BIGO Webinar Replay: Getting in Front of Sellers with Bill Cook

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BIG Online Webinar Replay – Watch 24/7
BIG Online Webinar Replay
Learn the Quickest, Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Get In Front Of Sellers
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with Bill Cook

Bill CookHere’s the big picture: You must let everyone know who you are and what you do. The goal is to have all the folks in your area call you if they are considering selling their property. Your next task is to separate the folks who WANT to sell from the folks who NEED to sell. And finally, when you find a motivated seller, you must be able to creatively structure a win-win deal, as well as be willing to pull the trigger quickly – ’cause great deals don’t hang around long!

By far, the MOST effective thing we do to accomplish the above goals is knocking on sellers’ doors and asking Pete Fortunato’s famous question: “Why are you selling such a nice house like this?” Nothing, nothing, nothing works better than knocking on sellers’ doors!

I know that, in this day of iPads, websites and high-tech gadgetry, many will disagree with me. That’s fine. But realize that, for the most part, the ones who disagree with me have NEVER gone out knocking on sellers’ doors. Think about it: What’s the point of websites, direct mail campaigns, squeeze pages, dialing for dollars, etc.? Isn’t it to get you face-to-face with a seller?

Beginning Investors Group Online (The BIG O)If you want to learn more about how to get face-time with 8 out of every 10 sellers you meet, be sure to watch this Webinar Replay we recorded live with Bill Cook on May 25, 2016 at the Beginning Investors Group Online where he taught us the “Quickest, Easiest & Most Affordable Way To Get In Front Of Sellers!” Watch the Webinar Replay Now!

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    I definitely want to watch this however I dont have 2 hrs.28 minutes right now. Will this replay be up for a day or two. Thanks, keep me on your email list and I appreciate learning about this opportunity to listen to this. Roy 423-402-1230

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