 Seasons Brewing in Alpharetta. The doors open at 11:00 AM and the program officially starts at 11:30 AM. Atlanta REIA members can attend at no charge and non-members for $5.00.

Tuesday, October 18th @ 7 PM
What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast
WordPress LeadTheme 2.5 for Investors with Jens Beatty

Jens BeattyOur next What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast is on Tuesday, October 18th at 7PM ET with website designer and internet marketing expert, Jens Beatty, on his WordPress LeadTheme 2.5. As you know, many real estate investors and small business owners use WordPress to power their websites and blogs because of it’s flexibility, ease of use and its ability to achieve great search engine rankings without a lot of technical know how. Because of the ever increasing interest in WordPress, Jens has created a fantastic WordPress theme that focuses on something that most WordPress themes do not… generating leads. His WordPress theme is called LeadTheme and it was designed specifically to make it super quick and easy to get your website online and generating leads. LeadTheme 2.5 is also designed to work with popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Read More…

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Join us on the webcast and download LeadTheme 2.5 for FREE!

Wednesday, October 19th @ 6:30 PM
Atlanta REIA North Meeting
with Jim Hitt of American IRA on
“Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate”

Jim HittThis month at the Atlanta REIA North Meeting on Wednesday, October 19th at 6:30 PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D in Buford, Georgia, Jim Hitt of American IRA, will teach you how to use IRA’s to invest in real estate. Jim will teach you how to use your Roth IRA to buy real estate tax free, how to lend money on real estate deals, how to borrow money from private lenders using their IRA and much more. Please join us at Atlanta REIA North to learn more about investing with IRAs!

Tilted KiltImmediately after the Atlanta REIA North Monthly Meeting at approximately 9 PM, we will reconvene at the Mall of Georgia Tilted Kilt located at 3480 Financial Center Pkwy in Buford, GA for the meeting-after-the-meeting, AKA Late Nite Networking. We hope you will come out and eat, drink, network, learn and have fun with us and keep the investing conversations going late into the evening!

Thursday, October 20th @ 1:30 PM
Haves & Wants Meeting

Haves and Wants Weekly Meeting for Real Estate Deal MakersHaves and Wants is a weekly investor’s networking, brainstorming and deal making jam session hosted by Joe Thompson and held at 5 Seasons Brewing located at 5600 Roswell Rd (map) inside the Perimeter at the “Prado” in Sandy Springs from 1:30 PM till approximately 3:00 PM. This group is all about doing deals and making money right now. If you are a real estate player or want to be, this is one meeting you don’t want to miss! Read more…

Thursday, October 20th @ 7 PM
Live Training Opportunity Webcast
Using the iPad to Evaluate & Structure Deals with Don DeRosa

Don DerosaThis Thursday at 7PM ET, Don DeRosa will take the coolest tech tool out there – the iPad – and walk through step-by-step, how to use it to evaluate and structure real estate deals with the greatest of ease.

Don’s going to walk through two of his recent deals and cover:

  • How he got the lead
  • How he evaluated the deal
  • How he decided whether it was a buy and hold, or a fix and flip
  • How he determined his repairs, and captured them for competitive bids
  • How he determined how much he could offer
  • How he negotiated with the seller
  • How much he’ll make on it
  • and much more!

…all the things you need to know to get a deal done right in this market.

Webcast on iPad with Don DerosaDon will also share the iPad apps he used – both “out of the box” from the Apple store, and those he tweaked a bit (he’ll show you how he tweaked ’em to make them powerful investor tools), to see whether he had a buyer lined up already, to track determine repairs, and ultimately to get the contract done – on site – absolutely paperless! It’s just too cool!

This is a Training Opportunity Webcast you won’t want to miss. Whether you use an iPad or not, you’ll get some great, current, local real estate education, tips, and insights from an expert, right in our own backyard, who always shares a ton of his knowledge. Learn where he’s buying and why – so you can cash in on the amazing deals right here in your market. Register Now!

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Saturday, October 22nd @ 9 AM
Saturday Short Sale Workshop
with Bob Massey

FREE Workshop for Atlanta REIA Members, Agents & Investors

PLEASE NOTE: This FREE Workshop will fill up fast since it is limited to the first 30 people who RSVP. Register now to reserve your seat!

Bob MasseyShort Sale Expert, Bob Massey is back at Atlanta REIA teaching a FREE workshop for Atlanta REIA Members on Saturday, October 22nd from 9AM to 1PM at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D in Buford, Georgia. This will be a two part workshop. The first will be on the foreclosure process in GA, the law and how it affects the agent, the seller and the investor.

The second half of the workshop will be to discuss real estate agents and their role with investors. This will NOT be the same presentation that Bob did at the September 2011 main meeting nor the Short Sale Webcast he did with us on October 6th. This is going to be all new material in a workshop environment where your will get tons of education about how to work with agents during the entire short sale process, from start to close.

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Monday, October 24th @ 6:30 PM
Atlanta REIA West
Panel Discussion on Funding Sources

Atlanta REIA West MeetingYou really want to take advantage of this hot Buyer’s market, you know it’s a great time to be involved in real estate, but there’s something stopping you—something BIG. You just don’t know where to get the money to do your deals! Well we’re about to fix that-come join us at Atlanta REIA West on Monday, October 24th at 6:30 PM and discover various ways to get access to CASH to do your deals. We’ll expose you to some pretty creative and non-conventional methods to fund your deals. This is one you definitely don’t want to miss, because its common knowledge that the one with the cash gets the best deals!

We have assembled a panel of REAL money sources for you. This group of lenders and experts has never before been brought together like this! Meet Jim Hitt with American IRA, a real source of a wealth of information on private money lending. Meet David Dick, a Hard Money Lender right here in the Atlanta area. Meet Tim Gibson, a Senior Loan Officer with the #1 Ranked Independent Mortgage Lender for Purchases in the U.S. Meet Jim Gibson, a Reverse Mortgage Specialist hand-picked from the masses to represent this very unique product. Attend Atlanta REIA West and meet them all, live and in person. These four people have access to millions of dollars to lend to people just like you. Read More…


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