Dyches Boddiford’s Advanced Strategies Conference – Jan 29 & 30, 2011

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Dyches Boddiford with John Groom, CPA presents the

17th Annual
Advanced Strategies Conference

Legal, tax & business strategies for the seasoned investor

Atlanta, GA – January 29 & 30, 2011

Hilton Garden Inn – Atlanta Airport
2301 Sullivan Road
College Park, GA 30337

Registration begins 8:30 AM on Saturday
Conference begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day

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Come see why prior attendees keep coming back to this conference. Each year Dyches picks new topics and enhances prior topics that provide practical solutions to investor situations. This year promises to be better than ever. Dyches has even invited special guest experts to cover some advanced concepts.

Dyches BoddifordDyches Boddiford has been a real estate investor since 1980. He speaks from experience owning single family homes, apartments, mobile homes, doing developments, hard money lending, etc. Over the years the techniques he has learned, developed and taught have earned him and his students significant returns on their investments. His objective is to bring techniques and strategies used by sophisticated and wealthy investors who can afford high priced advice and professionals, to the average investor, showing them how to apply these strategies to their business and investments.

This year he welcomes John Groom, CPA, out of Austin, Texas. John has spoken at Jack Miller conferences and always adds great insights on tax issues and what other investor clients are doing. Jack Miller called him one of the most knowledgeable and creative professionals he knew. Coming from Jack, that’s an impressive endorsement. John’s wealthy clientele depend on him not only for wealth preservation but for strategic business planning, lucrative tax structures and creative acquisition tactics. He is masterful at the art of finding innovative solutions to legal, business and real estate transactions where other CPAs would simply provide a text book answer without considering your unique situation. I’ve always been impressed with his creative approach as a tax and business professional. Finding a CPA that has his level of expertise while still providing a innovative and unique solutions is a rare find.

John will begin the conference with a Washington update on changes in the tax law that affects real estate investors. New tax law has created several great new opportunities that will be especially beneficial this year (bet you haven’t heard about several of these!). In addition, he will cover recent tax court cases that affect investors. Some of these opportunities have a narrow window before they are gone forever, so learn about them now!

Other topics that Dyches and John will cover during this weekend:

  • Planning under the new Estate Tax rules… the opportunities and traps!
  • How to gain maximum benefit from the payroll tax “holiday”!
  • The Health Care Law’s effect on real estate investors.
  • IRS audits: Why they audit (not what most people think) and how they pick the lucky winners.
  • The most important thing they look for often isn’t on the audit notice.
  • How to protect assets if you have to keep them in your own name.
  • The best answer to give if someone says he is going to sue you.
  • Asset protection vs privacy. Cover vs concealment. Ask any soldier.
  • Privacy techniques for the investor… secrets of private investigators.
  • Multiple entity benefits: not everything that counts can be counted.
  • Why, even after the Albright and Olmstead cases, the Single-Member LLC is still a desirable entity to use.
  • How to raise the basis of what you buy without paying any more for it (applies to more than just real estate).
  • How to minimize inheritance tax issues under the new laws.
  • What to do if you can’t trust your kids and/or their spouses.
  • Real-life ways of coping with the new 1099 regulations.
  • Ways to make good business decisions without having a clue about what will happen with the economy or your market.
  • And much, much more!

Though these topics cover advanced material, they will cover the techniques that you can apply to your own situation starting immediately after the conference. This legal and tax information will give you an edge in the market place.

And these are only a few examples of the information they will cover!

Not attending this conference could be detrimental to your financial health!

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Note: The Conference manual is only available to attendees of this event and will not be for sell afterwards.

This Conference is NOT for those just beginning their real estate investment career, but those with some experience in real estate investments. Techniques covered in this conference are the same as those covered in the $2,500 to $7,000 seminars attended by real estate professionals, doctors and lawyers. Once each year, these concepts are available to you at a more reasonable investment when Dyches presents this Conference.

Practical, everyday techniques are covered that you can use to help you today as well as advanced strategies for use when you are ready. You will gain insights on methods others can use to separate you from your hard earned dollars and assets, then how to legally protect yourself.

Mark your calendar for these dates and watch for more details of the subjects to be covered in this year’s conference. You won’t be disappointed.

Many of the attendees to this conference are already well off and are looking to protect what they have, make arrangements to pass it on, and simplifying their lives as well. Ask most of them if they should have started earlier in structuring their lives and businesses and you will get a resounding, “Yes!” So, don’t think that just because you are still building your assets, you should wait to get this information. The best time to act was yesterday, the next best time is TODAY!

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And to give you more incentive to attend, Dyches offered Atlanta REIA Members a $250 Discount off the already reasonable conference price of $797 for a total of $547. Dyches’ speakers say he is crazy because they speak at conferences that cost in the thousands. But Dyches believes that many of you need this information and he doesn’t want to give you any excuse not to come.

Here is your chance to pick the brains of other experts, compare strategies and learn new ones. Many come to this event because they get two full days of information for less than they would pay for a few hours of an expert’s time. This is also the time they get to hear different points of view and ask one-on-one questions of the speakers outside the class.

If you are serious about becoming wealthy or maintaining your wealth, you need the information presented here. Don’t miss this event. It’s coming up very soon. Sign up today!

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To your success,

Dustin Griffin

P.S. If you are a Atlanta REIA Member registering online, be sure to state that you are a member to get your discount.

P.P.S. As with all Dyches’s seminars and books, he personally GUARANTEES it. At any time during the seminar, if you do not feel you have received information worth many times the price of the program, just turn in your materials for a no hassle refund!


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