2 Day “Marketing Extravaganza” Boot Camp with Jeff Kaller

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390 Page ManualI will teach you all my TOP SECRET lead generation systems so you can plug into our system that will DO Your Mailings, Take Your Calls, Make Your Offers, EVEN LIST YOUR PROPERTIES….and let you keep 100% of the profits!

390 Page Manual is Your
Step-by-Step Blueprint – and
my FREE Gift to you!!

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Marketing Extravaganza Boot Camp
June 17 & 18th, 2011 @ Doubletree Roswell
1075 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076

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Me (Jeff Kaller) And My Marketing Manager Are Coming To Your Area To Host A Two Day Marketing Training.

We are going to take you through a 390+ page Boot Camp manual and give you more content than you have ever seen in one weekend. This is a one-of-a-kind event you must attend. Atlanta REIA Members get a big discount for early registration!

At This Event You Will Learn 10 Steps For Us To Process Your Deals And Give You 100% Of The Profits

Step 1: Killer Leads Source. I will give you access to the homeowner and FSBO lists and data mining already completed on your behalf

Step 2: “My Gift of Letters to You” Package. This includes post cards and a mail piece that pulls greater than 12% (see the secret weapon letter below)

Step 3: Access to our Mail Deployment Platform. This includes the deployment team that does our letters too!

Step 4: Personal manager to oversee your campaign. Meet Robert, my Marketing Manager if my office, who will oversee your entire plan.

Step 5: Calls answered for you. Use our 24 hour call center to take your calls, so we can forward them to one of our local offices

Step 6: Our local office calls your seller and sets up the deal. This is HUGE! All short sales must be listed, and we have a short sale friendly agent on standby – one that I personally taught!

Step 7: Your own personal buyers agent at your beck and call. Finally, an office full of Realtors that actually GET IT!

Step 8: Contracts, Counter Offers, and Seller Disclosures. All DONE FOR YOU! Local, state licensed contracts with our addendums are prepared by our Realtors for you.

Step 9: Mitigation is 100% completed on your behalf. Imagine your own team of short sale processors dedicated to see you win.

Step 10: Property is Quick Sold for Profits. These local offices understand flips, and back to back closings, probably better than most investors in your area.

This is NOT “too good to be true”.
This is exactly what we accomplished at our last event in Orlando, Florida.

“Why Are We Doing This 2 Day Event?”

Jeff KallerDear Friend,

You probably already know that we are opening Real Estate brokerages all over the country. Now we have set up a 100% turnkey solution so you can get LOCAL assistance on your deals. Having a local real estate office solves 100% of your problems!

During this event my goal is to teach you my top 10 most coveted ways to find real estate deals …all I ask is that you send your short sale listings through one of my local sponsored Real Estate Brokerages!

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Think about having your own realtor team that actually “gets it”, at your beck and call, ready to help you with your Seller Calls – just to get this listing.

Why would I set up such a unique opportunity with arguably the most turn key processes, seemingly not asking anything in return?

It’s simple: I get a revenue share and over rides on each and every commission on every office I have sponsored. So it benefits me to set up this win-win system that is built on your success in closing deals. It’s not predicated on me selling you seminars and seminar products, but on you closing deals with my local offices.

In other words, I have a vested interest in you closing deals and we actually don’t care about the profits, we care about the commissions. You could get on 1,000 webinars and attend 100 events and never see another opportunity like this because it is fully transparent: what you see is what you get.

I don’t have to try and “trick” you into some slick scheme because there is no slick scheme… I am sharing with you the results of 17 years of strategic planning.

I Jeff Kaller, Guarantee that this will not be a multi-speaker event, but rather a laser focused event to show you how to generate a ton of leads. You will have the support of a local office who will give you 100% of the net profits from the deals closed

I win because of the arrangement I have with these real estate brokerage offices all over the country.


Now you have an entire office of licensed professionals that understands HOW TO BEST SUPPORT YOU on back to back closings. That’s right – they GET IT!
The local team is willing to field these seller calls for you, and get them converted to deals.
They will even help you process the deals – paperwork, closing docs, and HUD statements


If you are an agent, we want to invite you to our new office as a potential new Business Associate that will be GIVEN leads… or you can send us transactions for a healthy referral!!
If you are a Broker, we are searching for a qualified Office Manager, so come to the event and bring your resume!

