Internet Marketing Online Boot Camp for 2011/2012 – Workshop 10 Replay

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Internet Marketing Online Boot CampOn January 24, 2012, Dustin Griffin taught the 10th installment of the Atlanta REIA Internet Marketing Online Boot Camp, a series of live, online webcast workshops that are designed to teach you how to establish a strong Internet presence, get your websites, pages and profiles to the top of the major search engines quickly and to generate all the leads you can handle using the power of the Internet. In Workshop #10 on Email Marketing, Dustin taught attendees how to setup a free Email Marketing Provider account where they can send up to 12,000 emails per month at no charge. He taught attendees how to customize their account, create email signup forms, embed those forms on your website, WordPress blog and Facebook, create email templates, send newsletters and more!

Workshop #10: Email Marketing

  • Homework Review from Workshop #9
  • Intro to Email Marketing
  • Commerical Email and the Law (CANSPAM Act of 2003)
  • Setting Up a Mailchimp Account
  • Creating Email Subscriber Lists
  • Manually Adding Subscribers to Email List
  • Importing Subscribers Into Email List
  • Creating & Customizing Your Email List Subscription Form
  • Installing the MailChimp Plugin & Signup Widget to WordPress
  • Adding an Email Subscription Form to WordPress Blog & Website
  • Adding a MailChimp Signup Form to Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Adding Twitter Integration to Mailchimp
  • Creating a Custom Email Template
  • Creating an Email Campaign Using Custom Template
  • Creating an Automated RSS Email Template & Email Campaign
  • SPAM Words to Avoid in Your Email Newsletters
  • MailChimp Resources
  • MailChimp Support
  • Questions & Answers
  • Homework for Workshop #10
  • What’s Next?
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