BIGO Webinar Replay: How to Talk To Motivated Sellers & Make Deals Happen with Frank Iglesias

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BIG Online Webinar Replay – Watch 24/7
Beginning Investors Group Online
How to Talk To Motivated Sellers & Make Deals Happen!
Watch the “BIG O” Webinar Replay
with Frank Iglesias

Frank IglesiasYes, it’s wonderful to have motivated sellers calling you and giving you all of the details about their situation. But do you know what to say to them? Do you know how to control the conversation? Do you know the right questions to ask to reveal their TRUE motivation? Do you know how to make them feel comfortable enough to open up to you and reveal their problems to you in hopes that you will have a solution?

Watch the BIG Online Replay we recorded Live with Frank Iglesias on August 24, 2016 where he will give you many tips and share his know-how on what he says to sellers to negotiate and close deals.

During the meeting, you will learn:

  • The Key Components Of Every Successful Real Estate Transaction
  • What Types Of Properties Generate The Most Profit
  • What Key Questions You MUST Ask Every Seller
  • How To Overcome Your Fear Of Talking To Sellers
  • And Much, Much More…

Frank Iglesias is one of the Founders and Managing Partners of Working With Houses, LLC, an Atlanta area Real Estate Investment Company that primarily works in the residential renovation industry, repairing and updating properties to bring value back to neighborhoods that have been devalued by the recent housing crisis. Watch the Webinar Replay Now!

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