Register Now for Jeff Kaller’s
Marketing Extravaganza Boot Camp
June 17 & 18th, 2011 @ Doubletree Roswell

Register Now!

We have pulled off the most incredible support opportunity for you, By placing an entire office in your town, already trained and doing deals.

All they want is the commission – you keep 100% of the profit!

I want to introduce you to my personal team of Virtual Assistants that I have already ASSEMBLED and trained for you. They are ready to do much of the implementation needed to get you up and running FAST

#1: You Get Access To My Team Of Virtural Assistants To Do The Work For You

What kind of things can a virtual assistant do for you?

My VA works offshore and still manages to do 100% of all my social media, building blogs, posting articles, assembling lead generation sites for my house business and Real Estate Brokerage alike and even typing hand written documents that I scan and send her.
She went onto www.realtor.com just today and pulled all the personal cell phones and emails for 750 agents in my area in St Augustine which were promptly forwarded to my agents who did a voice message blast to come to a meeting in my office to bring me deals.
She posts to my facebook biz and personal profiles with a link to two online funnels that sign up other offices and Real Estate companies direct to me so that I get over rides on deals that close from people I don’t know and will never meet.
She helps my executive assistant with anything she needs so we can get an enormous amount of items implemented in one day.

You will feel like a million bucks when you take what we show you and easily master the art of implementation. This is what sets apart successful people from the day dreamers. I will give you same VA team I use, the interview questions you will need to use and even the job description for you and your new VA to hit the ground running… I’m talking total turn key!

Once you get the leads pipeline filled with a great mixture of short sales and other deals, you can focus on processing deals and getting to the checks faster.

You’ll be able to send more and more of these deals to your local office to speak to the seller and get the deals put together especially if you are part time or too busy in your business to handle every detail.

#2: Learn How To Use Foreclosure Defense Strategies To Live In Your Home For Free:

Foreclosure Defense Strategies:

  • Securitization Mortgage Litigation – get your home loan drastically reduced (maybe even free and clear of ALL loans!)
  • Obama 2009 Lease Protection Act – Live with zero payments for one year and 9 months – 100% track record
  • Loan Document Forensic Audit – Three types of audits revealed

Learn to locate hidden deals that can pay you enormous windfalls of $200 to $500,000 per deal.

Get the exact scripting on what to say and how to structure a deal, and use these strategies in 3 categories to quantum leap your success:

  • Your house no payments or free and clear
  • Dream vacation home with no payment
  • An army of cash flow or rental properties

The Media Now Verifies our Strategies are 100% Real, and We Will Show You How to Get Started!

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#3: HOT SEATS Get your strategic plan reviewed LIVE

Allow us to mastermind how you can enjoy a quantum leap to make more, work less, and lower your expenses:

Orlando Hot Seats: Cory & Neal


  • Closed over 200 short sales
  • Perform more than 500 BPO’s per month
  • 8 closings per month
  • Own a Real Estate Brokerage
  • Successful investors for 9 years

They left with a whole new plan…

There is a final way for you to make money at this event that only exists because the fact that we have a local presence with offices in your area:

It’s designed for profit short sale deals that you are doing that end up getting squeezed at the last minute, leaving you with 6 months of blood sweet and tears and nothing to show for it.

What if I could show you a way to participate in the commission?

If you are just an investor we will introduce you to total leverage by collecting commissions and deals that never close for the profit spread.

How to set up a referral company if you are an investor and be guaranteed to collect a check by referring out deals

I think you are getting the picture that this is a different kind of event, because it is a different opportunity. Its about getting deals and working with a local office with our support and very well defined results.

You get to be put in the middle by being at the right place at the right time!

There is only one problem with everything here that I have mentioned:
We do not need to work with everyone because the market wouldn’t support it. So we are looking for a small group of movers and shakers to capture the first mover’s advantage before we shut down the registration.

We will look forward to meeting you, learning your aspirations and having you join our team.

Jeff and Robert

PS: Even the media sees that we are doing good by teaching you how to locate and help people who are in foreclosure

PPS: Once we have you registered for the event YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO AN INDEPTH pre-event training with new videos on how to determine cost per lead , planning and budgeting , how to get 100% of your marketing budget completely paid for and several special reports on how to run a monster Business from what we are teaching you !!

Register Now for Jeff Kaller’s
Marketing Extravaganza Boot Camp
June 17 & 18th, 2011 @ Doubletree Roswell

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