2 Day Boot Camp on Buying Houses Subject-To with Don DeRosa on March 23-24, 2013

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Making a Fortune Buying Houses with No Money and No Credit
The Ultimate 2 Day Boot Camp to Buying Houses “Subject To”
with Don DeRosa on March 23 & 24, 2013 from 8AM – 5PM at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA
Early Registration Special Ends Wed, Mar 20th

Don will be recording this event in efforts to create the 2013 edition of his “Making a Fortune Buying Houses with No Money and No Credit” Home Study Course on Buying Houses “Subject To”. Come join us and be part of this historic event and home study course.

Don DeRosaLearn how to buy houses so…

  • You don’t need credit
  • You don’t have to sign personally on a note
  • You never have to qualify for a mortgage
  • You don’t have to have any money

Beginner or experienced real estate investors can find immediate success using my simple formula. There are six easy steps to follow when buying “Subject To.”

  1. Locating Sellers
  2. Prescreening Sellers
  3. Constructing Offers
  4. Presenting Offers
  5. Finding the Money
  6. Selling Houses

Once you learn to follow these steps you can do this over and over again for an average profit of over $20,000 per property.

Register Now!

Early Registration Special Ends Wed, Mar 20th. The Early Registration Special for this event is $149 for Gold Members, $199 for Silver Members and $299 for Non-Members. You may add on a spouse or adult child for 1/2 price. After Early Registeration expired, tuition for this boot camp will be $199 for Gold Members, $249 for Silver Members and $349 for Non-Members. Register Now and Save! Non-Members can join Atlanta REIA as a Silver or Gold Member and save big time on the cost of tuition.

A few of the topics we will cover:

  • How to focus on what matters most in the beginning
  • Creating a business plan that fits your budget
  • How to track your progress
  • Learn the five ways to profit in real estate
  • Top five advertising techniques that work every time
  • Find the easiest ways to attract motivated sellers
  • Twenty questions you should always ask a potential seller
  • Differentiating between a need to sell and someone who wants to sell
  • How to prepare paperwork as if you were an attorney
  • Learn the top five negotiating tactics to get sellers to say yes
  • Find all the private money you need without putting loans in your name
  • Land Trust — how to use them effectively
  • Avoiding the “due on sale” clause
  • How to pick the right kind of hazardous insurance
  • Exit strategies that will not only make you lots of money today but make you wealthy long term
  • And much, much more including your questions!


  1. Kristin says:

    Hi Don, Had to miss the main REIA meeting on the 4th, but want to attend the boot camp. When does early admission end?

    • Atlanta REIA says:

      The Early Registration Special Ends soon. Register ASAP to Save. Sorry you missed the meeting. It was awesome! Don made a very special offer to everyone who signed up at the meeting.

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