The Pretty House Boot Camp – Part 1: Buying

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Pretty House Boot Camp
December 12th – 14th, 2014 in Buford, GA
The Pretty House Boot Camp
Part 1: Buying Pretty Houses
December 12-14, 2014
A 3 Day Boot Camp with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin
Learn How to Buy Beautiful Homes in Nice Neighborhoods with No Bank Qualifying,
No Credit Check & No Money Down!

You’ve probably heard it said that trading real estate has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle on the planet.

…And you probably have noticed that the real estate market is coming back and that there are a lot of people out there making big money fast by skillfully investing in real estate.

But did you know that most of them do it without using or putting a lot of their own personal cash or credit at risk?

Yes, it’s true… you can be one of the next real estate millionaires without needing a lot of your own cash or credit to make it happen!

Even if you don’t become an overnight millionaire, you can still easily make an additional $20,000 to $100,000 dollars or more per year, even on a part time basis.

All You Need Is the Drive, Determination, Skills
& Knowledge to Make It Happen!

Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin If you would like to be the next Real Estate Millionaire or your own definition of an Overnight Real Estate Success, you should consider attending our upcoming 3 day Pretty House Buying Boot Camp on December 12 – 14, 2014 with Don DeRosa & Dustin Griffin in Buford, GA to help you acquire the skills, knowledge and connections you need to become successful in the Pretty Home Buying Business.

At this 3 day, hands-on, Pretty House Buying Boot Camp, we will teach you How to Buy, Sell and Trade all the Gorgeous Homes You Want with Little or None of Your Own Cash or Credit while helping others get what they want… a fast, fair, friendly and flexible sale of their unwanted house.

You will learn how to turn an unwanted house into a gorgeous home for any individual, couple or family with less than perfect credit for fair price, a reasonable down payment or assignment fee and a monthly payment they can afford.

We will teach you everything you need to know to create a successful real estate investment business offering the American Dream of Home Ownership that will allow you and your family to Live The Life Of Your Dreams.


  • 1 Day Deal Structuring Workshop in 2015 ($397 Value)
  • 5 Hours of 1-on-1 Consulting with Don DeRosa ($2500 Value)
  • 4 Day Pass to High Tech Homebuying Academy in 2015 ($2,497 Value)
  • Access to Don DeRosa’s Pre-Recorded Full Day Wholesale Course ($297 Value

EXTRA LIFESTYLE BONUS: For those who sign up between Dec 1st – 7th will get a 4 Day, 3 Night All-Inclusive Vacation Package at the Marival Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Certain terms and conditions to apply. Airfare not included.

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Pretty House Boot Camp
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  1. vincent bass says:

    What will be covered at the seminar

    • Atlanta REIA says:

      Vincent, most everything you need to know to buy pretty houses. This will be 3 days of intensive training. Here is a little of what we will cover…

      A Step-by-Step System for Buying Pretty Houses

      How to Generate Cash Flow Now to pay for your lifestyle

      How to Create Long Term Wealth & Residual Income to continually improve and maintain your lifestyle for the future

      How to Set Smart, Reasonable Goals You Can & Will Achieve

      How to Generate All the Motivated Seller Leads You Can Handle Quickly & Affordably

      How to Pre-Screen Your Seller Leads in Seconds so you can tell a deal from a dud

      How to Analyze Deals and Construct Multiple Win-Win Offers in Minutes for Your Sellers

      How to Calculate Your Profits, Expenses & Exit Strategies Before You Ever Buy a House

      How to Present Multiple Offers to Your Sellers with Confidence to & Get One Accepted

      How to Put a Property Under Contract & Close Quickly

      How to Systemize, Manage and Automate Your Business Using Everyday Technology

      And Much, Much More!

  2. Fitzroy says:

    Hi I registered for this workshop I would like to know what time does it start each day?

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