iPad Workshop with Don DeRosa on June 22, 2011

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iPad Workshop with Don DeRosa Everyone has probably heard about the hot new iPad 2 by now. You’ve probably also heard Don DeRosa talk about how its not just a cool new toy, but an integral tool he uses to run his real estate investing business. You’ve probably already seen many investors actively using their iPad at our Atlanta REIA Meetings and Networking Events to take notes, take pictures, play music, videos and webcasts, send and receive emails and keep track of all our upcoming events and more.

Don DeRosaPerhaps you’ve recently purchased an iPad yourself and, like the rest of us, want a lesson on how to not only use it more effectively for personal use, but more importantly, use it to run your investing business from virtually anywhere, on-the-fly. If you want to learn how to the iPad to revolutionize your business, come join us at our first iPad Workshop with Don DeRosa on Wednesday, June 22nd at 5 PM at our Atlanta REIA North Office located at 1960 Skylar Hill Dr in Buford just a few miles from the Mall of Georgia or online via GoToWebinar.com. The workshop is only $10 for Gold Members, $20 for Silver Members and $30 for guests.

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Don is going to spend 4 hours showing us setup, configure and use many simple iPad apps that  will totally change the way you do business…saving you countless hours of time, and giving you access to everything you need to run your real estate investing business, wherever you are. Here’s just a sampling of the topics Don will cover at the iPad training session:

  • Getting to know your iPad – What you should know – Buttons, Microphones, Short Cuts, etc
  • Understanding iTunes and how it works with your iPad (no, you don’t need a
  • How to track – Your time, Your contacts, Your expenses
  • How to customize your iPad for your use – using email, moving apps around, transferring files, creating playlists, etc.
  • How Don uses Maps to make his life easier
  • Having Fun – Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iBooks, Music, etc.
  • Must have iPad Apps
  • Using the iPad in Real Estate:
    • Evaluating Leads
    • Using Maps for the Real Estate Investor
    • Using Zillow to do preliminary evaluations
    • Don’s Easy Offer Maker
    • Realtor.com to evaluate rentals
    • Using the PowerOne Calculator to evaluate the deal
    • Using Apps to Put the Deal Under Contract
    • Emailing/Exporting the Contract
    • and much more!

Don also encourages group participation so other iPad power users at the workshop can share their tips and ticks too. We’ve been talking about doing this event for several months now and the time has finally come and the price is right!

Immediately after the iPad Workshop, we will reconvene at the Tilted Kilt at the Mall of Georgia for networking and more talk about the iPad, apps and technology. We hope you will come join us for an evening of tech talk, training, friends and fun!

iPad Workshop with Don DeRosa

  • When? Wednesday, June 22 from 5:00 PM to 9 PM
  • Where? 1960 Skylar Hill Dr, Suite D, Buford, GA (map) or GoToWebinar.com
  • Why? To learn how to use the iPad for fun and profit
  • Cost? $10 for Gold Members, $20 for Silver Members & $30 for guests
  • Bring? Your iPad with a fully charged battery

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