Webcast Replay: Hot New Mobile Media Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Investors

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Mike BarnesOn August 21st, 2012, we did a What’s Hot in Real Estate Investing Webcast with mobile media marketing expert, Mike Barnes. On this webcast, Mike introduced attendees to some of the major Mobile Media Marketing Tools that you need to consider adding to your marketing efforts to help to build your buyer, seller, tenant and customer lists, to reach your lists more effectively, to generate more traffic to your websites and/or place of business and to dramatically increase your sales and profits!

Atlanta REIAThe Mobile Internet and Mobile Media Marketing are here to stay whether you are paying attention or not. By 2013, it is estimated that more people will be using their mobile devices (rather than PC’s) to access the internet due to the convenience and ever improving ease of use. Atlanta REIA and many of our members are embracing this new technology and we will help you do so as well. Now is the best time to start learning about this new technology and marketing medium so you can adapt your business and start using these tools to take advantage of the wave of new business you could be experiencing. Watch the webcast replay now!

On the Webcast, Mike will talks about:

  • The staggering statistics of the Mobile Internet Boom
  • The tools you need to ride the Mobile Internet Wave
  • The importance of having a mobile friendly website
  • How a truly mobile friendly website looks and behaves
  • Strategies to entice mobile customers to take action immediately
  • Mobile list building strategies to build your lists quickly
  • Using forms to build lists and capture customer data
  • How and why to use customer coupons effectively
  • How and why to drive customers to your very own VIP Club
  • How and why you should be using QR codes to your mobile site
  • Using Text Messaging to get your messages opened within 5 minutes
  • And much, much more!
Watch Webcast Below…
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See Mike’s follow-up webcast on August 28, 2012 entitled “More Mobile Media Marketing Techniques for Real Estate Investors”.


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