Webcast Replay: Hot New Short Sale Alternatives

Posted on March 29, 2012 by

Bob MasseyAre you tired of short sales? We’ve been hearing more and more from our members and guests that they are burnt out on foreclosures and short sales due to all the time and frustration it takes dealing with the banks. If you’re a little tired of Short Sales… You NEED to watch the replay of the special training webcast we had on March 27, 2012 with Atlanta REIA sub-group Leader and expert investor Bob Massey and Regis Sauger. On this webcast, Bob and Regis talk about several hot, new, cutting-edge alternatives to short sales.

Regis SaugerBob and Regis share an incredible, new strategy for getting pretty houses at 65% of current market value without doing a short sale. Homeowners can now sell their underwater property, debt-free, with no short sale, no foreclosure, no deficiency and no deed-in-lieu! They also talked about how upside down homeowners can refinance their house at 90% of the current fair market value with no penalties or credit reporting issues.

Bob says “This strategy gives us the biggest opportunity I have ever seen in Real Estate Investment. Not only do we have a chance to make HUGE profits, we also finally have a way to help underwater homeowners fight back against the banks. You’re going to get an education that will drive you crazy after you hear what the banks have been doing.”

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