Internet Marketing Online Boot Camp for 2011/2012 – Workshop 9 Replay

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Internet Marketing Online Boot CampOn January 12, 2012, Dustin Griffin taught the 9th installment of the Atlanta REIA Internet Marketing Online Boot Camp, a series of live, online webcast workshops that are designed to teach you how to establish a strong Internet presence, get your websites, pages and profiles to the top of the major search engines quickly and to generate all the leads you can handle using the power of the Internet. In Workshop #9 on Social Bookmarking and RSS Feeds, Dustin taught attendees how to setup and use several popular social bookmarking sites, bookmarking widgets and tool bars that you and your site visitors can use to bookmark your websites, articles, posts, updates, videos, photos and more for SEO purposes. Dustin also showed attendees how to use RSS Feeds to syndicate their content on multiple websites, WordPress blogs, social networking sites automatically for maximum visibility and search engine optimization.

Workshop #9: Social Bookmarking & RSS Feeds

  • Homework Review from Workshop #9
  • YouTube Updates
  • Facebook Updates
  • What is Social Bookmarking?
  • Social Bookmarking Sites to Use
  • 2 Social Bookmarking Widgets for Websites & Blogs
  • Social Bookmarking Widget Installation
  • The Social Bookmarking Toolbar
  • Bookmarking Pages & Posts with the Toolbar
  • What is an RSS Feed?
  • RSS Feed Examples & Uses
  • YouTube, Twitter & WordPress Feeds
  • Super Smart Feeds
  • Syndicating Data with Feeds
  • Feed Widgets for WordPress Blogs
  • Property Listing Feeds
  • Yahoo Pipes
  • Creating Automated 3rd Party Data Feeds
  • Using to Feed Facebook & Twitter
  • RSS Feed Directories
  • Questions & Answers
  • Homework for Workshop #9
  • What’s Next?
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